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Kendall Day Garff (July 18, 1906 – March 14, 1997) was a Utah businessman who owned several automobile dealerships along the Wasatch Front.

A former service advisor shares his experience on, "The service department at Ken Garff Automotve Group is a joke. At least it was when I worked there, they expect you to keep your customers happy but keep their cars for over a month. Techs do what they want and the home office could not get my pay correct in the three months I was there. Stay away from this dealer at all costs."


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Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"The dealer I worked for under this company is not a good place to start or build a career. You’ll be tired taking out other people’s trash at the end of the day, while they head home & you clean up their mess! In other words, they go home after they make money for themselves & you end up facing their customers to release their cars with no credit to you. There is no room for growth nor equal opportunity. Terrible dealer management! Cons: Everything"

Lead Technician/Shop Foreman (Former Employee) says

"None of the management has anything positive to give to the rest of the staff if you dont look at payroll paperwork dont be surprised money is short on your paycheck and when confronting them they beat around the bush as if your pay does not matter Cons: Management has no clue about running a business, In order to create good enviroment for everyone to enjoy their work, no such thing as a balanced work life"

Parts Manager (Former Employee) says

"Enjoyed most of the people I worked with but others were more concerned about money instead of the wellbeing of the customers. The GM and service director of dewey dodge only look at how much money they can put in their pockets. Unfortunately ken garff as a corporation also seems only to look at the money side instead of treating its employees fairly. There are some good people in the corporate office but no matter how much you do for the company you are always expendable. You will never know your worth if anything you will feel worthless in the end. Cons: to many to list"

Lube Rack Technician (Former Employee) says

"Worst place I’ve work and probably ever will work. Management sucks, they do nothing but look at the big view which is how much money can they stick in their pockets. And they 0 sympathy for the little guys that break their back getting jobs done Cons: Working there."

Technician/Service writer (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for a calendar year, felt like 10 years. The place is total Kaos and no support from managemant unless you are one of the chosen ONES. The pay was the worst I have ever worked for and the promise for more is the carrot to the stick!!! No Carrot provided..."

Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"I've had some pretty bad managers, but management here takes it for worst! I was promised room for growth and advancement and got denied whenever I wanted to move because the service manager runs her department at her convenience so losing an employee would be a big inconvenience to her. Got written up for calling off because of an emergency at home because she had to do actual work in FINDING someone to take my place for the day. She is the only person allowed to get sick or be absent as she comes and goes as she pleases. Has ran many employees off including the best service advisor that place has ever seen! If you cam help it, find employment elsewhere. The whole place is beyond sketchy!"

Service Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Just know you won’t make near what they say. The hours are okay but the pay is horrible. They pay a draw on the first paycheck and if you don’t earn enough to equal that draw, you owe the company back money. They take care of managers and higher ups but they don’t care about the little guy."

Car Salesman (Current Employee) says

"It was a nightmare. I started working there quickly became one of the best salesmen and because I didnt the mold of what they wanted they started targeting me and tearing me down. It made no real sense the management was terrible and even if you are good at the job they focus on your weaknesses and rip you apart."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management always worked against you and behind your back. No advancement unless you were in the inner circle. No family life, 10-12 hour days, and they let there favorite sales people take your customers, managers only cared about the sale not YOU!!!"

Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"The service department is a joke. At least it was when I worked there, the expect you to keep your customers happy but keep their cars for over as month. Techs do what they want and the home office could not get my pay correct in the three months I was there. Stay away from this dealer at all costs."

Technician (Former Employee) says

"The management does not care about the welfare of the employees. They only look out to make sure they get there money. They never have the employees back."

Certified Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I started there ab drank the kool aid. I left cars for a couple years and went back to Telegraph upon returning. The first month I made a fair wage. Then in January they changed the pay plan. My commission for same amount sold was 3k less. But the new pl;an was touted as way better. I disagreed and left Cons: Going through a death and was told sell another car you will feel better"

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"What they say & what they do are two completely different stories. Not worth the investment of time. If I could give them 0 stars, that's what they deserve-a big fat 0! Cons: Learned the hard way."

Lube Technician (Former Employee) says

"They’ll laugh at you if you ask for a raise! Schedule suck no rotational weekends off! Pay is for starvation can’t afford living at 14.00 an hour. General managers don’t care about you."

Finance Manager (Former Employee) says

"Horrible Management. Long Hours."

Cashier (Current Employee) says

"Toxic Environment, Incompetent Upper Management, Revolving Door, Building filled with mold, a breeding ground for cockroaches and other insects, meetings about the meetings, poor employee morale, no concern for customers. I survived...but others were not as lucky. Cons: Depression, Confusion, discomfort"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Mold, cockroaches, turnover, politics, clueless upper management, no parking, used inventory with bad carfax reports, mgmt forces you to sell aftermarket products even after customers tell us they don't want them, don't bother the finance managers, they're busy eating. Now hiring! Cons: Everything else"

Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"The most notable and recurring event I've seen in my time with this company was my General Manager's terrible attitude, and inability to do his job pushing hard-working employees who were great employees out the door. The upper management in this place are salesman at every turn, equipped with questionable moral decisions for both their customers, and their employees. They do not show any empathy or respect for their staff, and it causes high turnover. Putting the awful work environment aside, you also are paid peanuts, and have virtually no benefits. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Cons: Low Salary, Poor management, early morning meetings, little-to-no benefits."

Closer (Former Employee) says

"I have no words to discribe. They will treat you as 0 and that’s all. Simply 0. No respect and no care level what so ever. The big dogs make them money and rest just get by and hoping that one day they will change the pay plan for better. Cons: Zero"

Accounting (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for years and management only got worse and worse. I constantly had to clean up messes that other people made and was treated like it was my fault by management (it was theirs) and was never compensated for it. New management is even worse than ever before. They preach every employee counts and creating lifetime customers, but it's all a joke. I've seen countless employees treated like dirt. The ones that work hard and do their jobs get treated the worst. The ones who are lazy and are hardly at work get raises and are never reprimanded. Makes no sense. I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone. Cons: Everything"