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Knights of Columbus Sucks. The Knights of Columbus (K of C) is a global Catholic fraternal service order. Membership is composed of (and limited to) practicing Catholic men. It is led by Supreme Knight Sir Carl A. Anderson. The organization was founded in 1882 as a mutual benefit society for working-class and immigrant Catholics in the United States. It has grown to support refugee relief, Catholic education, local parishes and dioceses, and global Catholic causes.

Fr. Peter Daly in a statement said for NATIONAL CATHOLIC REPORTER: "I'm done with the Knights of Columbus" In my opinion, the Knights of Columbus is no longer the small mutual aid society and fraternity founded by Fr. Michael McGivney in the 19th century. It is now a big, rich corporation that seeks to be a political player in the American scene. Its nearly 2 million members, the vast majority of whom never go to a meeting, give it clout. It is principally an insurance company, which underwrites $105 billion in policies, has $22 billion in assets. Money and membership that gives it power.


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General Agent (Former Employee) says

"Dishonest Home Office. The contracts were changed and the management is in disarray. Leadership is nonexistent. There are numerous lawsuits pending."

INSURANCE FIELD AGENT (Former Employee) says

"rarely new people to prospect. no sustainable income to live off of. long hours and many nights and weekends. Little amount of advancement or support from management.nonepay structure"

TRAINING PROJECT MANAGER (Current Employee) says

"They are not a good place to go , no room for advancement , they are stuck in the 1970s There is no parking at their facility. They just have a layoff at the printing plant. They treat the agents poorly."

Busser (Former Employee) says

"The management was not organized and not fun to work for. They hire underage kids so they can pay them low wages. I do not recommend this job for any person looking from extra work."

Insurance Agent (Former Employee) says

"Love the Knights. Selling insurance with the compensation was dreadful. Way too much pressure to sell more, while trying to service the existing customer base. Training was minimal.Work with membersAway from the family"

ACCOUNT MANAGER (Current Employee) says

"Working in the field force is a terrible opportunity. They only serve the Catholic market which is shrinking. They make you service clients that you cannot sell to because they are too old and you can not even count it as a appointment."

Field Agent (Former Employee) says

"The pay is low. There are a lot of late nights and travel. There is good training. There is little opportunity for advancement."

Insurance Agent (Former Employee) says

"There is no base salary, but they still ask you for an “Office” fee. Basically you’re paying them to work there. I worked for a particularly dishonest General Agent and instead of dealing with him the Chief Insurance Officer and others in the home office swept his misdeeds under the rug. They masquerade as a fraternal organization while in reality they are nothing more then a pyramid scheme."

Field Agent (Current Employee) says

"IT WAS A PYRAMID SCHEME. no training. no pay. limited clientele. hostle clients. commission percentages were lower than any other insurance company. miserable."

Bar Tender / Cook / Waitress (Former Employee) says

"There is a very high employee turnover rate for a reason. They pay server minimum wage and in McGregor the regulars do not tip enough to even bring your total income up to standard minimum wage. Bartenders are often told that they need to work breakfast shifts and during these shifts, they are paid server minimum wage, but when breakfast customers leave tips for them, the bartenders are made to donate ALL of their breakfast tips back to the hall. The drive out to McGregor is not worthwhile."

Clerk (Former Employee) says

"It's a great place to work if you are a man. Unsure how any woman walks through those doors and puts up with that male dominating disgustingness. They do layoffs in waves so that it isn't publicized and outsource work by the nano second. A woman cannot ever be a leader in this organization or go any higher than VP level, they cannot even obtain the life insurance they sell. Archaic and really needs to get with the times. A sad manipulative environment that could not care less about it's production employees."

Regional Field Director (Former Employee) says

"Upper management is very poor. They tell you things that are not true to the mission and see the members as getting more money from them rather than doing what is right for the family. New management is focused on the money as the mission has changed to be more commercial. All newer management is from the outside and no promotions are within the organization. The changes have been to get rid of the ones that are strong and support the true mission. They are being replaced by "YES" men and do not serve the organization well. The changes are coming and you will see a large shift in the members leaving. I am seeing this now.A few good people, we have left the organization.Not truthful to workers and member."

