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LCJ is a vertically integrated real estate company focusing on the development, construction, and management of single and multifamily properties throughout Texas and the Southern United States.

LCJ benefits are getting worse and the owners are temperamental under stress, an ex-employee shared a review at

"Benefits weren't very good and continued to get worse. The two owners were a little temperamental though. They were under a great deal of stress and it would often get the better of them."


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Property Manager (Former Employee) says

"LCJ was a better more supportive company during my first three years. the last two years there was little support from the company. The properties I managed were low income and there were often difficulties with a select few tenants. We had no leasing agent. There were two employees. The property manager and the maintenance. LCJ sent us on conventions every year to remain current of housing and property management laws and practices which were great. There was a lot of camaraderie between the managers of all the LCJ properties. The two owners were a little temperamental though. They were under a great deal of stress and it would often get the better of them. But on good days they were very animated and fun. It was a great place to learn all sides of the business, from managing to leasing to banking, to helping maintenance to customer service and conflict resolution. but after 5 years it's best to look for more steady employment options. Cons: benefits werent very good and continued to get worse"

PROPERTY MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"I would get to work start my morning reports make deposits and problem solving for the day. I believe each location needed to be monitored a lot closer in making sure previous management kept there files in order according to the housing authority. I was able to maintain and correct a lot of mistakes as I came on board. It taught me that no challenge is too big to handle. To face adversity with a smile and push forward. I enjoyed my employees we made an exceptional team. There was not a hard part about the job. It is just the nature of the beast, comes with the territory. I enjoyed watching my employees and residents smile when we would have company functions. Cons: none"

Property Manager (Current Employee) says

"I managed an 88 unit tax credit property in New Caney, TX for LCJ Management. My typical day included touring the property with potential residents, leasing, and processing applications. I worked close with my maintenance, and schedules were laid out at the beginning of each work week. Weekly reports covering move ins, move outs, collections to date, traffic reports, and delinquency were recorded and sent to immediate supervisor on the 10th, 20th, and 30th. Collections were handled daily. Evictions were performed on the 10th of every month as needed. Move outs were walked and charges assessed as needed. Property bills were coded and sent to corporate on a daily basis. Monthly reports including property expenses were performed on the last day of the month. I would say the most enjoyable part of my job was having such an amazing team to work with- I was extremely successful at my job with LCJ Management, and I wouldn't have been able to do it without my awesome staff. I also enjoyed meeting new people everyday. Not one day was the same as the day before. The environment was ever-changing, much better in my opinion than a boring "daily grind". The hardest part of my job would have to be dealing with the drama that seemed to fill the property with the resident tenants. It was more of a headache than anything else, diffusing situations on nearly a daily basis. Overall, I would have to say I enjoyed working for LCJ Management. It was challenging at times, being a one-person office staff. But I enjoy a challenge! Bring it on! :-) Cons: low wages, property was drama filled (tenants)"

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