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Kurt Samuel Vile (born January 3, 1980) is an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer. He is known for his solo work and as the former lead guitarist of rock band The War on Drugs.

"Kurt Vile Sucks" says "CaptainPanic" on a post on TigerDroppings on February 22, 2019:

"He seems to be one of the more trending artists in the indie hipster scene and I don’t understand why. Don’t get me wrong, I like indie rock, but Kurt has to be one of the more boring artists out there. Group him together with the wet towel that is Courtney Barnett and you have that poor attempt at an album, Lotta Sea Lice. The slouched over, monotone heroin-rock can only go so far. Mac DeMarco already did that and he’s enjoyable to listen to. His demeanor, lyrics, and sound are all things I just can’t understand how so many people love it. If anyone can post an example of a well-written & well-played song by him, please do."


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Key Holder (Former Employee) says

"Worst place I have ever worked, management is AWFUL. 1 star is too much to give. Pay is also rubbish and no one appreciates anything you do. Also very understaffed on busy periods. Cons: Everything"

N/A (Former Employee) says

"Higher management are sadistic bullies. This military-style of micro-management wouldn’t be needed if you stopped hiring bimbos. Learn from your mistakes, however, you cannot argue with stupid people. Cons: Where to begin?"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"If you want to work for a company that doesn’t really care about there staff then come and work for Kurt Geiger they say they are giving back to the NHS yeah you are looking after them but not your staff. I started in January and was on my 3 month probation and in that time I got 6 ROC basically warning almost all of them were for not achieving target and not converting customers they let me go after COVID 19 lockdown. I was going to leave the company before lockdown and i decided not to as I thought it wouldn’t be fair to the new manger we had so when we got called back I worked for 3 days getting the store ready to open and not even a week had passed before I was getting another warning for not doing target when hardly any customers are coming out because of lockdown also don’t think they keep you safe because they don’t masks are optional and so are glovers now also they allow 8 people in store and in the Leeds store that’s too much Cons: Training management too much stress fearing for your job everyday"

Sales Ambassador (Former Employee) says

"horrible company to work for unless you are plastic meaning unless you tan your skin, pile on the makeup,have a locker full of cosmetics,carry hairdryer and straighteners with you because your expected to freshen up and re do hair and makeup on your lunch break and that's if your lucky enough to get one"

Sales Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Manager of Debenhams kurt Geiger in Birmingham is a horrible nasty woman."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Working at kurt geiger was an eye opener into the worst run company i have ever come across. Inadequate training, poor pay and over-promising were the main issues i had whilst working there. As soon as i realised this was the norm i left. I never felt like such an undervalued employee anywhere else as i did while working there."

Brand Ambassador (Former Employee) says

"The management at this role was disgusting. The way she spoke to people was completely unacceptable. I worked for the Debenhams concession and it was the worst role I’ve ever had. She would make nasty remarks and constantly pull you up in front of other people. You are expected to work like a slave for minimum wage and deal with her vile attitude on top of that. Joke"

Sales Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Not able to have a social life"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Horrid company full of nasty people !!! Company pick and choose who they like and they dont follow correct protocols, would never work here again !! Bullies area manager is vile!!"

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"A company which is unwilling to reward their staff in anyway possible as they're full of fake promises. They expect employees to do so much and they give very little back. They set unrealistic targets which makes moral low. Cons: Everything else"

Senior Sales Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Good commission scheme is truly a thing of the past, working in the busiest locations with the best brands you would still scrape minimum pay. Higher management very entitled and rarely fostering relationship with their employees. Outdated approach when it comes to employee wellbeing and workplace happiness. Very dismissive of employee concerns and requirements. You will be expected to do A LOT with very minimal returns. Cons: diminished commission scheme, no uniform allowance, poor management"

Sales (Current Employee) says

"Terrible communication from head office, management and staff."

Sales Advisor (Current Employee) says

"company culture creating unfriendly atmosphere and and does not care for employees, no progress opportunity. Even drinking water wasn't always available during the shift. Cons: long hours on your feet"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Management are bullies, no respect for staff what so ever, nothing was kept private and confidential, management would tell every member of staff everyone's business, higher management were exactly the same they didn't do anything to help. Cons: Management were bullies."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"A place where making money, saving your own back and bulldozing your way through sales is a much higher priority than the treatment of staff. No appreciation of hard work and pressured to complete huge tasks in an unrealistic small time frame. Fake/unfair/robotic group dynamics. Very poor and unsupportive management styles. Company full of sharks Cons: Inhumane work/life balance, poor management, robotic company sales styles, no appreciation for hard work, unfair group dynamics and favouritism"

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn't advise anyone to work for this company,awful management and bullies,lack of respect for staff. I wouldn't reccomend it to anyone. Not a nice place to work. Cons: Awful management, no support and lack of respect for anyone who isnt a senior"

Sales associate (Current Employee) says

"Not the best place to work at when there's no air conditioning and your managers couldn't care less about you. they also make you feel guilty when you can't attend work. the lack of communication is so poor, managers will put people down for any and every shift and expect them to attend... sorry but there is life outside of Kurt Geiger. Cons: bad working conditions, lack of communication"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst company I've ever worked for. Senior management overworked, stressed so don't have time to reply to emails, calls or messages and also HQ are the same If you need them. Expected to work 12 hour shifts without a break daily. Working within a tight staffing budget so if you have staff sickness you cant replace as you don't have anyone to step in to help. So a lot of the time your left on your own to do absoulty everything. .. staff turnover is high as they do not treat anyone with respect."

Brand ambassador (Current Employee) says

"It is so stressful, they never give you days off which you desire. If you are on an 8 hour contract, then they force you to do an extra 20 hours on top of that. The bigger managers are horrible and make you feel worthless when you spend so much time trying to sell and make sure the shop looks good. Everyone leaves the job quickly!!!"

Customer Service adviser (Former Employee) says

"The company only values the people with a higher hierarchical position. There are rarely opportunities to progress."