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Kurgo is a dog products company based out of Salisbury, Massachusetts founded in 2003 by owners Gordie and Kitter Spater.

A disappointed customer shared this on Amazon "Would not recommend Kurgo products. The stitching on the interior was sharp in several places, I cant imagine that being comfortable on my dog's skin! Lots of plastic, connectors at weird places, nothing soft or comfortable looking, when my husband saw it he thought it looked like a torture device. There are several points of adjustment, but not on length which is what I was looking for. Also didn't realize that the return was not free, so that was a bit frustrating as well. Overall, would not recommend - look elsewhere for your pup!".


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Mr George Debono says

"I bought this company's bench seat cover designed to protect the backseat of the car ,went travelling with your dog. I took the dog with me for two trips lasting less than half an hour each, before the cover came apart at the seams in two places. This product is supposed to carry a "lifetime guaranty " When I approached the company (they do not want the customer to go to the retailers) first I was asked to refer to their UK office and the Uk office replied that "they were working like dogs to resolve the problem" that told me at least four things; 1) I wasted my money, (2) I bought a shoddy product, (3) The company and its product cannot be trusted, (4) the 'lifetime guaranty' is not worth the price of the ink to print those two words."

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