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Lady Bird is a 2017 American coming-of-age comedy-drama film written and directed by Greta Gerwig in her solo directorial debut. The cast includes Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf, Tracy Letts, Lucas Hedges, Timothée Chalamet, Beanie Feldstein, Stephen McKinley Henderson, and Lois Smith. Set in Sacramento, California, between the fall of 2002 and the summer of 2003, it is a coming-of-age story of a h


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Teacher (Former Employee) says

"This company does not care about their employees. Lots of hard work for very little pay, management does not care about you and the workplace environment is very drama filled."

Assistant Teacher (Former Employee) says

"It was an ok place to work nothing great. The management was awful nothing great. Half the time we knew more then they did. They went day to day. Cons: not enough staff"

EARLY PRESCHOOL TEACHER (Former Employee) says

"Awful management. Have no clue how to run a school. Every child is a $ to them. They pack them into those classrooms, many times breaking the ratio rules, but do not focus on the actual education. Would never recommend the school."

Lead Teacher (Former Employee) says

"This company is just awful. They have just given raises, but people who have been there over a year are still making less than people jut walking in. They don’t know how to treat management at all. So in return, the teachers are treated horribly. Corperate idiots have everything negative to say about you, but never offers a helping hand. The school itself has so much potential, but management starts from the top. Leaving this place was the best decision I ever made. Cons: They lie to get what they want from you and use you"

Assistant Director (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn't wish my worst enemy to be an employee at Ladybird/Genius Child Academy EVER. The owners are cheap with their money and the food. They make you pay out of your own pocket for EVERYTHING, even when it is mandated (i.e., fingerprinting, CPR/First Aid, uniform smocks, etc.). Cons: Micromanage, lies, entire corporate team, the owners, the low pay, the way they treat their employees, they over-promise and under-deliver."

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"Don't even bother calling it an 'academy' or a 'school' its a JOKE! Work you like dogs and treat you even worse. Corporate office has no clue what they are doing and are a group of incompetent arrogant idiots! STAY AWAY! Cons: absolutely everything"

VPK Teacher (Former Employee) says

"I would never work for them. The owners take cruises at least once a month leaving you with no food for the children. Poor management and very unprofessional owners. The area manager thinks about her homelife and not what she is there for. You never receive bonuses unless you go to their house for a Christmas party. They never apprecitated anything you do for them. Come to work sick or not sick they treat you like dirt. Cons: None"

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"Made promises they can’t keep. Cons: Low pay, more work"

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"in this place the administration does not consider their teachers, the school is full full classes are all full, they do not have enough staff to support the teacher, every day a new child arrives the classes full in their capacity, and the corporation only interest that the school is full because they have more money in their pocket, there is no option the teacher has needs because they do not have a teacher is exhausting day to day in that place should consider and value their work staff so they do not leave and change teachers every week or month, I could not recommend this place, the teachers are very good companions but the complete administration lacks professionalism and more affection to children and their employees because it is impossible to give quality to students is impossible to full and difficult that is every classroom and they do not care just the money and more money so I can not continue working in that place because my ethics and my life my health is first 😩 Cons: adminitration director corporation"

VPK Teacher (Former Employee) says

"There were people teaching VPK who were not certified to do so. You had teachers in younger classes who did not have the DCF45 hour certification. And you had poor management. Cons: Everything"

Teacher (Current Employee) says

"They are quick to turn a blind eye for staff who kiss up to them. Teachers have done things they shouldn't with children and are still employed. Most teachers have zero patience for the kids. Directors are not knowledgeable on what they are doing and enlist help from regular staff. Management and staff in higher positions have had other employees take test for them to be able to be in the"

Teacher Assitant (Former Employee) says

"It was a great learning experience to work with the children. I learned how to nurture and care for the infants like they were my own as well as teaching the 3 y/o which I had no experience in doing so. I loved the kids and most of the teachers that I worked with. A usual work day was usually stressful and fast paced which I didn't mind but I highly disagreed with the pay rate. I believed we were not getting paid enough despite the difficult and stressful jobs that were included. Staff was short but classrooms were overflowed which made the average day frustrating and unorganized. There was no option to really grow in a higher position and I wanted a job where I can grow and exceed to a higher and more challenging position. Cons: Short staffed, unorganized, low pay rate, poor management"

