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Intuit Inc. is an American business and financial software company that develops and sells financial, accounting, and tax preparation software and related services for small businesses, accountants, and individuals. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California and the CEO is Sasan Goodarzi.

Louise shares her opinion on, "I often found that Lacerte AMT calculation is off including AMT depreciation."


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Former Employee - Sales says

"No protection from other employees"

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"Too many Indians in Management, started dirty politics. Ultimately will take over company similar way happened in MSFT and GOOG."

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"Nothing bad to say about it."

Former Employee - Staff Software Engineer says

"Middle management sucks, too much politics, No value for skills, Suck up to your managers and you are good."

Current Employee - Mid Management says

"This company is led by a bunch of old timers at the Exec mgmt level, who play politics and eliminate anyone that's a threat. Beware before joining this company."

Current Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"Intuit is highly political and the leadership is completely disconnected with what‘s actually going on with the employees. They laid off 700 people during a pandemic with no real excuse. 99% of these positive reviews are written by HR and do not tell the truth about Intuit. If you want the facts, talk to engineers who work here and read blind. I highly suggest looking elsewhere."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"1. People Managers whose role is just to manipulate teams talent to satisfy their personal ego and their professional gain. No qualification or experience in data analytics lead the data analytics projects. That explains all. 2. Never seen a skip level meeting happening. Manager decides what information flows up the ladder 3. HR team is invisible and are always closely linked with the influence of Mangers. In other words not in service for all the associates. 4. My personal experience and reason to quit Intuit was; my Manager always cared for his family and how the team needs to support so that he can enjoy time with his family, failing to recognize the team also had a family"

Former Employee - Marketing Manager says

"There is a lot of strange politics from first and second-level managers. I reported to three different managers within my first 6 months because of maternity leave and reorgs. One of the managers was new to the company and reported to a fairly new director. She was so busy trying to find her own footing and was not able to provide any direction. The product that I worked on was never mentioned in the Director's staff meetings and didn't receive much attention, which might be why 50% of the team turned over in under a year. My 3rd manager often contradicted herself, undermined me in meetings, and gave vague answers to direct questions. She constantly micro-managed me and made requests that took up time with busy work. Our 1-1s always left me unsettled because no matter what I said my manager discounted my point of view and implied that everything I was doing was wrong. It seemed like she did very little of her own work and spent most of her time nitpicking my work. The group that I was in was very siloed and we were not a team. We all reported to the same group manager, but none of the projects were related and you never got the feeling of teamwork. The group manager was not a strong leader and the weekly staff meetings were merely status meetings with very everyone listing what they planned to do for the upcoming week. Intuit is a very top-down while pretending that it is more democratic. There are a lot of power plays going on. Some teams seem to do their best to give all the reasons they can think of that something can't be done. Constantly shifting priorities result in delays in getting work from other teams that you need to partner with. It can take a very long time to get anything done, especially if it is not a project that directly results in new subscriptions. It seemed like the team I was working on had a lack of enthusiasm about the work. Senior management constantly reminds employees that Intuit is one of the best places to work and that employees should go to Glassdoor and leave a good review. While Intuit has some great values and tries to provide online training about conduct, there are many people, including managers who do not follow the code of conduct."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Long timers make it impossible for new recruits to succeed. They make it toxic!"

Phone Sales (Former Employee) says

"This job was a good place to work but had lots of cons , no room to grow , it was a unfair work place environment horrible managers and on top of that they’re whole calling system is messed up.BreaksManagers, high turnover, don’t give care about they’re employees only what they can do for them !"

Sr app ops engineer (Former Employee) says

"If your manager is an Indian and you are not, you will be excluded from the circle by default. Run away from this company if possible. It’s pay peanut but expect hero."

Tax Processor (Former Employee) says

"The worst part if the job at Intuit was that EVERYONE has to play a part like they are acting and "pretend" that they like everyone or you get a verbal warning. If you aren't smiling and saying hi to people like you are their friend, you can get fired. Also, the managers make you leave your desk to go to events and meeting ALL the time and you cant6get your work done. The managers are the rudest people there."

Staff Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Opportunities (that would support advancement) handed out in two ways: 1) As a project you are assigned to lead (along with a team). 2) As something you would have to do after hours, in your free time. Option #1 is always handed to a small select few. Option #2 is used to pretend there are opportunities for advancement. The catch is, even if you excelled at #2, it would never be good enough to warrant advancement. Development managers (as in, people development) translated the word wrong. This means nearly every single "how" is dictated by incompetent managers who have no place deciding technology. Brain dead engineering directors who direct by checking the box next to buzzwords they heard. If that "buzzword" item eventually ships - even if it is a year late or more, celebrate and reward. Customers are the furthest from their mind, even though it is THE culture at Intuit, good luck finding any manager or director who actually knows what their customers want. Plano stuffs their teams full of contact workers (they cannot afford full time employees). Managers actively discriminate (age, racial, gender) through 1:1's where the individuals are degraded and insulted for 30min behind closed doors. Expect a HEAVY lean toward individuals under 30, male, Asians. They know it too, and have actually directed their interview teams to start selecting women for positions (no matter what). In short, horrible - HORRIBLE - place to work at as an engineer right now. If you really want to work at Intuit, seek positions in the California offices - NOT in the Plano office.Tax season means non-stop overtime till April, Plano no real advancement opportunities, products are merging with other products making the division less useful over time."

