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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"HR - They lie a lot about their policies to get you on board. Actual work will be different from the JD Shared. Work does not justify to your career growth or does not add any value to your career. Rather than managing you will be busy executing - No define work foray. Eventually will lead your career to downfall and you will be pushed back in your career"

Former Employee - Sales Executive says

"No good treatment to employees. Unfriendly office culture. Bad pay masters. The company criticises employees when the employee plans to leave the company. No early settlement of full and final payments."

Former Employee - BI Developer says

"literally the worst company with horrible management that don’t care. company has an identity crisis. Most of the reviews here are done by kc to create an illusion of a good company!"

Former Employee - Engineering says

"-Demeaning to the younger generation. They say the snowflake millennials don't know anything. -Your political standing is more important than your work ethic. -Management will lie to your face. -Out of the 500 employees I never once wanted to have a beer outside of work with any of them. - They had zero team building activities. Management said "we don't need that here" and not to push for it. - Zero compensation for long hours on capital projects. 12 hour shifts 6 days a week. -DO NOT BE FOOLED, when they say OPPORTUNITY it really means massive problem. - Raises and recognition are very politically insinuated -Favoritism runs rampant -Not once did I feel empowered, motivated, or appreciated. I did not ever recieve respect from any manager. -Chalk this one up as "I will never do that again""

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poltical senior management, unnecessary hierarchy, traditional views and no room to improve, career unable to advance"

Former Employee - Senior Customer Service Specialist says

"A big mess for everything."

Current Employee - Customer Service Specialist says

"Company really do not care about employee, multisport after 1 year, no party, change position without notify you and more .."

Former Employee - Marketing Manager says

"There is no growth. The past CEO drove the business into the ground by cutting everything (FORCE) except investor dividends. The company’s products rely on “Chainsaws” and “Deadwood.” Leadership is relying on the largest restructuring plan in history which sadly will eliminate hundreds if not thousands of jobs. For young marketers, this is not a company focused on growth."

Former Employee - Accountant says

"Job security is low due to spin-offs (Halyard Health Spin-off), Outsourcing (Genpact) and automation (Corporate Process Improvements also known as layoffs). There is little room for advancement and the departments are very compartmentalized. Management looks down upon wanting to transfer to other departments internally, even after you have been in your role for a couple years. On average, a workweek is about 50 hours. Between 1 and 2% raises per year and no bonuses. The Knoxville office pays significantly less than other KC locations, oftentimes to do similar jobs. Management plays favorites with employees. Other KC locations will not consider you for job opportunity transfers because the pay grades are generally much better in those locations and they wonder why you are in such a poor paying job. Performance reviews are subjective."

Former Employee - Data Analyst says

"Terrible working conditions and too many layers of middle management. Incompetent people."

Ejecutivo de Cuenta (Former Employee) says

"Es una empresa sumamente retrógrada donde abusan del posicionamiento de las marcas. Muchas horas nalgas, no hay crecimiento, pésima cultura, solo eres un número. Las personas en puesto de “poder” llegan ahí por tiempo y favoritismo no cuentan con la experiencia o la inteligencia, se permiten los abusos a los empleados y no cuentas con buenas herramientas de trabajo.Ptucultura, sueldos, poco crecimiento, 0 desarrollo y capacitación importan más las horas nalga que resultados"

Category Manager - Corporate Services (Former Employee) says

"At this time I do not have any additional thoughts to offer to potential candidates. If you feel you are a good fit go ahead and apply. It is not easy to get in the door."

promotor atención al cliente (Former Employee) says

"Desorden total en el área de ventas falta de criterio"

Logistics Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"swing shifts will end you almost as quickly as the incompetent management. four paid breaks are really nice, although it's hard to appreciate that when you're racing the clock and utilizing an outdated tracking system that checks your productivity"

Picker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"Worst company to work for they cut your hours and the pay sucks for how hard you work. They send u home not giving you your full hours they work you to death to where u pass out or faint and become dehydrated often"

Inpect products, line worker "For someone looking for a asap check, but not long term, but if you kiss some butt it may take you a little further. When i started i knew the first day i was not gone be there long"

Picker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"I was fired cus my mom got into a car accident and I stepped out side to check on her & my brother that has stage 3 cancer. First time in trouble and I was terminated. My mother picks me up from work and with her being in and accident my other brother texted me to find my own ride home. I been a temp there since 2017 and got hired on this summer and I worked very hard to get there. Stayed when the work got slow and when people wouldn’t show up. Trained people without pay.So for them to get rid of me like that without asking what was going on was disrespectful. If my mother or brother would of been killed in the accident I bet they would of still fired me. They let me go for stealing time. But when I mentioned my family they still didn’t care. The work environment is the closet thing to modern day slavery. They don’t care about their people just about their numbers.NoneHot & rude people"

maintenance (Former Employee) says

"If you where not conceived in a plant bathroom. you will be treated as a outsider. This company is very clannish., and plays a lot of games. It told the employees it was closing. Just so it can have way with the union, and receives state benefits.$80k year jobyour life becomes part of a corporate game"

Operating Technician (Current Employee) says

"Once great company but the new management team is a bunch of micro managing control freaks. Mill manager runs the operation through fear intimidation and threats. Team members are so terrified of the safety program that they conceal injuries in fear of being fired. They have cut our maintenance budget to nothing so machines are falling apart and equipment is being destroyed all so they can make their numbers green and get a good end of year review. They are stripping this place dry and taking out all the money and codes so they can shut it down."

