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Kelly Services, Inc. (formerly Russell Kelly Office Service and Kelly Girl Service, Inc.) is an American office staffing company that operates globally. The company places employees at all levels in various sectors including financial services, information technology, and law. Also, its professional services include human resource and management consulting, outsourcing, recruitment, career transition, and vendor management.

Kat, an angry employee mentioned, "Kelly Services is trash!!! How am I supposed to work if they can't even do their jobs right, todays the third time they messed up on my check and yet nothing was resolved, I have bills to pay and they expect me to be okay with them sending my check when they feel like it and yet it never arrives, so why do I have to pay the consequences"


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Interpreter (Former Employee) says

"This job brings me a sense of purpose in life as I get to help people on a daily basis and know that what I do makes a difference. However, It's a very stressful job - not the kind where stress motivates and pushes you but the kind where you have a crazy, inhumane volume of calls coming in every second, without any break for even 1 minute or 30 seconds to catch your breath between calls. Low, uncompetitive rate, not worthy for what you went through with the job. Terrible, superficial, ruthless management, don't care about their employees, ignore employees' feelings and complaints. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY OR IN THE END, THEY WILL TURN YOU INTO A DEPRESSED, HOT TEMPER, ANGRY person even if you were a gentle, happy, positive person who never had anger issues in your life before. Trust me on this as this is my personal experience."

Manufacturing Technician (Former Employee) says

"Not enough pay for amount of hours worked. Managers wont allow you to progress. Managers don't have your best interest at heart. I would advise to seek work elsewhere for there are a-lot of other places that need MT's. Cons: Too many to type."

Openreach Engineer (Former Employee) says

"After one week at training and another week with buddy, you start straight away on your own without propper support. First week i was paid £66 and second one £180. For couple days i had to stay until 11:30pm +40 mins driving home. Some experienced engineers make good money, but not everyone. You may be able to make money in a year or two. Cons: Price work. You work on your own. No suport. Can't go home until you finish all jobs on your list."

Eligibility Specialist (Former Employee) says

"JUST TERRIBLE WILL NEVER WORK FOR THEM AGAIN ! This place does not care about their employees they do not care about a “work/life balance” . I was contracted at Maximus & they were also terrible to work for . Neither them nor Kelly communicate well AT ALL . Not NEAR enough training before thrown out on the floor to do your job not even knowing a thing about what you’re doing ."

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"They will not advocate for you. They do not have the ability to resolve conflicts. They won't listen to their employees but rather the client. They are the Kmart of employment agencies. Cons: They don't advocate for their work force."

Substitute Teacher (Former Employee) says

"My experience with Kelly is such a disappointment. The children at these schools are so disrespectful. They do whatever they want and face no consequences. The management at Kelly is horrible. They say they’re supportive, but they’re not. I would not recommend being a substitute for Kelly. The pay is horrible, not even minimum wage, the students you sub for don’t respect you, and schools use you. You can do better than Kelly Services. Cons: Everything"

iOS Advisor (Current Employee) says

"This place is horrible and full of it. They lie to get you hired then you find out the truth. You have coachings and meetings all the time. It is a bad place to work. Cons: Hours suck, micromanagement, horrible staffing"

On-Boarding Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Terrible working from home experience. They pile on so much work for you to do with little pay. When a co worker goes out you have to work your actives and theirs as well in eight hours. No offered over time or flexibility. Cons: Over worked, micro management"

Accounts Payable Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The most stressful place I have ever worked. The most unsupportive micro management here.Low salary and no incentives. No work life balance. Overtime not paid but expected to be worked. 3rd person in my post in 18 months very high staff turnover. Cons: Long hours and little salary"

Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"A lot of calls , customers keep calling non stop I feel like I am working at a labor camp in a third country, I finish one call. then 10 more calls are waiting for me to deal with rude customers and I don't have time to breathe and they have high turnover because people keep quitting. The amount of money they pay me is not worth it at the end of the day I feel I got screw real bad. Cons: empty promises"

Tier 1 iOS Chat Team Leader (Former Employee) says


Advisor (Current Employee) says

"They discriminate against intelligence constructively fired you and hang on to you until you resign gas lighters, harassers, lack of professionalism. They like to make you think you have a job but care nothing about how your mental state looks to the people you are around. They literally make the people around you think you are pretending to have a job. They wrongfully terminate people and drag them in the system for weeks before they release you hindering your ability to draw unemployment and get another job with the company they gain their profits from. Apple. Oops, was that a secret? Cons: They do not know how to do their jobs, they fake it until they make it."

