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LaborTrack™ is a fully customizable and end-to-end, cloud-based solution for organizational workforce management to accurately identify employees. Within industries that have high employee turnover rates, organizations often face difficulties in managing cross-departmental employees. In addition, enterprises that recruit new employees have a responsibility to ensure they are held accountable, maximize productivity, and can be quickly and accurately identified. Establishing accurate employee identification also helps to reduce payroll inflation and error rates and ensure compliance with labor tracking laws.

A flexible and accurate employee profile management and reporting solution that can be easily customized to meet the unique labor tracking needs of any business. LaborTrack™ helps to address problems that lead to workforce management inefficiencies including:

In the absence of a central database it is impossible to instantly retrieve accurate data on the number of skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled workers employed in the industry. It can be difficult to access even basic demographic stats, such as how many female workers are there in the industry. Without an accurate employee count, the number of ghost workers can be difficult to determine, which can harm the organization financially In case of an industrial accident, without a central or local database it is almost impossible to calculate the exact number of workers who are missing Without an accurate central database of employees, there is no valid way for factory owners to evaluate a laborer before appointing them. As a result, factories may have to unnecessarily repeat training and development, wasting time and resources.

An entrepreneur writes " It is very difficult getting the database of my employees. I've tried severally times but all efforts prove futile. The central database system is very slow and none responsive. I'm even fed up with everything."


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