Machine operator (Current Employee) says

"Started off as a good job to be at until they threatened workers to close the plant down. As a worker we lost a lot of benefits so the plant could remain open.Decent pay and days offRotaing shifts"

Maintenance Technician (Current Employee) says

"Place is ran with stressful constant berating environment. No safety culture just a list of rules used to harass hourly workers. 70% of the people do nothing, hard workers are rewarded with more work, more responsibility, and same pay.NoneStress"

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"I can't really say anything about the work place. It was an okay job working on the line.. Some of the people there was not very work friendly... Didn't work there very long.. Overall nice environment.."

Lead Man (Former Employee) says

"This company scammed the state of WI to give them huge tax breaks to keep them in WI but are now trying to use a 3rd Party company called MAU to hire people to replace all the forklift drivers who load the truck at a much lower pay rate! I can only hope the Mayors of Neenah and Fox Crossing find out how the company scammed them for the huge tax breaksnonetoo many to list"

Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"Some people are decent here but most of the Kimberly Clark employees act like the rest of us are scum and treat as that way. Enforces rules on contingent workers but they don't follow their own rules. It's no wonder they are closing down."

Mechanical Engineering Co-op (Former Employee) says

"dark and dingy, felt allergic to that place, most boring people ever, progress is so slow it drives me crazy. Now on the forefront of any new technology."

Picker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"It was hot & very stressful really no help u was just there. It’s not a good place to work so unorganized Kimberly-Clark need a whole lot of things done"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Very unhealthy place to work - cut throat and negative. KC used to be a company that cared about employees and the culture. Now it is all about making the quarter number for investors. Short term decisions cloud long term strategies."

Light Industrial Packer (Former Employee) says

"It was very hot in Kimberly Clark. Pouring sweat as soon as you walked in the factory. Very humid. Hard to breathe sometimes. I did not like the way we were treated. Couldn't be friendly to others."

Sales Technology Representative 3 (Former Employee) says

"Every 2 years like clockwork it's 2018 they just announced another. So many jobs cut to be moved overseas. Would not suggest to anyone that wants to have anything more than a career starter."

operador de produccion (Former Employee) says

"No hay crecimiento laboral para subir de puesto tienes que ser amigo del supervisorUtilidadesTe cuestionan en una junta de jefes por qué faltaste y te humillan todos"

abg says

"I bought 40 rolls of: Page origineel schoon -
3 in 1 - Zacht Sterk Schoon
This is a complete bad buy. This paper is unusable. It is not strong even weak and also very thin. Even when you take 4 sheets it is still not usable."

Mark Sampson says

"My experience with Kleenex flushable wipes tear before you use them and when I told them on the phone they did not take the batch number or ask where I brought the product so I suggest not to buy this brand growing money down the toilet, chose another brand like ocean healthcare wipes is 5star."

Kelsey Laurence says

"I'm shocked and disgusted by you teaming up with Wateraid surely you researched this what! Can't think of words for a company who have been misusing donations given by the public. Their work in Africa is nothing less than Criminal with over 56% of all pumps, and boreholes are broken, in disrepair, or completely useless having been drilled incorrectly by companies they've used. Recent reports show that they didn't even survey the boreholes correctly, nor have they kept any records of works carried out. Boring waterholes isn't something to be carried out by cowboys, and records of where they dug, and how is more vitally inportant. Records show over 60,000 water outlets installed are now not working in africa. Equipment has been purchased from companies in India ill-equipped to manufacture them to the specification required. As a company Kimberly-Clark should have paid more attention to ensure money for use in building toilets isn't going to be another complete waste of billions of pounds. I think you need to rethink your alliance with such a sham which is wateraid."

HK says

"This is probably the only company I know who serves customers with FMCG goods like Andrex and yet have absolutely no respect for its customers what so ever. I been a loyal consumer for over 40 years and the only time i complained to their ceo they completely ignored several emails of my complaint. I also had an incompetent guy from the company who promised to deal with my complaint and restore my confidence in the brand. Sadly it was a lie as he didn’t do anything. Having bought Multi pack of Andrex from my local One stop store (part of Tesco)the toilet roll would fall to bits and the quality was inferior. Yet Andrex did nothing to deal with this matter as they don’t really care for the brand or there customer following. What a pity that the CEO is probably only interested in profits and his packages and considers customer a nuisance is my only conclusion, as he had ignored three of my emails so far. I refuse to buy Andrex from here onwards. Sadly I copied there trading partners Tesco but they didn’t care as this is how they treat consumers when they start dominating markets!"

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