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Kingsize direct is a brand specialed in mens big and tall clothing for over half a century, they carry sizes L-9XL, waist sizes 36-80, and wide and extra wide shoe sizes 8-16.

A former employee said this in a review: "working at Kingsize direct was the worst. Besides, the clothes are not quality. They use the cheapest and most common materials and the clothes do not last any longer. Do not buy or work there."


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James Garrett says

"*****WARNING ***** RIP OFF ***** WARNING ***** SCAM ALERT ***** DO NOT BUY from this EXTREMELY SKETCHY "company"!!! They lie like a cop and are the WORST "company" I have EVER ordered from!!! It has been NOTHING but an unholy NIGHTMARE from the start!!!! "Free shipping" that costs $8.99 + tax!!! They WOULDN'T change my order 5 days BEFORE it left their warehouse (CLAIMED they did not have the ability to change or cancel the order) and they did NOT include ANY invoice or return label like they said would be!!! This makes sense when the SCAM they are running comes to light that they charge $10 +tax for ANY and ALL returns or exchanges, even when it is THEIR fault!!! This "company" is nothing but a giant rip off. Their slippers "on sale" ended up costing me MORE than if I had gotten them from ANY OTHER STORE. SOMEHOW their $24 slipper ($12 - $16 EVERYWHERE ELSE including online, those were "on sale" too at almost 50% off!!!) ended up costing me over 3 TIMES what I could and SHOULD have bought them for!!! ***** WARNING ***** RIP OFF ***** WARNING ***** SCAM ALERT ***** DO NOT BUY ***** WARNING ***** NOT a LEGITIMATE company!!!"

Donna Young says

"U should never oder from here the customer service they don't care. U don't get the items if u do u have to wait for months."

nickie davis says

"I ordered 2 jackets within 8 hours of eachother and I received the first order and they took my money but all the tracking shows is label created and poof the package is missing. I called customer service and was told I had to wait 21 BUSINESS days before being issued a refund or shipping a new one. Then I call on the 23rd BUSINESS day and now I'm told I have to wait 30 BUSINESS days when a supervisor already authorized a refund. And magically the policy just changed YESTERDAY?They had no problem taking my money but they have an issue giving it back."

Brandon Schuff says

"Girlfriend purchased me a coat for Christmas. It tore the first putting it on indicating a very cheap product. We tried to return it and were told we has to pay shipping and they might refund the money if the coat arrived back in within the 60 day purchase window. Absolutely the worst customer service. Neither of us or our friends and family will ever shop at this company again."

Mike Evertsen says

"I've had 3 orders from Kingsize shipping is very slow I the prices is high on most stuff not on sale Probably won't be ordering again"

Matt Esther says

"Be warned - hopelessly helpless customer service, and antiquated refund policy. Purchased $150 worth of items in late Nov, 2020, and still have received nothing. No shipping notifications, only notices of delays that have happened twice, and that I had to call them to verify I still wanted the order. When I called, I was told that 3 of the 4 items were already sent (with no shipping notification, no tracking, nothing), and dropped off. Now, I live in an apartment, and get notified whenever a package is left for me, so unless the driver literally left it in the street, it has never come. I get one or two marketing emails from this company every day, and I only purchased from them because of the "sale" they were offering. I should have known. Don't make my mistake. The pricing on the website is notoriously slippery, and you have to read the fine print to find if your "sale" item is really for sale, and now that I've been hoodwinked by them, I have to print an affidavit out and mail it to them promising I didn't actually receive it, and that I deserve to be reimbursed for my purchase I NEVER RECEIVED. What absolute garbage. I will never order anything from this company again, and I will tell everyone I know to avoid them. Garbage marketing, garbage refund policy, and horrible customer service. Avoid like the plague. I would give them less than 1 star if I could."

Brandy Nesbitt Small says

"Will never shop with KingSize ever again. Horrible service. Ordered sweatpants and sweaters, it's been over a month and I still do not have my items."

Steve Sugarek says

"I have had the kind of experience that one would expect from dealing with a boiler room operation. I ordered a coat over a month ago, and according to the tracking information, it is stuck some where. I have since ordered a similar coat instead from Haband and received it quickly. I have been back and forth with King Size wanting a refund, all to no avail. They had the audacity to send me a credit card, which will be cut up into tiny pieces. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!"

tracy baugh says

"I still haven't received my order from 6 weeks ago. Also, I have been charged twice for their "rewards" program that I never signed up for and then had to opt out of.Also, there is a lengthy process to opt out of them selling your customer information.I will not be ordering from them again."

