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OVH is a French cloud computing company that offers VPS, dedicated servers and other web services. OVH owns the world's largest data center in surface area. They are the largest hosting provider in Europe, and the third largest in the world based on physical servers. Kimsufi servers are based on the expertise of OVH - the number 1 internet hosting provider in Europe and number 3 globally* - with over 356,000 physical servers. OVH owes its success to the full control it holds over the hosting chain, including in-house server production, on our OVH production lines. What sets us apart as a company is the special attention we dedicate to choice and global suppliers, such as Intel and AMD.

Matteo shares his experience on, "Kimsufi is a low-cost company of OVH. They maybe have the cheapest prices on the web for dedicated servers and VPS, and it's performances aren't bad at all. Perfect for testing purposes or development. Just their support is the slowest I've ever seen: so if you ever plan to use their services for production usage just be sure you planned a high availability or replication in case anything goes wrong so that you can solve any problem on your services by yourself. Not all server configurations are in stock, so if you want the cheapest one for your needs you'll maybe have to wait for it to be available again."


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Maxim says

"I\'ve had servers with them for over 6 years. Never had issues with them until year 3 when I had to pay twice as much for server hardware that is relatively old (I paid 20 euros/mo for an Atom processor with 4GB RAM, at that same time you could get an intel i7 with 16gb ram). Their argument was \"the support of legacy hardware\". In total I\'ve had 120 incidents with one server, 10 motherboard replacements (multiple in the same year), \"electric connection failures\" and more... all \'automatic\' incidents are solved relatively quick, but my latest issue was when they relocated the server and suddenly 50% of the RAM was missing. I noticed it relatively quick, so it was not a huge problem for me to contact support... However, that\'s more than 1.5 weeks ago and they do not reply on email or tickets."

Tony says

"Awful company been using for over 4 years, paid for my server and it was activated then the next day restricted asking for payment, payment was made and cleared. I emailed them daily which they ignored and then deleted the server, I had no chance to get anything from it and was not going to pay twice. Useless and incompetent, use at your own risk"

Ahmad Mayahi says

"I didn't have any issues with this company until recently when
I received an email from Kimsufi indicating that my server's motherboard has been replaced and the server goes into the rescue mode.
Fair enough, maybe the motherboard was broken and an instant replacement was needed.
But, the big problem arises when I contacted the support team, I sent two emails saying that my server is completely down and all my websites became unreachable, unfortunately, I didn't get any response from the support team.
I tried to reboot the server, but it always goes into the rescue mode, anyway, I logged in into my server and spend about 2 hours to back up my existing data by mounting the hard drive and copying the data through scp.
Since I didn't get a response, I moved my business to another service provider.
I don't know why do they treat their customers like that? why did they ignore my emails?
Yes, their server prices are great, but there's no support! if your server goes down then you have to move your data to another service provider or just get another server from them since no one is going to provide you any help."

Ben Gough (Terrum) says

"A good few years ago now I had a machine with them which was running great through their Kimsufi range. I was running a few VMs on it and I kept up with all my bills necessary, until one day my machine was completely turned off, regardless to whether they were properly supporting me, due to incoming attacks. I mistakenly renewed 3 months and only got 2 weeks out of these 3 months, and was not refunded. I spoke about this on their community forums and even other people were arguing with their staff team saying how unfair it was - wish I took the situation to small claims court when I had the chance.

I have however been using OVH's SoYouStart range (not Kimsufi) a lot more lately and they now have DDoS protection and a good selection of servers with so little issues. I rarely need to contact their support, but when I do it is usually a 12-24 hour response per ticket. Seeing as Kimsufi's and SoYouStart's support are both managed by OVH I will assume that this is the same for all ranges. If they were to compensate me for the issue in the paragraph above I can easily make this a 5 star, especially as it was over 5 years ago now, but until then I really am dissatisfied with how money appeared more important to them back then rather than assisting to resolve my issue."

Jared Crowl says

"installed OS late at night when I got up the next day and connected had a ransom virus on it. Servers are very unstable."

Casper Thomsen says

"Takes ages to get your server...
Have been waiting 72 hours now, why isn't this automatically?
Insanely validation process.

Now we just need that we don't get a month, but only 27 days.

This can change if the experience gets better, but for now, 1 star: Bad – unacceptable experience and unreasonable..."

Paul Gordon says

"Lack of customer service - No response to tickets raised.
Renewal of servers are a joke - They take your money but don't provide the service.

Currently migrating my server now to another host.
If you want something cheap with no support and crazy billing and validation processes. Kimsufi is the #1"

Maria Salvori says

"Fairly reasonable prices but servers always out of stock.."

Steven Liang says

"I've had a server with Kimsufi for about a year and they are great for having a cheap dedicated server without high computing power all while avoiding the problems with noisy VPS users. After cancelling to upgrade though, I've been finding it hard to get the server with the power and space that I need as most of their lineup is always out of stock. Due to being affiliated with OVH and being a budget dedicated server company, support would be lackluster."