Insurance Sales Agent (Current Employee) says

"Typical day might be 10+ hours with zero pay frequently resulting from efforts. Management uses bullying tactics and only negative reinforcement. Management repeats the same stale ideas over & over again. Management forces only online calls, but then claims you should be selling more than in normal non-covid times! Other members of the agency are completely unwilling to help others. This is partially because they don't have extra time, but also the most successful agents are selfish jerks who only care for themselves. Hardest part of the job is working 50-60 hour weeks without any compensation at times! Most enjoyable part is talking to the clients and figuring out how to help them financially. Because of the high premiums to the products, typically clients cannot afford them and do not buy from you.Claims to be a moral company, good productsLong hours with little compensation, spend time on service work which is unpaid work!, boss is a bully, cold calling, membership is too restrictive to really create a sufficient market for products, membership is aging bigtime"

Clerk Typist (Current Employee) says

"Very Stressful place to work.Work-Load kept increasing. Compensation did not add-up to work-load. Un-ethical, no communication between employees and management. Employees in management are not secure in their jobs. Alot of employees were fired this yearLow health insurance, death insurance, 20 min breaks every 3hrsStressful, more work, less pay"

Bartender (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely revolting management skills. As someone who was a manager and highly experienced bar tender it was extreemly frustrating and disheartening to see the lack of staff training and the ill equipped bar. Staff was rude and poorly trained"

Insurance Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"The people with whom I worked and the membership to whom I sold were all wonderful. The targets required, based on the training and products offered, were only reached by the salesmen in my office who cheated by poaching leads and high-pressure sales tacticsGreat people at all levels of the companyNot survivable if you have to pay bills"

Database Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Totally taken advantage of. Don't care about their employees AT ALL!!! Horrible management. oncall 24/7/365. The barest minimum of software tools provided. Nepotism and backstabbing is encouraged.excellent benefitswork atmosphere is very toxic"

Business Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Highly political environment. Poor management. Extreme micro-management. Managers are authoritative and act as bullies. The company is ruled by males. Females defer to the men and behave inappropriately to flatter the men and obtain preferential treatment. The culture is very old-world, and hasn't evolved since the 1950's. High union presence. Most employees have been there for the majority of their careers, and are awaiting eligibility for retirement. But newly hired employees and contractors to not last very long.decent benefitsOutdated culture. Extreme micro-management. Unfair treatment of employees."

Business Analyst (Current Employee) says

"The company is years behind in their technology. They do not offer educational opportunities that are of a level to keep their employees competitive and knowledgeable."

worker (Former Employee) says

"This use to be a great company to work for but the higher ups are running the company into the ground. They now treat their employees like trash. Looking at the next Eron.good paycompany about to go belly up"

Sonya L Brewer says

"We sponsored the lunch and I was embarrassed at what was served! It was very disappointing, even had some come up to me and say - “Really Sonya, a sandwich?” I was quite shocked nothing was served warm or anything for the prices we paid! In addition, I do not think that it was advertised enough for our industry. I did not see a notice in Rob Chrisman or anywhere on LinkedIn. The turnout was really sad and everyone was grumbling about it. Also, I believe it should have been an afternoon evening meeting so that those working could have attended say between 5-8 pm. Hope that you take into consideration those that have to work in the future. Also, the Registered attendance was in relation to the turnout Was mind boggling..."

Tim McCulla says

"I was very unhappy with the service I received from Pinnacle Promotions. I didn't feel pricing was competitive, but was more unhappy with the timing of the order, and the time it took to receive the product (4 logo'd shirts) - it took nearly 3 weeks. Further: and even though the order was pre-paid upfront and through the web site - I received MULTIPLE threatening email saying they were going to send me to collections due to "lack of payment". I returned no less than 3 of these emails asking them to cease/desist - and none of that was paid attention to. Finally - when I was able to speak to someone in Accounting - they said I was not to worry about it: "they were programmatic". I would not recommend doing business with this organization, and will personally never use them again. There are too many reputable, honest, and efficient promotions company's to use."

João Olival says

"You split this order and we get extra costs because this was exported to other country."

unhappy camper says

"Items were ordered and a expected delivery date was issued...missed that date by 30 days....not a happy camper....."

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