Systems Engineer (Former Employee) says

"This company constantly disrupts their own workers by systematically replacing workforce with temp from worldwide workforce. Temps come in willing to work the ridiculous hours the management comes to expect. Long-term employees are sacrificed in the process. in 2007 company lived up to it's values, but by 2018, not so much. No work-life balance."

Tax Expert (Former Employee) says

"I would never work for this company again. They never paid me. They sent a laptop that did not work so I could not enter time. They suck. I also think they discriminate against older workers. They made me get a second monitor, a landline, computer cord, and a new cell phone. They made training impossible. Tech companies like this discriminate against older workers. They do not care. I used to use Turbo Tax. I will not. They are going to replace attorneys and accountants with AI."

Senior Manager - Marketing Data Automation (Current Employee) says

"Not a good place to for contractors. Good quality projects are given only to FTE. Tedious and repetitive work is assigned to contractors. Contracts extentions are not done till last day of previous contract which creates ambiguity."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This is a corporate company that chews you up and spits you out. I was a customer service agent working for the Arise platform. Between the QAPF's and management, this was my worse experience ever. They allow employees to be spoken to like they are garbage. Customer's would curse, degrade, belittle the representatives and of course we were not able to defend ourselves and be treated like dirt. I spoke up for myself to a customer and then fired because they said "it was unprofessional". If you are ever thinking to work for them, please give it a second thought.NoneDon't work for them"

Graphic Designer & Prepress (Former Employee) says

"Designed a wide range of print applications for local businesses and events: large format (imaging), offset, apparel, promotional items, and mailers Conducted preflight and imposition procedures for offset jobs using Apogee Prepress Satisfied customers with designs helping to grow average design billables by 30% in four months"

Customer Service & Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I was part of a mass layoff they do not care about their employees and just move on to making more money in a less expensive state. felt under appreciatednonedont work here"

Customer Service and Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Call center environment. Cant use the restroom unless its on your scheduled break. They hire 100 people and only have openings for 50. Everyone is trying to get a Full time position."

Performance Engineer Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Here's your chance to go back to high school and play silly games with clicks and incompetent ego managers. Or maybe you want to hang around and pretend you are doing work and are really only worried about the silly clicks going ons around youfree lunchestoo many"

Tax Professional (Former Employee) says

"I never got past the self guided training, It was so badly written no one could understand it, Their tech support wasn't helpful and took forever to get through to, It was supposed to be 40 hours of paid training, The first part was a months worth of many hours a day setting up the computer, They called it technical issues, I never got through that part, They hired me as a tax expert and gave me a month of pain and suffering and frustration computer tech work, They should have warned us about this before we were hired, I am just so angry and frustrated,"

Payroll Specialist (Current Employee) says

"The software is full of bug and when the customers call's in upset to report a bug they will send out survey to the customers to rate the call and if the customers pour out their frustration in the survey and gives you a zero score based on the bug they had to deal with in the software, you get fired."

Technical Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"What i didn't like about Teletech is that they don't take the time out to listen to how the temp people are getting treated by the ones who have been there for months or was greatpay could be a little better, poor management"

Software Technician (Former Employee) says

"Management was not helpful and always playing on their cellphones, though it was a no electronics devices area. We weren't even allowed pencil and paper.Cool breakroomManagement needs training"

Risk Management Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Weird people, co-workers no respective to customers at all. Lots of discrimination between permanent employees and contractors. Terrible NO dress code, people could be in pajamas or gym clothes, Not train managers. Co-workers saying that international transactions with central and south america countries were wrong because all are risk country. They neither verify and that IS NOT TRUE. Co-workers being raises if the customer have an accent when talking in English. Co-workers did not make any effort if the customer did not speak English, and they have members of the team that speaks other idioms, but they don't care.Descriminationno respect for breaks or lunch time"

Social Media Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"This company is very Unorganized. Take an issue to Human Resources you will never get the issue resolved. The security is rude and useless."

Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Payments division was an acquisition, the Intuit mindset isn't practiced nor does it exist in the building. Management doesn't allow for true growth. Managers have call center mentality with all staff even those who aren't in the call center.NoneNo work life balance, substandard pay."

Underwriter (Former Employee) says

"Intuit is a one trick pony with no future and the have the worst of worst values i have ever seen.nice buildingthey hire people who dont know what they are doing and fire senior leaders"