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The Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft e. V., also abbreviated to KuPoGe, is a Federal German association of people and institutions interested in culture and politics, founded on June 10, 1976 in Hamburg-Altona with 169 members, with headquarters in Bonn.

An articled posted by Kultur Management webiste in 2012 about The Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft deciding on a new basic program nack in September of that year.

It is the third since it was founded in 1976. In it, it re-articulates its claim to social participation. However, it disappoints those who had hoped for conclusive cultural-political answers after the passionate cultural infarction debate. And is based on an antiquated understanding of cultural management. The extraordinary general meeting, at which around 100 members took part, began with a minute's silence for Bernd Wagner, the head of the Institute for Cultural Policy, who died on September 19. He was not only an outstanding thought leader and publicist, but also a father figure who was able to mediate between different generations and currents in the cultural and political society. It won't be replaceable anytime soon. Until recently, Wagner had also participated in the debate about the new basic program. This is now available. After the first program in 1976, which had the motto "New Cultural Policy", and a revised version in 1998, it has now been adapted to current developments for the second time. The decision on the program was preceded by a lively exchange among the members about the programmatic approaches with which to respond to current social challenges. In a year that began with the fundamental criticism of the editors of the book "Der Kulturinfarkt" and was followed by an emotional debate, the expectations of the new basic program were not low. But judging by the passionate argument over the past few months, some are likely to be disappointed with the result. Although the program addresses many important topics sustainability, audience orientation or digitization - it all too often gets lost in symbolism.


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