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Leap is seeking to catalyze the impact business ecosystem in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Leap provides avenues for impact business and social enterprise development at the community level all the way through to regional impact businesses ready to scale. The Leap Co. Ltd. is a socially responsible company that seeks to develop and invest in scalable ventures built on profitable models that deliver solutions to environmental, social and economic challenges.

Leaps principals have over 40 years’ accumulated experience, and have created a mandate built on the understanding of the changing needs of both businesses, and investors. In support of the impact investment ecosystem in the Caribbean, Leap works alongside innovators, entrepreneurs and communities, providing technical and advisory support to businesses that are seeking to solve some of our biggest challenges.

A client writes " Bad communication skills from employees and employers making it difficult for a very healthy working environment.The working force are very timid and rude. I've sent a proposal for a possible investment in my company, I'm yet to hear from them after a year after an assurance in the past months."


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Stephen says

"After a 2 month run around they tried to sell me somthing different that I did not apply an extremely long drawn out waste of time"

Chadi Richeh says

"They said no physical exam and instant approval, it is a lie"

Rose robinson says

"I thought this was a real insurance company but it isn’t. It is merely another engine with agents designed to get your information and shop around. I should have known better. I hate talking to agents. Why can’t life insurance be simple and all online. If I get approved at what i was quoted then great but if an agent calls me then forget it. Why can’t there be an all online insurance company like my other carrier Trustage? No annoying agents, no robo calls, no “follow up” from agents but all online like my other company. It just seems misleading. Older people sometimes don’t want to talk to agents. Make life insurance 100% online. After posting this review I decided to give this company a chance. They quoted me a certain amount then scheduled the medical. Then before the medical we got notice I was turned down. As I said I am disappointed. I guess my medical history wasn’t good enough. Might work for some but if you have controlled diabetes with medication don’t bother. My A1C is 7 controlled with Janumet and I was still declined. Sorely disappointed."

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