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The KORMORAN brand provides safe tyres with modern design in all key product categories in Passenger Car, SUV, and Light Truck product segments. Kormoran first appeared as the brand name for a range of passenger car tyres commercialized in 1994, by the polish company, Stomil-Olsztyn.

Kormoran Tyres have a low performance, according to a review on tyrereviews.co.uk

"I had to buy these tyres at a place where my Bridgestone Turanza run-flats let me down and I did not want to wait 3 days for decent replacements to be shipped. This was pretty much the worst type I ever drove in 1Mio km (doing 50K km per year, mostly on highways 80%). While the dry grip is borderline, in all other disciplines it is a low performer. The tyre seems to be very soft and wears quite fast. In handling, the car feels like a boat at rough waters. Increasing the pressure, things get better, but then at most, it is borderline again. The noise was average and the comfort was better than the run-flats I had, but this is in the nature of run-flats to be less comfortable. After 10K km I decided that is is not worth the anger and trashed them. I was about to go for non-run-flats but I decided to give run-flats another try"


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