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Kreller Companies is an American corporate investigations and risk management firm based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since its founding in the late 1980s, it has advised clients on efficient use of third-party business information vendors. However, today the firm offers a wide range of business intelligence services with specialties in custom due diligence and investigations.

A former Investigator en Cincinnati, OH says this about working for Kreller Companies in a review published by GLASSDOOR: "No real structured training and the training provided was not what I consider anything of great value. Management leaves a lot to desire in both their management style and attitude towards their employees"


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Current Employee - Consultant says

"Kreller has been around for 25 years – yet it still is difficult to let an individual go. In retrospect, however, we take responsibility for allowing a new salesperson to struggle for so long. We certainly provide employees with guidance and structure along the way, but in the end, sometimes the fit is not right. The Kreller Group is committed to deliver on our promise “Do-Get” with no cap on earnings. As a company, we stand for integrity and transparency – and this is justified by the fact that 50% of the employees in our legacy consulting business have remained with the company for over ten years – most of which continue to grow six-figure incomes. Our consulting business model focuses on perpetual new business, and business abounds with annual revenue growth, even as we celebrate our 25th anniversary. As for the sexual harassment allegations, we are not aware of even one occurrence. If such accusations are true, we urge those involved to call our anonymous hotline: a non-partisan, third-party service. The appropriate manager will be contacted and will resolve the issue fairly with complete confidentiality and discretion. We take such claims very seriously. We wish all the best for our employees – both current and former. In particular, we sincerely hope that this individual grows from his/her experience at Kreller, and forms a fulfilling, successful career wherever he/she goes next."

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Tough, but rewarding. Great way to experience the daily grind of filling out your pipeline. If you want to understand inside sales with no fluff then this is the place. Tough pipelines with very little time."