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Bill Kurtis (born William Horton Kuretich; September 21, 1940) is an American television journalist, producer, narrator, and news anchor. He was also the host of a number of A&E crime and news documentary shows, including Investigative Reports, American Justice, and Cold Case Files.

"I’ll get to the straight to the point: I think Bill Kurtis is terrible." says "SpankySharp" on a Reddit post on March 10, 2019:

"Bill Kurtis, Wait Wait I’ll get to the straight to the point: I think Bill Kurtis is terrible. I don’t know anything about him outside of his co-host/scorekeeper duties on Wait Wait (so he may be a wonderful family man; I don’t know or care), but within the confines of Wait Wait, Kurtis is THE WORST.

He’s held his role for years now. How hard is it to understand this concept: When someone attempts and succeeds something in a game—such as how many hits a batter had in a certain number of at-bats, or how many field goals made a basketball player had versus her number of attempts—you say the number of successes, then the word “for,” and then the number of attempts. It seems simple, right? THEN WHY DOES KURTIS INSIST ON STAMMERING OUT GARBAGE LIKE, “JENNA, YOU GOT A PERFECT SCORE: 3 AND OH!” after almost every segment? He’s had years to understand this bit of formatting but still can’t get it right.

Don’t get me wrong: That’s not the only reason Kurtis is terrible. There’s the weekly terrible pun (Terri-BILL pun) to start the show (“Hey there, Congress, here’s a new BILL for you to reject; I’m Bill Kurtis!”) which didn’t bother me until I was listening to today’s podcast and Kylie Jenner being a billionaire came up. Toward the end of the bit, Kurtis broke in by saying, “Hey Kylie: I’ll be YOUR BILLIONAIRE,” which raised so many questions for me. Does Bill think those “Bill” puns are actually funny, and that he was contributing something by giving everyone a second dose in the middle of the show? Did Bill understand the story (it wasn’t a hard story to get—Kylie is a billionaire) and does he know he can’t “be her billionaire” because she already is a billionaire and he isn’t and it makes no sense? Does he understand that even if he COULD “be her billionaire,” the 57-year age gap between them is pretty gross?

No? None of those things crossed his mind before he spoke? But aren’t spreading humor and awareness of the world around us the entire point of the show? Why is he there if he fails at understanding the world and he fails at humor?"


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