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this company for over a year. Long hours, over ratio, poor management. Rooms are way over capacity, but no one cares because the children are merely dollar signs and the staff are slaves to those dollar signs. The director just keeps enrolling kids even though she is fully aware that the school is understaffed and over capacity. I would often times be left alone with 15 two year olds and nobody would offer help. Coworkers at this school are only there to gossip and not actually teach the children. Many classrooms do not have certified lead teachers, only assistants taking on the role of leads. You are promised a raise after three months, but will never get it. The school never has the necessary supplies, making it hard to do anything on the curriculum during the school day. Corporate is so rude and nastyThe worst company I have ever worked for, and I would not recommend it to ANYONE!!!! Cons: understaffed, over ratio, underpaid"

Lead Teacher (Former Employee) says

"This location opened up in december and is already down 3 employees because of how things are ran over there. All 3 employees quit on their own because of how mistreated they’ve felt. Myself being one of them. This school isn’t about the children, more so blinding these parents to think it’s a good school so they can enroll their kids and for the management to get their “number up”. Nothing is organized. All the teachers are best friends so they gossip and talk to each other all day rather than pay attention to the children. Manager gossips and throws everyone’s business around. The teachers dig their dirty hands in the kids snack/lunches. Manager expects you to suck up to her and if you don’t, you’re unnoticed. You miss a day because you’re sick or your kid is sick? Oh, threaten to be terminated. Teachers don’t clean their room fully and wonder why these kids are always sick. Half the teachers talk to the children so disrespectful, it amazes me how they are still there. but like i said, it’s not about the children here. I have a kid of my own and wouldn’t trust a day of him being there without me. I truly hope one day they realize how to run a school correctly because out of any school i’ve worked for, this is by far the most awful. Definitely wouldn’t recommend this place."

Staff (Former Employee) says

"Too many people telling you different things about what you are supposed to do. Training was sitting in a room by yourself reading. Very few actual policies so no one knows the answers to your questions., or everyone Cons: Corporate needs to get organized/on same page"

Lead Preschool Teacher (Former Employee) says

"At Genius Child Academy i loved the director she was very good at her job and at handling anything she could. She followed all the state laws of child care polices. The other mangers who only flew in from Florida when it was a big event or if they thought something was going wrong. They didn't know the Texas state laws in child care nor did they know the ratios for each classroom. I was one of the lead Pre-k teachers while working there and loved what i was doing Ifelt in charge of my classroom. Cons: no comment."

teacher (Former Employee) says

"Ladybird corporate is out for themselves. It is made very clear that its all about money and how much we can keep in their pockets. Teachers are not paid enough to deal with the garbage and the way they are treated on a day to day basis. Classes are way over ratio and no one seems to care its all about how many children can we fit in this room to make more money which teachers do not see, but yet seems like higher ups always are on vacation. Classrooms are not provided with supplies needed even though a monthly request form gets put in. When stuff breaks around the school its always takes forever to be repaired, and its always the cheapest route which in turn turns out to usually be the wrong way. The children seem to have to take a backseat to the cleaning and decorations in classrooms( which i understand are important), but the children need to come before all that. Goals and demands from corporate are very unrealistic do to being over ratio and understaffed half the time. Corporate does not realize that it is them causing wonderful, caring, amazing teachers to leave not all the directors. Teachers are tired of being treated with no respect yet expected to do a great job to keep corporate going. Feel like I am in prison not a preschool. Corporate needs to open their eyes and notice what is going on and do something about it before Ladybird runs itself into the ground. Stop paying people so much to sit in am office all day and complain about ridiculous stuff, and start paying the teachers who are actually doing all the work. Another thing is no sick days, really we work Cons: pay or lack of, lack of respect from higher up, unrealistic goals, over capacity, understaffed, Corporate!!!!"

Teacher Assistant (Current Employee) says

"I made my attempt but there is no positive from that experience. Most teachers want to leave and others stick around because they've gained loyalty with that specific management team, so getting away with incorrect behavior was observed. Definitely not a place I would register my child to stay if I am not able to observe entirely and all day. The center itself needed remodeling and cleaning(deep cleaning)"

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"The Director was very young and only wanted to socialize. She actually hid in classrooms when angry parents would want to speak to her. She played favorites very clearly. She would give you "extras" if you would party with her. Cons: Bad Pay, Bad Management, Lots of Lies"

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"They expect you to raise a village off of $9.00 an hour. It honestly isn’t worth all of the work that you’re expected to do everyday. They’re really nice but the workload is just too much . Cons: Very bad pay for the work that you have to do"