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Emerson Knives, Inc. is an American company that produces knives and related products. It was founded in 1996 by custom knifemaker Ernest Emerson in an effort to mass-produce his folding knife designs for the U.S. Military and collector markets. The Emerson La Griffe is as cool as it gets. It is as simple, bare and to the point as one can design a knife. It stays true to its name and serves as your very own claw in the case of an emergency. Featuring a small but sturdy blade and a finger hole perfect for holding it in a comfortable grip. Universally loved and used in both the tactical fields and the outdoor fields (figuratively and literally). Included with each La Griffe is a neck chain attached to a sheath built by Blade-Tech that can be attached with screws (not included) to a belt clip to offer more carrying methods. The Emerson version of the La Griffe is used outdoors, in the office, carried in purses, car glove boxes etc. The list goes on and on. With such a small everyday carry, you can see why it's so loved.

A customer mentioned, "One major complaint I have with the Emerson La Griffe is the kydex neck sheath was total crap. Weak and poorly formed, with rough edges. It has one rivet too far from the mouth to lock up properly. Why make a great knife with a shoddy carry system? anyway, the sheath ends just past the finger ring, and after comparing with my Perrin Lagriffe I decided to soften the kydex and pinch it around the finger ring as on the original. Lockup was vastly improved but far from what I would call secure. Also, Emerson would benefit greatly from some thumb ridges filed above the finger hole like on the original."


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"travail d'un jour , mon expérience il étais bien et intéressant!ca ma montée comment c'est de travailler dans une animalerie.le fait que c'étais seulement une journée"