Kenny Nicholson says

"Placed an order on 12/2, supposedly shipped on 12/5- never happened. Made several inquiries after 12/23 since it wasn't obviously making in by Christmas... Crappy reps making you wait for 20+ business days before even acknowledging you."

Michelle Haberman says

"Run. This company is horrible. I ordered a pair of sweatpants as a gift. I checked out as guest, never even registered. I check my bank statement this month and there is a $16.05 monthly charge for some rewards program that I never signed up for. That $25 pair of sweatpants cost me over $200. Do not do business with them, and do not give them your credit card info. That "rewards program" is 10% off apparently and who really needs 10% off full price and not even sale prices. This company is a total scam job, trying to squeeze the last dollars out of customers before folding completely."

CleanShaveMan says

"I'm fed up with these guys! I've ordered several times and each time, I received clothes that didn't fit me, even though I ordered the correct sizes. In my last order I got this sweater that was supposed to be size 5XLT, but the bottom hardly reached my pants while the sleeves reached below my hands. A monkey would have been happy with this sweater, but not me. Also, all of the t-shirts I ordered had wide collars on them, tailored for a big neck which I don't have! These clothes are overpriced and I wish I could get a refund, but since I washed them, no dice. I could have returned the previous ordered, but it was too much hassle and I didn't have the time. Will not order from KingSize ever again."

David Walsh says

"DO NOT SHOP WITH KINGSIZE ! This is absolutely the worst company I’ve ever dealt with. I placed a very easy order for four shirts. After a week of waiting for confirmation I contacted them to cancel the order. They could not provide any information about my order or when it might ship but what they could say is..... We can’t cancel your order. This is as shady as a business comes. *******BEWARE******"

Shannon Kurtz says

"The order states that it was shipped weeks ago. The USPS states label created, but no package ever received. No answer to multiple emails, just a canned response that they will respond to email in the order they received them. I will report the company for fraud, however, since they probably aren't even in this country, it likely will do nothing. Live and learn."

Kristi Holland-Baptiste says

"Honestly I had high hopes for this company and was looking forward to my husband getting a robe for Christmas. But, the shipping process for this company is horrible. You could try and blame it on COVID but there's so much more. I ordered the robe on 11/27 and waited. After about four days, I noticed I never receive anything about shipping. I checked the website first and it said Estimated day Dec 16 but not shipped and a tracking number for USPS. Checking USPS it did not recognize the number. I waited a couple days checked again and the website said now Dec 22 but not shipped and again USPS did not recognize the number. I decided to call and was told it was with Fed Ex and it would be here by the 18th. When it didn't arrive and I checked the website which now read I had no order history. I was lucky I wrote down my original order number. I decided to call again and they told me they had no way to track it and no tracking number, I was told their delivery partner provided no information and now I had to wait til Dec 25 to request a refund. This was because it may still magically appear here although there is no way to track it. So, with what I spent I cannot get another gift for my husband or find something Comparable. Now I'm stuck hoping and waiting that he gets his gift. I ordered in Nov and now 22 days into this I may have nothing. I have ordered other stuff after this from other companies and will get it before. So, simply based on this experience I don't trust them with my business. Different dates, tracking numbers that don't work, and they don't have good business with whatever delivery service vendor they use. This is not good business. To hear just request a refund if it doesn't appear is a horrible feeling. If I knew this is where I would end up I would never have ordered from them in the first place. I wanted the robe, that's why I ordered it."

Susan Unger says

"Horrible. No help at all!!! I ordered a month ahead for Christmas and it was an in stock item. 21 days later still hasn't shipped. I will never order from here again. And I will let others know!!!"

Vivian godsey says

"terrible customer service first of all. just rude. I order items in November it is now Dec 16th and I still have not received my order. these were Christmas presents. so I called and im now being told sometime in January now. How nice, now I get to show up to Christmas empty handed. Thanks for ruining my holidays jerks."

Marc Murphy says

"This is the worst place ever!!! And they don't care... first off Do not buy there, you will receive it 3 months later... and if you return an item.. you have just threw away your money. I returned an item and once you receive your tracking information once you leave... they will tell you that's the post office and the post office day someone picked up the item for the business... and back and forth you go... mind you as I write this I have 5 items I'm looking for from them going on 2 months!!! They say Covid-19 delay... really 3 months!!! Lol... I'm trying to help you... save your money unless you have money to throw away... I have heard this place is in China using an USA address... buyer be aware!!!!"

spstepp says

"Quality is passable at best. You get what you pay for. God help you if you need customer service, they don't know what that is. Returns? Good luck!"

Tom says

"Great items at a good price, just make sure you have a month before you need what you ordered."

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