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Pesadilla en la cocina (English: Nightmare in the kitchen) is a Spanish food reality television program hosted by chef Alberto Chicote. It airs on laSexta, and is the Spanish adaptation of the Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares franchise.


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Food Server (Former Employee) says

"In the 2 years there, I saw over 60 people come and go, every week someone quit and it was all due to poor management, and their micro managing. It's bad enough we'd be told to deny customers things, but when the customer would complain you'd get scolded right in front of them, the time table for advancement is quite long 2+ years for assistant of the assistant manager, 5-8 years for assistant manager, and up to 10+ years for manager, and still only make a few more dollars then a cashier. No thank you. Only good time to work there was during the Halloween weekend, other then that always it was usually dealing with angry drunks, or rude and messy Armenians. Cons: Poor management, mandatory weekends night hours, micro managment."

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"It was a great challenge working for this company, everyday you clock in your busy all night and i never got bored. i learned a lot of things working for this company like how to prepare the meats with seasonings, how to properly clean any equipment. Management was good always work with your schedule and can understand if you cannot make it in for emergencies. Co- workers are great and are there to help you just as i would help them. the hardest part of this job was the late nights and busy dinner rush. the most enjoyable part is the fast paced environment and always busy with something to do."

L.A. Restaurant Management (Former Employee) says

"I clock in, count money, go to my station, get pulled from my station to do someone else's work and the manager yells at you for leaving the work station after being said to go take over someone else's work station or when asked to help another person, i get in trouble. I do not see any advancement in that company. Inconsiderate to their employees. No benefits and no 401k. Unfair break times and unfair lunch time. I would sometimes stay 2-3 hours O.T. when asked and never got paid any over time after working my 8 hour shift. But the most enjoyable part of the job was eating free lunch on Saturdays. Other than that it was not such a great experience. I had asked prior to resignation for a promotion to full-time and i had wrote plenty of reports stating i needed the over time but they never gave it to me. Always gave me excuses. Cons: Guests, management"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"there was always a huge line, customers were rude half of the time. The workers were cool, but the management was all over the place. The money was very good, full time was always more than 40hours weekly, part time was around 30. Overtime pay was $18hr. Cons: Very stressful"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"On a daily bases dealt with diverse population, handle large amounts of cash. Cons: mandatory worked weekends"

Human Resources Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I loved working in the office with my co-workers. Company provided lunch every Friday. However the pay was not that great. I wouldn't really reccomend this job."

Cashier (Current Employee) says

"Co-workers were great easy-going with all of them. Learned how to handle people in good and bad terms. Days at work were okay can't complain. I can say for me there wasn't any hard parts of my job. I can multitask and get things done when needed. Cons: Short Breaks."

Cook (Former Employee) says

"In the Mornings you prep your work area and the food. Always gotta keep your area and yourself sanitized. Food is good but you get no discounts on it at all."

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