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The crib museum in Oberstadion in the Alb-Donau district shows over 600 square meters with 160 cribs one of the largest crib collections in Germany. The museum is housed in the parish barn, which was built in 1612 and is now a listed monument and was opened on December 21, 2008. Artists from Germany, Italy and Austria present cribs on two floors. A work of art, weighing 2.5 tons, is one of the heaviest cribs in the museum. A scene from the brothers Tobias and Herbert Haseidl from Oberammergau with their scenes is unique in Germany. A special exhibition deals with the nativity art of a country, e.g. B. Poland (2008), Peru (2009) or the Czech Republic (2013). In the lecture hall of the museum, visitors can learn about the background of crib architecture in Oberstadion and in Luttach in the Ahrntal Valley in Italy .

A tourist shared this on a review forum, "This is not all bad but not as much as we had expected. I think our agent overhyped this place and that's why we came. Not a thrill."


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