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Kusmi Tea is a brand of tea, headquartered in Paris, France. Originally founded by Pavel Kousmichoff in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1867, the brand moved to Paris, at the onset of the Russian Revolution, in 1917. The brand is currently owned by Groupe Orientis.

Rachael shares her frustrating experience on Influenster, "Kusmi tea does nothing but gives you the runs. If you're looking for a true detox, just don't eat or drink the crap you're trying to detox out of you, it's that easy. Beware of trying this tea."


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"I worked at Kusmi Tea for less than a year Cons: Very little interaction, integration or direction from management Nobody seemed happy or positive No team incentive Negative work environment The atmosphere between staff and management was strained Was like working in a straitjacket Not enough attention was given to staff from management and there was a sense of being restrained into a role where you could not communicate with management freely Lack of communication between staff and management created a tense and unhappy working environment for me Rota would change and staff wouldn't be informed which was quite simply, ridiculous"

Current Employee - Account Manager says

"I have been working at Kusmi Tea full-time for more than a year Cons: No structure whatsoever. Low pay"

Conseillère de vente (Former Employee) says

"J’ai été embauché pour un cdd de renfort d’équipe pour les périodes de fêtes .Les deux premiers jour ce se sont super bien passé,mais au fur et à mesure on me demande de limite forcer le client à découvrir l’es thés et à acheter malheureusement ce n’est pas très professionnel et très contraignant car le responsable du magasin cabries plan de campagne me mettais la pression sans cesse ce fut une expérience désagréable j’ai donc préféré mettre fin à mon contrat !! Cons: Pression sur les vendeur"

Sales Assistant (Full-time) says

"At the beginning, we have a training about all various tea. How to prepare them correctly, what the difference between a white tea and a black tea."

Vendeuse (Former Employee) says

"Manque de confiance envers leurs collaborateurs et ne félicite pas assez ces collaborateurs pour leur travail et engagement."

Conseillère de vente (Current Employee) says

"Malgré tous les avantages (tickets resto, prime de transport etc) beaucoup de transfert d'information personnelle à la direction de l'entreprise qui provoque un licenciement sans motif vrai et sérieux Cons: Transfert d'information personnelle"

Agent de production (Former Employee) says

"- Beaucoup de favoritisme."

Opérateur logistique (Former Employee) says

"Entreprise de production de thé haute gamme a bon prix"

Sales Administration Manager U.S (Current Employee) says

"*Small team in the US"

Responsable adjointe (Current Employee) says

"travail correct, mais manque de perspectives d'avenir, entreprise en manque de renouveau"

Vendeuse (Former Employee) says

"Une bonne expérience dans l'ensemble malgré pas mal de restrictions afin de garder l'image standing de la boîte."

Larissa Scherbakow says

"Great product - but don't bother ordering. You will only get half your order. Good luck contacting their customer service (Kuzmi-Tea-Paris). They say they will get back to you in 24 hours ---- they mean 24 weeks, or perhaps years. What a sad scam. They take a wonderful brand, wonderful tea and turn it into a scam. Find a store and go in person. You won't have the headache I am facing."

Anne-Mette says

"On 17th December I went to the webpage to order a Kashmir Chai for a Christmas present and fell in love with the christmas gift box with a spoon. Put it in my cart along with another tea for another present. I thought I would get the option to specify the teas for the gift box at check out, but that did not happen, so I instantly wrote an email to customer services with my problem. I got a reply from Laura that my missing items would be shipped separately and reach me in a few days. The empty box turned up, but not the two tins to put inside it. I kept messaging Laura for track and trace of the second package but no reply until today which is 23rd December and 1 day before Christmas in Denmark. Turns out the missing items were shipped TODAY and will reach me 3 days AFTER Christmas despite the fact that I paid a lot for fast shipping. Laura was rather rude and explained to me that "shipping takes time" and that she "explained to me that the missing items would be shipped separately". Guess Laura just forgot to tell me that they would wait a week before shipping the remaining items and that I would be left with an empty gift box to put under the tree .... I wish 0 star was an option on Trustpilot."