Kelly Services Temp Picker/Packer (Current Employee) says

"Very boring just picking products for 10 straight hours. Money is good 13.50 a hour but then you don’t really have anything to do the rest of your day. 4 days a week so that’s good. The days go by fast Cons: Boring"

K-12th Grade Substitute Educator (Former Employee) says

"The pay for being a sub has always been poor, but since the pandemic the pay has not been increase. You are putting yourself at risk! FYI-I always wear a face shield & a mask when I go. There are students that don't follow directions to keep their masks on (middle schoolers & High schoolers). The elementary kids eat lunch in the classroom & of course, they must take off their masks to eat and they talk so there is the possibility of spreading Covid in the air if they are A-symptomatic. Covid can linger for up to 3-4 hours in the air. Don't get comfortable when you are on a break & are in the classroom alone and take off your mask. Cons: Pay, Lack of respect for subs"

Customer Service Representative / iOS Apple Advisor (Former Employee) says

"It’s not worth the mental deterioration this company brings. The sups, the team leads, the operations manager, they do not care. they are all on salary, it doesn’t matter if they help or not. they will push you away and give you incorrect answers then blame YOU for doing the wrong thing that they told you to do. it is stressful, they have pushed every advisor over what they can take. unless you’re desperate and enjoy being mentally abused this is the job for you. if you want to work for apple through a contracted company chose a different one other than Kelly. the turn over rate is so high. they say it’s a security violation if someone else is in the room while you’re work, HOWEVER if you’re a favorite of the team leads, they won’t do anything. :) but if you’re not a favorite, guess what, you’re jobless. Cons: makes you clock out for a 1min rest room break, you have to wait 1 year before you get any benefits or PTO, you only get 5 pto days but not allowed to use them when they decide, no sick days, if it’s an issue with their system you get a point against you for not working, Favoritism, no one relays the same info, team leads talk about you to other advisors, lies about raises was promised one and didn’t get one"

Independent Contractor (Current Employee) says

"My experience with the hiring process as fairly complex for something that would end up amounting to me working a horrible full time job. One would think that a temp service's main concern would be finding the right match for you in a permanent placement, but that isn't the case with Kelly. Should you dislike the job you're assigned and inquire about other job opprotunities, they tell you none are available and notify the supervisor at your temporary job to ensure you won't be hired on permanently and potentially even lose your position. They aren't there to help you, they're there to simp for whatever major corporation they're hiring people out to. Furthermore, despite being a full time employee for nearly a year now and complying with strict standards of both Kelly and my current assignment, I see no benefits or a fair salary from Kelly. We are considered "contractors" and thus receive no benefits or support. Management is nearly completepy hands off unless you're receiving a phone call at 8PM during the work week to tell you you've been terminated from your current assignment (and thus are terminated with Kelly, who should, as a tempt agency, help you find a new place to work--but that isn't the case). I truly loathe this company and the fact that I still haven't been hired when I haven't received a single benefit or aid due to the COVID crisis, unlike the other employees at the company. Cons: No benefits, unforgiving policies, literally everything else."

Office Support Staff (Former Employee) says

"They forced me to work for someone who was a dangerous racist and when I told them it made me cry for days they ignored me. Had no choice but to quit. Cons: All"

IOS Tier 1 Team Lead (Former Employee) says

"This company is absolute garbage and will drain you and take you for everything you are. They get rid of you as fast as they can when you find information on them. The management is terrible as far as site managers. Cons: Everything"

T2 Senior Technical Support Advisor- Apple Support (Former Employee) says

"Scheduled me for an interview, only to call me 1 hour before the scheduled interview to tell me they were cancelling it because i have worked for them already. I was told that unless i was let go for "extenuating circumstances" that i was not eligible to work with Kelly anymore. They marked me as a NCNS when my supervisors knew i had been sick and out of work for weeks. This is not professional to have people wasting time with taking assessments and scheduling interviews, when you have potential candidates upload resumes before getting to that part of the hiring process. Cons: Very unprofessional"

telecomms engineer (Former Employee) says

"the jobs you get from Kelly are all pwace work based and you are generally setup to fail 60% of the jibs unless you short cut the job and bodge it and scarper Cons: everything"

stan says

"age discrimination is what they do best, don\'t waste your time if you are over 40"

Average Joe says

"If you want your email and contact info to be sent out to a bunch of scammers, phishers, and totally crap "job opportunities" then by all means, try careerbuilder. THE WORST SPAM EVER."

Sheik Yerbouti says

"Not sure where these condescending people got my email address from, but I'm receiving irrelevant emails asking me to send NI numbers, bank details, passports etc … seems likely they are scam artists - they're opperating under the following names : Broadbean, Cordant Recruitment & Cordant People."

Nancy Moncrief says

"Ever since I sent my resume to Career Builders, I have received nothing but fraudulent responses. When I notify them of these scams they send back a ref#, but then there is no follow-up and no response back when I try to follow-up. I also believe that they are selling my name to other job seeker sites. In my opinion, I would not use Career Builders ever!"

Shirley Amato says

"Career builders deals in age discrimination. They have called me about 5 times and as soon as they know my age the hang up on me."

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