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LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, commonly known as LVMH, is a French multinational corporation and conglomerate specializing in luxury goods, headquartered in Paris, France. The company was formed in 1987 through the merger of fashion house Louis Vuitton (founded in 1854) with Moët Hennessy, which was established after the 1971 merger between the champagne producer Moët & Chandon and the cognac producer Hennessy. LVMH controls around 60 subsidiaries that each manage a small number of prestigious brands, 75 in total. The subsidiaries are often managed independently, under the umbrellas of six branches: Fashion Group, Wines and Spirits, Perfumes and Cosmetics, Watches and Jewelry, Selective Distribution, and Other Activities. The oldest of the LVMH brands is wine producer Château d'Yquem, which dates its origins back to 1593.

According to The fashion law, PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman said in April 2018:

“LVMH knows full well the extreme cruelty behind its bags, watchbands, and shoes. This company has blood on its hands, and PETA will continue to demand that it stop selling the stolen skin of animals who endured extreme confinement and agonizing deaths.”


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Former Employee - Client Advisor says

"No weekends off, but they don't tell you this. Commission structure is horrible."

Former Employee - Information Technology Specialist says

"Treated like a machine."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"LV employees are not encouraged to do whatever it takes to meet their clients needs if it is not going to end in a sale. A lot of clients are not happy with the quality of their purchased item and the Client Advisor is still supposed to try and sell them another item. This makes for very stressful days and bad reviews for the Advisor. Also if you are not friends with or have worked in past with someone from the stores who is now in management you are looked over. However if you do happen to be friends with one of them you can get away with being unprofessional and rude to clients and Advisors."

Current Employee - Leather Goods Artisian says

"Discrimination, forced overtime, poor pay for ridiculous quotes to make Graceful Mm and Artsy bags .rufe managers who have no sewing experience Nora sense of leadership. Unreasonable demands, no AC or hearing g unit and stuck working g in a warehouse in grapevine, TX as their new location making cheap canvas bags and selling them for thousands."

Former Employee - Account Executive says

"No work life balance and no clear direction. Major disconnect between expectations from the New York office and regional office. Inconsistent communication and lack of support for field employees. My region was realigned five separate times during a one year period. Executive turnover is atrocious."

Current Employee - Cashier says

"Less than 12hrs a week get paid every two weeks 20% discount off of high-end products and 40% discount on Sephora collection management is a joke they do things that they asked you not to do a lot of favoritism"

Anonymous says

"-Poor culture and management -No encouragement or genuine help -Competitive rather than collaborative -Negative work environment -No advancement hires from the outside"


"no future no money not man hours"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-Very poor culture and HR is only there to protect the company and not the employees. -No structure in determining salaries for new hires (e.g. very often employed with higher qualification and skills are offered lower salary than those with lower skills and qualifications) -No communication between upper management and employees, very leadership. -No career advancement"

Sales Associate says

"No commission except quarterly bonuses that were outrageously hard to attain. They made it impossible for people to survive off hourly. The hours were horrible. I worked 8am, 5pm, 12pm No consistent schedule, it also didn't help that we were open until 11pm and 12am in Las Vegas."

Coordinateur logistique (Former Employee) says

"Une entreprise à culture hautaine = des supérieurs trop souvent hautains"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management is bad they have clicks amiga themselves. Also they have conflict of interest which only applies to regular associates since I was fire for dating the managers booty call which I was not aware of I feel I was wrongfully terminated"

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"do not recommend. poor management, no structure, high turnover, and too many required hours. the one positive is the salary compensation. run away from this company"

Beauty Advisor (Former Employee) says

"They Ask you to just only traffic stopping all day and they sales style is very very aggressive. They want you to ask everybody to come and try their make up. And force customer to buy buy buy. They are always checking and question why you did not sell anything in the 30 minutes. They are very target base and must achieve if not you in trouble. the stress level is too much very high. If you are a casual you will be send home after 4 hours on a queste day. They will value you as long as you make money for them if not you are nothing coe them. The management is sooo poor. And the girls are alays cutting each other to chase after chstomers and fighting over customers."

Magasinier cariste (Former Employee) says

"bonjour a tous je tiens a vous dire qu'on ne juge pas une personne pour un travail avant de l'avoir vue sur le poste attitrer par une société d’intérim"

Retail Manager (Former Employee) says

"Very bad experience working for LVMH. Employees are just numbers and the work-life balance is terrible. The managers I have worked with cannot be called managers."

2nd Shift Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company values were never followed and upper management criticized every employee wrong doing but never praise them when they assist with projects or processes."

Fraud Specialist, Order Management (Former Employee) says

"It was hard to remain somewhere that drained me mentally. I have extensive call center and management experience. I am an optimistic person so it isn't that I personally was not pleased. I felt I was not heard as an employee or as a person and I know that I had valuable information or time critical client issues that were completely disregarded or ignored in person and in writing."

Préparateur de commandes (Former Employee) says

"La direction et les chefs de service sont fauts et menteurs"

Retail Sales/Service (Former Employee) says

"Let's just put it this way. After bringing my store to compete with a district store as an esthetican and then never promoted to constantly train managers without the prospect of growing. My state felt there was no reason for my discharge (which was due to an out-of-work conversation) and awarded me $3200 for compensation."

