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Korian is a French company specialized in Nursing home care for the elderly, named EHPAD in France. Korian has nursing homes in six European countries. Korian is the result of the merging of the corresponding companies Finagest and Serience in 2003.

Korean faces several lawsuits from family members who lost someone during the coronavirus pandemic and employees have taken part in protests for a better salary, according to an article by Australian Associated Press at oberonreview.com.au

"Employees of a major group of French nursing homes have taken part in protests across France to call for better pay. The company manages nearly 300 care homes, the group is facing several lawsuits filed by families who have lost loved ones during the coronavirus pandemic."


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Server (Former Employee) says

"Something that you do not want to do especially if you are in School they do not I repeat do not care for their employees which is unacceptable please look for somewhere else.NothingShort break, bad management, management tries to sleep with employees"

Waitress (Former Employee) says

"Aside from amazing customers, and hardworking staff, this place ISN'T worth breaking your back over. Management is terrible to workers, overworking them in a workplace that doesn't even have proper equipment. Also, was disgustingly dirty."

Restaurant Gen. Manager (Former Employee) says

"This place was life draining. I hated working here as a General Manager. Here are the reasons why:O Managers get no tipsO HR Staff are really a pain in the butt, always texting you non-stop bullying you with pressure. HR staff have it great becuz they don't have to work inside the restaurant. Literally sit down and text MITs and managers why this why that. O Servers are spoiled brats and don't listen to the manager. O Stupid rules where u have to record a video everyday on a iPad for all the mistakes. O Literally learn everything on the spot. O You go home at 1 - 2am everyday. O They want servers to work during Covid - 19 and if you don’t you’re fired. O stress from many other stuff. Free food sometimes.Everything."

Line Cook/Prep Cook/Dishwasher (Former Employee) says

"They don’t care about there employees. All they care about is there yelp review and getting there money. Management is really bad. Not equal opportunity to everybodyNo pros on this company.Doesn’t care about your life. They want you to work even your sick."

anonymous (Former Employee) says

"First off, the workload they give you due to under staffing is immense. You are constantly picking up slack for others, and if they mess up, you are blamed. Also, if it is not under staffed, then it is completely over staffed! the tips for anyone who isn't a server is split up, so when it is over staffed, you make very little tips. The weekends are the busiest time of the week, and every weekend it is wayyyy too over staffed. But don't worry, at least you'll be able to get an hourly raise right? WRONG!!!! People who have worked their for years still only get 8.25 due to the company being insanely cheap. Also, the restaurant is very disgusting. The "water" that the dirty grills are held in never gets changed. It is a brown, smelly sludge that all the grills are just thrown into, and very often gets splashed back on you due to other employees being lazy. The plates never actually get cleaned. The Food Runners are to wipe down the plates to "dry" them. But what they are actually doing is wiping down the left over food that is still on them after being ran through the dishwasher. Finally, the management is a joke. The corporate people who hire the general manager are very ignorant and incompetent. The current general manager is a very rude, ignorant, and doesn't seem to know how a restaurant is actually ran. So far, over 10-12 people have quit in the very short amount of time they have been there. You expect to call out sick one day after perfect attendance for months/years straight? You can, but don't expect to get a full schedule next week LOL! You can tell how truly demeaning"

Team Member/Server (Former Employee) says

"Good money, but management sucks. The Hours aren’t flexible, it’s hard to take time off because there’s always not enough employees. This place also runs out of plates and Utensils fast so you’re washing your own dishes for your customers. Not worth working here."

Busser/Hostess (Current Employee) says

"Please dont work here Over worked with no days or hours. Tips are bad. Corporate doesnt know what they are doing or have a clue why we leave as much as a 2 week notice"

Host/Food Runner (Former Employee) says

"The management was completely unfair. People's jobs were constantly being threatened over really silly things (like how much rice you put in a bowl silly), favoritism was a huge issue, the managers were very immature, and constant criticism of my performance made me no longer feel comfortable being there.TipsVery low discounts on food, one short break"

Prep Cook (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work, they hire you with bunch of lies promising full time hours and then after your training you get not enough hours. Lots of favoritism, an employee could be the worst and still get fair hours because they friends with management.NoneYou get hours if you friends with manager and assistant manager"

Server/Hostess (Former Employee) says

"Worst place I have ever worked. Management team is completely unorganized, managers don’t know what they’re doing most the time and are completely incompitent. One of our managers would constantly make the same mistakes on trying to figure out the tip out. By the way, you tip out 35% of your nightly tips. 25% to the back of house, 5% to the bar, 5% to host/busters/ runners/ which in my opinion is insane. I’ve never worked at a restaurant where I tipped out the boh, especially one of the laziest I’ve ever worked with. They have the easiest job in the restaurant and complain the most. Bartenders are completely overworked and underpaid, they make around $70 on a busy weekend night, and they have to make every drink from the bar drinks to the sodas to pouring water for servers. As a server it is so hard because you basically have to do everything yourself, even the boh job having to prep your own side dishes and things of that sort, even though you’re tipping out a prep worker? I can go on and on but basically all I’m trying to get to is never work for this company.NoneNo discount when dining there low tips rude management"

