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Klarna Bank AB, commonly referred to as Klarna, is a Swedish bank that provides online financial services such as payment solutions[buzzword] for online storefronts, direct payments, post purchase payments and more. Their core service is to assume stores' claims for payments and handle customer payments, thus eliminating the risk for the seller and buyer. The company has more than 3,000 employees, most of them working at the headquarters in Stockholm. In 2019, the company handled about $35 billion in online sales. About 40% of all e-commerce sales in Sweden go through Klarna.

Wasted almost 2 hours with a Klarna's customer service representative getting the wrong information even though I confirmed multiple times to avoid wasting my time. Contacted back about my issue to find out the initial representative provided me simply incorrect information. Then requested to speak with a manager. It has been 4 business days even though the initial representative told me 1-2 business days time. I call in during my work day to express my problem to only be hung up on the first representative. To then call in again to reach a more professional representative actually trying to help. To be informed that their manager call back queue is 1-7 business days and not 1-2 business days. Even though one of the previous representatives also said 1-2 business days and their chat system confirms 1-2 business days. No other disclosures of delays in their response time. Their app chat system will not let you open another chat and instead you’re locked to your escalated chat until a manager can simply reach you. Waited on hold for 40min to wait for an available manager about my experience. To what then seems the customer service representative was forced to get off my call to avoid wasting their time. Even though the manager apparently had enough time to tell that representative he had to get off my call and what to say. They didn’t have the time for my call is what that conveys. Now I am to anticipate a random call within an estimated 2-5 business days provided by my last representative. No specific phone number so I’m expected to answer any and every phone call I don’t recognize or potentially miss the call if I’m busy. I have been a fan of the way the financing works paying off my balance on time overpaying what’s due in fact. I was planning on trying to make another purchase of $1,200 through their service again. However, due to this horrible service to customers. This is just not how I do business. I don’t agree to pay expensive purchases for my budget to a company that is unwilling to care about inaccurate information being provided to customers, to then systemically waste their time. To then delay and give the run around to even speak with a “manager” they label them as specialist on their chat system. So I get the impression being familiar with the corporate world that a manager won’t even be contacting me. I see a bunch of people reviewing raving reviews about this service. I would assume this would be due to the fact that they haven’t needed to contact customer service. I would sincerely advise caution proceeding forward financing through this business if you’re considering it. I certainly am going to go through different avenue given this experience. UPDATE: Conveniently I had a (specialist) reach out to me soon after my review was placed. Even though the last representative told me a realistic expectation of 3-5 days to hear back from someone. This individuals listed name in the live chat was “Frankie” and they are the only “Frankie” in Finance and they claimed to be a Supervisor in that department. They reviewed my chats, and I told them about all my issues. They proceeded with the following: “Sorry for the long wait time to speak with a manager we have been backed up due to the pandemic. I see you wanted assistance with shopping and finance. What questions do you have?” Literally your take on my issue being just that after I conveyed all of the above? Apparently Supervisors/Management only care about good reviews. Then to also not care about what problems you actually have with their company. Dismissing my problems, and just trying to get to that next customer. Honestly my phone representative that I last had, had far more professionalism than this person in chat. Frankie said “again I’m very sad for your bad experience you have had with us.” He didn’t say that before so him saying it again is just flat out insincere as his first apology. Then I informed him given this circumstance I am not going to continue business with Klarna. I will complete my last and final payment with your services, and use another company to serve my need. To which he replies, “I have to warn you that if you don’t make your payment then you can see penalty fees.” CLEARLY NOT READING MY CHAT AT ALL. I called him out to which he replied oh yeah I misread that. I’m so done with this service. If this is how Supervisors treat customers I can’t even imagine how they handle business.


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Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The managers are never there to assist/help when a problem arrises, but first to ridicule when a mistake occurs. The environment seems cool and laid back, but I found the office itself quite strict. Your name is forgotten as soon as training has been completed and if you have a complaint/issue, there is no HR."

Rather not tell (Current Employee) says

"Been working at Klarna for over a year. It's messy, no equal opportunities and management is making wrong decisions.Free lunchIncompetent Management"

Corey Allen Kotler says

"So far I’m really upset. I placed the order back in Nov. they advertise so wonderfully but their customer service and customer communication is 3rd world 🚽 Let’s see how this transaction ends."

OneThriftyMommy says

"I enjoyed the shopping experience but I received emails stating that my order was paid for & sent but I never received my order"

Sharon Johnson says

"Klarna is too confusing for me! When I’ve made returns I can’t tell if I got the full amount refunded. I never see the whole amount of my purchase, it’s divided into separate charges. When I make my purchases I see one amount that I’m supposed to pay. But then they break it up as it ships, that’s too many things coming out of my account on different days. Too confusing for me."

LG says

"There isn’t a good way to know what/how to use it. I probably will not use ever again. It was convenient and served its purpose but there are other programs like these that are more transparent."

Candice Rich says

"When I see a merchant taking Klarna, I cringe. They never approve my purchases. I’m good at paying, sezzle, afterpay, and quadpay, all auto deduct payments from my bank. I’m in good standing with them and have been for as long as they have been available. But Klarna, SUCKS.. they never approve me. "

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