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KMS Law Associates, is a corporate law firm providing consultation, opinion and litigation services in all Civil and Criminal matters including, Constitution, Banking, Contracts, Intellectual Property, Trade Marks, Copy Rights, Patents, Designs, Corporate Acquisition, Contracts, Recoveries, Service Disputes, Rent, Labour, Family, Property, Environment, Income Tax, Sales Tax on Goods & Services, Customs and Excise, Provincial Sales Tax and other Tax matters.

On 2019 a former employee wrote a review for Indeed about how working at KMS sucks: KMS does not give raises you work too hard for that little bit of money 1250 is no money getting paid every two weeks management sucks. How do you lay a person off and still hire more people to work in that area and point system is no good give you eight points but you come to work I have to get off early that's a half a point. They expect too much out of you


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