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L'Express (French pronunciation: ​[lɛksˈpʁɛs]) is a French weekly news magazine headquartered in Paris. The weekly stands at the political centre in the French media landscape, and has a lifestyle supplement, L'Express Styles, and a job supplement, Réussir.

Dan shares his disappointing experience on play.google.com, "The L'Express app is totally bad, living in London I used to read L'Express and now we can read only 2 articles! And I don't want to read your "let's talk about it" section which is not formatted well and I'm sure the questions asked in this section aren't even by actual readers. I removed the app with regret, but I will find my info on a suitable app!"


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chef de rang (Former Employee) says

"aucunes consignes fournies, personnel en autarcie Cons: promesse non respecter"

Coursier (Former Employee) says

"aucune évolution professionnel Cons: etre tout le temp sur la route, beaucoup d'heure"

Stage au journal L'Express et (Former Employee) says

"Le stage était chouette, bien que le personnel n'était pas toujours des plus agréables. J'ai néanmoins rencontré certaines personnes qui m'ont beaucoup appris et avec qui je me suis très bien entendue. Par la suite, j'ai préféré écrire pour le QJ, qui était plus régulier dans ses commandes d'articles."

Hostess (Former Employee) says

"The hardest part of the job was not getting bored. The most enjoyable part of the job was working with some cool people. The management was unorganized and not very helpful. They need to work on communication with the staff. My co-workers were great: very hard working and fun to be around. Cons: bad communication, poor management, and no health insurance"

Chargée de projet événementiel (Former Employee) says

"Stage formateur, projets interessants, équipes à l'écoute"