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Sir Li Ka-shing (born 13 June 1928) is a Hong Kong business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. As of June 2019, Li is the 30th richest person in the world, with an estimated net wealth of US$29.4 billion. He is the senior advisor for CK Hutchison Holdings and CK Asset Holdings, after he retired from the Chairman of the Board in May 2018; through it, he is the world's leading port investor, de


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Adi Khan says

"i recieved it yesterday and i was super pumped cuz of excitement.. but i am pretty disappointed how come ? well all the reviews i read before ordering it , none of it talked about the cheapest surf package where yes does give unlimited surf but the speed will be 1Mbps, like seriously in 2020 and this speed, and what they are charging for it 149kr/month which is expensive for not so rich people like me. and then the next bumper is you can upgrade to most expensive surf+ package where you can get speed of 120Mbp AND even that might slow as it depends how many other users are also using internet at same time.. so i think the best time to use it at high speed would be after mid night or so....so this surf+ is not only very much expensive but once you upgrade then you cann't downgrade ,isnt that funny how precisely new comers like me get to trap. and when you contact the customer service and try to talk through them a possible solution they rule said end your contract... like its that easy :("

Rasmus says

"I have been using katshing SURF+ for a few months now, and have to say they do a very good job! Katshing Offers super good service. Their cell coverage is always good, the super-fast 4G network that never lets you run out of data.

However, I have some complaints which detract 2 stars from the 5 but which of course can be fixed.

1. I first bought SURFA but realized that you could hardly even open a website with 1mbit (10mbit would be better, even 5mbit), became annoyed, so I upgraded to SURFA+ and was satisfied..but upgrading was not completely painless, as the site does not always work as it should. More on that further down.

2. The website is more or less broken, it always has some kinds of issues, sometimes when you log in you are not logged in. And when you log in, not all parts are loaded on the website, when I was going to upgrade my plan, I could not press the buttons because nothing happened. If you go to "FÖRBRUKNING" on the website, then the data sometimes won't even load properly, and when it does, it is the same data no matter the date you choose. The page is very buggy and needs to be worked on.

TIP (Does not affect my score): Would be fun if you also offered a smaller plan of 3-4GB for SEK 99 a month and the lack of an app is quite annoying since the website is mostly broken."