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Krones AG is a German packaging and bottling machine manufacturer. It produces lines for filling beverages in plastic and glass bottles or beverage cans. The company manufactures stretch blow-molding machines for producing polyethylene terephthalate PET bottles, plus fillers, labelers, bottle washers, pasteurizers, inspectors, packers, and palletizers. This product portfolio is complemented by material flow systems and process technology for producing beverages for breweries, dairies, and soft-drink companies.

In December 2018 AUDREY LAFOREST  reported for PLASTICS NEWS  website  about the 500 jobs from Krones that will remove in 2020: “Krones AG is eliminating 500 jobs in 2020 as part of several measures intended to improve the company's profitability. As part of the strategy, Krones said it will cut 300 jobs in Germany and 200 additional jobs worldwide. The cuts will mainly impact administrative positions. All locations throughout Germany and at the international subsidiaries  will be affected by the job cuts, according to Krones spokeswoman Ingrid Reuschl”


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Sales Coordinator & Dolmetscherin (Current Employee) says

"Dieses damalige Familienunternehmen hat seine Marktführerschaft schon längst verloren. Die Technik würde langsam von Konkurrenten überholt. Die hohen Kosten sind gar nicht wettbewerbsfähig. Die dauerhafte Sparmaßnahmen führen zu miserabler Personalpolitik. Keine Wunder dass diese Firma sich so"

Elektoniker (Former Employee) says

"Man kommt in manche Bereiche nur über Zeitarbeitfirmen rein und da kann man alles geben um zum Schluss nicht übernommen zu werden. Cons: Keine Sicherheit"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Training is non existent in customer service and then they blame you if you make a mistake. Most of the people that work in this area have been there for years and have a favored status with management, who is clueless and if you fall out of favor with these employees or management, you're done. I have never seen a place with so much back stabbing. The pay and benefits are ok, but putting up with the people that work their is not worth it. This is not a place you can grow at. Cons: Very Poor Management and Poor training"

Service IT - Techniker bei Top Tecs, Einsatz (Former Employee) says

"Es mangelt ganz klar in der mittleren Führung. Dadurch werden unnötige Kosten verursacht und die Motivation der Mitarbeiter sinkt."

CNC Operator/Programmer (Former Employee) says

"have worked in job shop atmosphere running small lot sizes with conversational programming. Given print and told to turn parts complete sometimes using as many as 4 operations till completion. Cons: was bumped onto bar feeder"

Field Service Engineer (Former Employee) says

"aber es sollte sich jeder selbst sein Bild machen dem einen passts dem anderen wieder nicht."

Supervisor Rohrleitungsbau (Current Employee) says

"So viel kann ich dazu nicht sagen, da ich als Supervisor Freelancer bei der Krones AG unterwegs war."

Servicetechniker im Außendienst (Current Employee) says

"Als Servicetechniker sollte man sich bewusst sein, dass man hohe Ansprüche an Sie hat und Sie anfangs wenig Einfluss auf die Planung und die Einsatzgebiete haben."

Assistent der Geschäftsleitung (Current Employee) says

"Die Krones AG in Deutschland wird professioneller geführt als in der Türkei..."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Alles hat gestimmt, bis auf:"

Credit controller (Former Employee) says

"My typical day at work was well experienced and challenging,i learn to be reliable and be productive at work at all times,i also learn to work hand in hand with my management and my co-workers.the hardest job was the rectification of previous mismanaged most enjoyable part was meeting monthly nd yearly targets,and visiting customers from time to time Cons: 8 hours"

Mrs Grey says

"I sent an egg master back which was late due to my nan passing away and they sent it back to me, I can not believe how horrible this company is."

Jean Boss Henrichsen says

"The price in Denmark should be 284,07 danish krones according to their website. But instead they have charged me of 284,07 usd, which is 1.870 danish krones. Not the best start and a much more expensive egg-master."

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