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An unhappy customer wrote on KITCHEN CABINETS REVIEWS about Kraftmaid in August 2020:

"I purchased kitchen and bathroom cabinets from Kraft Maid 6 years ago. My kitchen cost over $50000.00 and the kitchen still looks like a brand new accept for my cabinets. They have worn terribly and I have tried to contact customer service to get someone out here to look at the cabinets and no one has even answered, The only answer I have received is that they sent me a kit to fix the cabinets which have not helped at all. I thought when purchasing a product from Kraft Maid they would stand behind there product and do whatever they would have to do to make the customer satisfied instead they ignore emails and when you call they never return any messages. Grace Ivonne Anthony's customer care has ignored my requests and I want anyone who reads this to think twice before purchasing Kraft Maid cabinets. I have no children who live with me so it's not like I have wear and tear of little kids hitting the cabinets. I hope that someone sees my email and shows me some courtesy to send me an email or call me to talk about my problems"


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