Server Host Busser (Former Employee) says

"You get paid minimum wage just to overwork yourself and get your car broken into 2x a month which management won't do anything about. Gen takes out 35% from the tips you made, you have to tip out your runner, and you have to declare your tips which means its taken out of your paycheck due to taxes. Breaks? What are breaks? You rarely get to take a 10 minute break so imagine taking a 30? Managers will roll their eyes at you for requesting a 10. Your 30s will most likely be given to you when you least need it, for example, when you just clocked in. You have ZERO benefits. No discounts on food and the most you're allowed to do is eat a salad during your break, but since there's no break room you have to eat it in the storage room or outside. On your days off, if you want to eat here, you have to first call in and ask a manager for permission. Try not to feel sick and get injured at work because they will MAKE YOU STAY, even if you dislocated your knee. You don't get proper training so it's the type of job you have to learn on your own. If you're in school and have an early morning class, I suggest not working nights. You'll probably stay till 2am bussing tables, cleaning vents, grills, chairs, seats, windows, mopping, sweeping, and resetting the whole entire table. Yelp reviews mean everything to them so if there's a bad yelp review about you, you'll probably be "punished" by not being able to serve anymore. The managers do not want to help. If it's a busy night and they see that their employees are under a lot of pressure and are backed up, instead of trying to help out by atnothingshort breaks, bad management, no benefits, no discounts"

Line Cook (Current Employee) says

"really poor management, no chance of advancement. For being a line cook you don't cook anything, the hardest part of the job is having to deal with the management either not working at all or just getting in the way.free lunch/dinner if you work in BOHtoo much to list"

Food server and busser (Former Employee) says

"Stressful work environment, including unfair pay. Poor management and unorganized scheduling of shifts. Breaks were not given on fair terms as was taking time off scheduling 2 months in advance.Coworkers were awesome and team orientedPoor management"

Server (Former Employee) says

"management was very poor, didn't give breaks or gave them within the first 30mins of working managers are rude and unprofessional all employees constantly getting scolded and yelled at even cursed at at times.good tip but will get 30% taken out after shift"

Dishwasher (Former Employee) says

"They no have formal work no equal employ opportunity for everyone they do not wanna give me job and no they no good employers to they my job is not interestingNoBad"

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"It's maybe the worst job I've ever had. Corporate management is hostile and extremely verbally abusive and vindictive. There are literally no benefits to this job. The pay was terrible, you don't even recieve PTO. I was the general manager and I worked about 60 hours a week for 19 an hour, they think because of the excessive over time it compensates for the abysmal pay, IT DOESN'T."

Hostess (Former Employee) says

"Definitely one of the worst places to work if this is your first job. Usually, everyone under 21 starts off as a host, which helps you get familiar with the restaurant. Hosting sounds pretty easy yknow? just seat and explain and repeat, however, at GEN, hosts have to buss tables, clean restrooms, run food for servers and are always understaffed. Hosting gets you the least amount of tips-- maybe around $5 each day and at most $10 for a busy night. So when its busy during weekdays, you would have to keep bussing and keep seating with no break. Gets extremely stressful when its busy because managers keep yelling at you and keep asking you to do tasks. Tbh, the only reason they hire practically anyone is that people are always quitting and they need more employees. So you can see why people are always quitting :) Plus you do not get any discounts eating there or any food from the back. Pay is currently $13.5 and its not bad pay if youre looking for some fast money because most of the times you're going to be working overtime. So many cons of working here, the list goes on and on and on.short breaks, no discounts, stressful, bad management"

Rancho Cucamonga - Waitress (Former Employee) says

"I was very disappointed with the way management treated its' employees. Constantly reminding workers that they were easily replaceable. Management said that if I made a single mistake, I'd be fired--this was a daily and hourly reminder. They told us that anyone would be happy to have our job and that we should be grateful for it--yet, they were not fully staffed. They were supposed to have 100 employees at their new restaurant in Montclair but have less than 50.NoneNo benefits, minimum wage, bad management, bad corporate"

Kitchen Manager (Former Employee) says

"I’ve worked here for two years and the people who work there are fun but very shady. Upper management is trash and only come assess the situation when a bad yelp review is placed or when there are complaints. The two district managers that manage majority of Southern California have only visited the San Diego location twice these whole two years.The people are fun to work withUpper management is trash, you have to belittle yourself for advancement, and there’s no room for growth unless they like you. Work ethics are not considered."

SERVER (Former Employee) says

"Everyday was horrible here and the only thing that made it bearable were the coworkers. This corporation does not care about their employees in any ways, nor do they care about the customers. All they care about is making money. The turnover rate here is exceptional and the management team gets bagged on everyday for the smallest of things. This causes a very hostile work environment. The employees receive absolutely no benefits. No discounts on food, and we are not given a meal or even a discounted meal on our breaks. Breaks were always given during the night shift around 11pm where every food place is closed and they do not provide food for us besides rice and frozen disgusting banchan."