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Kulturelle Vermittlung in German means Cultural Mediation. Cultural mediation is generally used for situations in which people are informed about cultures, the arts or scientific and social phenomena and knowledge, enter into an exchange and react to them - be it speaking or with other forms of expression. It is a collective term that encompasses different practices and is in a process of constant replacement.

Cultural mediation follows the etymological meaning of mediation in the sense of "middle, middle part", as the "being between two things". Cultural mediation refers to the role of an intermediary between the individual, culture and society.

Cultural mediation is usually operated by

Lecturers at schools and universities, Cultural and mediating courses Cultural politicians and the media, and last but not least Parents - in the sense of conveying culture and value. The methods and techniques of art education have a broad spectrum, such as music and theater education or museum education as cross-institutional principles. It ranges from new concepts of cultural education in schools to cultural interventions in urban development to event marketing .

The educational mandate of public service broadcasting also includes teaching art and culture as well as promoting understanding of cultural processes.

A student writes " Cultural mediation is very important in our lives but the disadvantages outweighs the advantages, it exposes one to different religion and lifestyle which in turn makes people lose their identity and breaches the customs and norms of their native society."


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