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Michael Kim is an American trial lawyer and co-founder of Kobre & Kim, a litigation focused law firm. Born in Korea, Kim emigrated to the United States when he was 13. By the age of 29, Kim had graduated from Harvard College and Harvard Law School, to work as a prosecutor in US Attorney's Office in the Southern District of New York. During his tenure one of his most important cases was the prosecution of the $75 million Sterling Foster scam, a crime that would be the inspiration for the movie Boiler Room.

One angry customer wrote this about Michael Kim on Yelp: Normally a one-star rating would be a bit harsh, I would have given Michael Kim two. However upon realizing that he clearly paid realself.com to get rid of my review regarding his poorly done Juvederm injections, his dishonesty docked him the final star. I found Michael Kim on realself.com which I'm sure many of you have heard of (normally wouldn't mention this site but this is how Dr. Kim recruits most of his clients)). People rely on the site to find info for plastic surgeons. Well Michael Kim has absolutely glowing reviews all over the site with a 5-star rating. I booked a Juvederm appointment feeling confident all would be great. He way overinjected my top upper left lip, and also left several lumps which he never massaged out. When I went to go see him he played it off like it was normal but it was CLEARLY overinjected. I was embarassed to go out. I had to go to a different doctor to resolve everything despite already wasting $650 on uneven, lumpy injections. I left a review on the realself site he uses in less than 24 hours it was gone. How dishonest can you be to let people risk ruining their face to make a quick buck? He was a nice enough dude in person I guess. But being nice won't make your injections even.


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