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Laouni Mouhid (Arabic: العوني محيد‎, pronounced [laːwniː muːħiːd]; born December 25, 1981 in Trappes, Île-de-France), commonly known by his stage name La Fouine (, French: [la ˈfwin]; lit. 'The Weasel'), with additional aliases such as Fouiny Babe or just Fouiny (), is a French-Moroccan rapper, singer-songwriter and record producer. He is owner of Banlieue Sale and clothing line "Street Swagg".

MCE reported how La Fouine accused of embezzlement of a minor by an ex, "The video is causing a stir on the web. A young woman, who presents herself as her ex, accuses rapper La Fouine of hijacking a minor. In the video which lasts a total of 45 minutes, the author of the video, whose voice can only be heard without seeing the face, talks about the relationship she would have had with La Fouine . His first meeting with La Fouine, the messages exchanged, details about their sexual relations and even their threesome: the mysterious young woman throws everything.Even if it reveals messages on Whatsapp, this information should be taken with a grain of salt. At the end of the video, we can hear some voice messages from La Fouine. The young woman accuses the rapper of having had sex with a minor and denounces his practices. Again, this information is not confirmed and these serious accusations risk tainting the reputation of the rapper, who recently appeared with his new girlfriend."


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