Consulente vendite - make up artist - formatrice (Former Employee) says

"Lavoro creativo e stimolante a contatto col pubblico, finalizzato alla vendita. Si viaggia di continuo in tutta Italia. Si vive tra i punti vendita, i treni, i ristoranti, gli aeroporti, gli hotel...e quasi mai a casa. Ottima formazione continua.Formazione. Ristoranti e viaggi rimborsati. Possibilità di conoscere molti luoghi interessantiVita privata eliminata e stipendio non adeguato ai sacrifici imposti, senza alcuna possibilità di carriera."

PRIVATE CLIENT ADVISOR (Former Employee) says

"horrible management but great peers. learned how to read and sell to walk in clients hardest was pushing sales micro managed- even timed bathroom breaks"

Sales Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I worked based on available hours at different locations throughout New York. The work day included selling Givenchy fragrance lines for men and woman. I'd present the products with both verbal and demonstrative support. I learned that sales may not be everyones forte. The most difficult part was to meet goals as with most consumer products, there is a season for them. What I enjoyed most was the interaction between customers, fellow sales associates and a sense of achievement once I convinced a customer that the product I offered was their best choice.flexible hoursno vehicle to expand sales territory"

International Brand Manager (Current Employee) says

"Not much to say other than its not a fit for everyone. You must be strong minded and ready to handle tough situations. It can be a tough industry. Must have a back bone and be ready to stand up for yourself."

1ST Shift Operations Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Challenging place to work -, Woking with my co workers and learning the new systems • Deliver and lead Lean projects within Operations and Business Units • Coach and mentor managers, team leaders and teams to transfer the Lean skills and mindset • Be an example of excellent Operational Management and Lean behaviours • Identify opportunities and engage with the Business Units to deliver them • Promote the process of sustaining improvementsGood CultureSenior Management"

Sales and marketing regional executive (Former Employee) says

"Amazing place, the co-workes are amazing all of them give their best each day to achieve goals out of the ordinary. The environment is surrounded by alcohols measures but taken to the extreme, at some point you have to work as the manager as the delivery boy and PR, such a lack of leadership that sometimes you might have to drive 9 hours with 70 bottles of champagne around Mexico's most dangerous places just because your manager felt like it I had to make deals with nightclubs and strip clubs with real dangerous people, don't recommend it"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management can make or break a company and the manager at this place was the worse I've experienced ever. Great product and excellent consumer base. But treatment of staff was horrible even if you were a high producer and costumers liked you. discounts on productspoor management"

IT Procurement & Service Delivery Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Managers with almost no managerial skills. No weekly meetings to address concerns, process improvement, lessons learned etc... No documentation library. No appreciation of employees' hard work, honesty and loyalty"

Shop Manager (Former Employee) says

"fairly good employer but they have a big problem hiring low quality management people with no people skills and no idea what they are doing . there is no support from the DMgood coworkersinexperienced managment team"

HR and Payroll administrator (Former Employee) says

"work was quite repetitive, never really reviewed of pushed employee to their fullest. Work culture was good but needed improvement as does most things.Great perksNot career driven"

they do no deserve even one star - says

"The worst of the quality in all manner. Numerous HR persons do not know what to do but contacting numerous recruitment agencies to pretend to hire and they are busy for nothing. Old people are so busy to defend their incompetence in finance. People with no solid experience in finance do the finance works, so who will know how they put the price out of the worst quality products? higher price should have a reason, not for a crap and to pay for a number of the incompetent old management with no interest in fashion and design. They think that all women need to spend money for the pricy bags and cosmetics only, and to make sure those women have no brain while obeying to old incompetent management no matter what. "

ridiculously outdated company so-called \"culture\" says

"Their work style is like this: during the career development session, they say verbally that \"you as a woman need to obey older men even though his guideline is stupid and wrong\", I was like \"(omg), ok, then can you please send your word again via company email?\" Then, undoubtedly, there will be a company newsletter as soon as I get back from my session that \"we support women and diversity along with their career development\". XD To record the cost of the bag, they just round up without checking the cost register to reclass on the company system and say, \"we have completed our process\" via email. It was really ridiculous. Also verbally told me that I need to find a better organization with a corporate ethics coz LVMH is not a that type of company with quality that I expect.... it\'s a company \"culture \"during the other meeting, followed by a company newsletter email to state that they support a high level of ethical corporate \"culture\". XD "

former employee says

"tons of HR persons who do not know what they should do. They will soon outnumber the sales persons/advisers, finally end up with being the largest group in LVMH along with old management. XD "

Angelica Del Sette says

"Placed an order on French Sephora website as I live in the UK and was given a voucher as a gift. Order didn’t arrive yet I was told it was delivered... to whom I do not know, but it certainly wasn’t to me. Firstly, if Sephora has decided to cater to English speaking countries, have the decency to act accordingly and employ English speaking customer service people available to deal with queries originating from those countries. I don’t see why I should be further inconvenienced by having to translate a whole cock and bull story about where the order is. Secondly, do we live in 1920 or 2020? You want me to HANDWRITE a report about what happened? Seriously, remove your online presence, you are ill equipped to deal with it. LVMH this is a poor, poor show. I want a refund. I want someone who SPEAKS ENGLISH to assist me and I DO NOT want a rubbish e-mail address, phone number or Facebook Page reference. Employ actual people who are capable of doing their jobs. You sure charge consumers enough to be able to pay more employees. Your internal logistics issues should not be made to be the customer’s problem. Disgusting."