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As a family owned and operated camp for over 70 years, values and traditions are an important part of the Kennolyn Camps experience. Our camps motivate children to embrace new experiences, develop a stronger sense of self and make their own critical choices within healthy boundaries.

Susan angrily mentioned, "What a disappointing experience! Our daughter should have had a great summer day camp experience at Kennolyn with her friend. Instead, it turned out to be less than terrific because of a very unresponsive program director (Allison) and unreasonable office coordinator (Brenda) who could not or would not accommodate a request.

My friend and I early registered our 9 year old daughters in January for summer camp in July using the Kennolyn online registration form. On the online forms we both requested our children be paired as "buddies" so they could experience camp together, the entire point of our signing up together.

On the morning of their first day of camp, the girls arrived and were assigned into two different camp groups - effectually separating them for the week. My friend and I were left phone messages from the program director telling first thing in the morning telling us that the girls were not assigned as "buddies" . After a series of phone calls to the office coordinator explaining that we did request that our children be paired together, we were told that they had no such record and that it was NOT POSSIBLE to move our daughter's into the same group after the first hour of camp. We were told, "They cannot be moved because of camper to counselor ratios and they've already been assigned." However, my daughter and her friend report that a handful of children were switched between the groups after morning circle.

The response we were given was not what we expected from a well regarded camp program which costs nearly $100 per day (nearly double for what we normally spend on day camps). Their administrative staff could have made a greater effort to accommodate our request rather than assume that our daughter would have a great experience irregardless of my explaining that we signed up for this program so the girls could experience it together. When I asked my daughter if she wanted to go back, her response was that it would be more fun if she were with her friend.

We withdrew our daughter from the program, after the first day and asked for a full refund which we are now waiting for. Needless to say, they've lost our future business and we will not be sending our daughter back to Kennolyn -- not because of the facilities but because of their disorganized and insensitive administrative staff."


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Assistant Kitchen Manager (Former Employee) says

"They are only there to make the kids feel like they are having an amazing time. The people they bring in to work are mostly from other countries and are not getting paid California minimum wage. The kitchen staff would work anywhere from 10-14 hours. It is so hot in the kitchen, the food is low quality."

Counselor (Former Employee) says

"Working at Kennolyn seems like a good idea and at first it is. You meet so many new people and make amazing friends. But once you have been there for a few weeks, you start to realize how hard you are working when are working literally all day every day with about 1-2 hours to rest and when you think about it, the amount you are paid does not seem worth it compared to how much you work. And if you are a U.S staff member, just remember, international staff typically gets 1/2 as much as you. Also, the camp and people running it seem to be stuck in the 1960's with their dress code and strict schedule/regiment that is stuck to every day. They also do some pretty weird stuff such as waking kids up some days at 6 a.m to make them hike half a mile up hill to go get ice water dumped all over them and then walk back. Or wake them up at 10:30 at night when they are all fast asleep and make them walk to campfire to sing songs and tell them they should be in the training program. I just do not think it is worth it to work here. There is little-no room for growth and there is definitely a reason as to why about 90% of staff does not return each year. Cons: Awful food, hard work, unfair pay"