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Katherine Noel Valentine Brosnahan Spade was an American fashion designer and entrepreneur. She was the founder and former co-owner of the designer brand Kate Spade New York.

Kate Spade has poor customer service and gift cards can fail, claims Kimberly P. on sitejabber.com

"Poor Customer Service. I placed an order online with both a 10% off code and a gift card. The site failed and only took the 10% off and did not apply for my gift card. I tried to contact customer service within a minute of this site error and there was nothing they could do. They advised me to return the item and use the gift card another time? They had no way to go into the system and apply for the gift card. Seems fishy. I no longer will be a Kate Spade customer. Seems like they prefer customers to work harder than them and that is not a company I will support. I will be spreading the word about this."


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Sharon Young says

"The Katespade Surprise is that they have absolutely no customer service, and their primary goal is to get your money. I ordered KS jacket as a Christmas Gift for my daughter. I chose the sizing based on the sizing charts on the website. When it arrived, it was too large for her. I immediately contacted their customer service to inquire about exchanging for a different size, (NOT RETURN FOR REFUND)! The rep let me know that no exchanges are allowed, not even for the same item, same color, just different size. Then why don't you get your damn sizing charts correct KS?!? Will never order from this greedy, greedy company again. Don't do it folks!"

katie says

"On the 28.10. 20 I placed an order for some Christmas gifts. Each year I purchase my daughter a new bag. This year I ordered a handbag, purse and wash bag. Disappointingly I chose her a handbag which was not to her taste. I contacted customer services who informed me that I would not be able to exchange the item as it was purchased before the 9.11.20 and does not qualify for the extended Christmas returns period. I decided to start my Christmas shopping earlier than usual as I knew everyone would be online shopping early due to COVID-19. I have the receipt and the bag is in its original packaging. As the bag is still available online for the original price I had hoped I would be able to exchange at no loss of cost to the company. Whilst I understand it doesn’t qualify for the extended returns period, it is clear that it was purchased intended as a Christmas gift. I hoped that as a gesture of good will and as it was no extra expense to Kate Spade that they would have agreed to an exchange."

Helen Neubauer says

"I ordered a bracelet in October for a friends birthday. When the package arrived there was no bracelet, only a small card holder wallet. I immediately phoned and they said they’d send the correct item ASAP to arrive for my friends birthday and that I’d have to send the wallet back. I sent the wallet back then a couple days later I got an email to say the bracelet was out of stock so they’d just have to refund me once they received the wallet. I had tracking on the parcel and it was delivered to Kate spade a few days after I sent it. I then sent email after email to ask where my refund was since they had the item back already. They either ignored me or stated that they hadn’t received it yet even though I supplied them with the tracking number. Now a full two months later I finally received my refund and it’s $4 short. So to sum it up, I wasted two months, ended up with nothing and I’m out $4 just because I took the chance on ordering with them. This was my first time ordering with them and I would never again. Terrible company."

Michael Kent says

"DO NOT enter your email address for the discount mentioned in the pop-up screen when first accessing web site. This is a ruse. The items are discounted up to 75%. You will the price regardless of giving them your personnel information. I understand that you have to give them your email for an order; however, you can unclick the box so you are not added to their mailing list. The happy spot in this story, it the customer service representative. She contacted her supervisor and obtained a promotion code. She stated that a code is usually sent after 24 hours."

Kae Good says

"They sent the wrong item. Only willing to return it. They are not helpful Customer service is crap. If they send you the wrong item, you keep it or get a refund. The bag I ordered was important. They were unwiling to help. No price adjustments for the sale price to get what I ordered. NOT WILLING TO SEND ME THE BAG I ORDERED NEVER ORDER FROM KATE SPADE"

Anne says

"N/A tracking number on order history, always they hung up on you when you call. Advice don’t buy online with them. Only headaches you’re getting after buying. Since December 4, no clear answer, im calling almost every, most of the time they will hung up on me."

Stacey Barber says

"Ordered a purse/wallet for my daughter for Christmas, as well as a set for me. It came with a free tote if you spent so much money. I finally received my order today and the only thing sent was my stuff. So I contacted support. NO apologies were made. They say they are sending the missing items except for the free tote. I asked if they could throw something else in, since it is out of stock and no, they aren't allowed to. So because some idiot in Kansas who packed my order screwed up, I miss out. Not cool Kate Spade! I'll stick with Calvin Klein from now on thanks!"

Madasyn says

"I’ve been a loyal Kate spade shopper for years with dozens of items from them. Last week I had an order mishap when I accidentally added a purse into my cart that was already filled with my cc information (it was added on a different internet browser) as soon as the order went through I saw the additional charge of $270 dollars and called KS customer service to ask them to remove the item. Instead they told me it was impossible to make changes because everything was already processed. This is so unbelievable to me. There is no way an order should be processed within minutes, they simply didn’t want to lose any money. I was so upset as this was almost $300 dollars more than I meant to spend which means I no longer have money for Christmas presents this year. I totally take responsibility for not double checking the amount before hitting checkout but the fact is they should be able to make adjustments within such a short period. Because every thing on the site was on sale the purse final sale so I’m stuck with a $270 purse that I don’t even like. I’m sad to see a company I’ve given so much money and support to only cares about their bottom line. So much for good service! I hope people realize this and stop shopping here."

Zee Vodkaphile says

"Ordered a purse with matching accessories for a Christmas gift. Black Friday sales, so yay. This a.m, at 2:30 am to be exact, I get an email stating part of my order had been canceled, with no reasoning. Then at 4:00 am, they shipped the remaining items in the order... what they shipped was two accessories for the purse but the purse was canceled! They're essentially sending me a steering wheel and seat but no car. The items they're sending are marked as non returnable and non refundable. Unbelievably stupid to send half an order clearly purchased as a package deal. I've asked for a full refund, I will update if they actually follow through, but based on the reviews I've seen I won't hold my breath. First purchase from them and definitely last. Who ships half an accessorized order within an hour and a half of canceling the main part of the order at 2:30am and 4:00am, without giving me a chance to respond? Unreal."

ketan says

"Kate spade website showed me the total amount to be paid for my order to be $249 ,however, $337 was deducted from my bank account. I Contacted customer care service but they were so rude and ended the chat without even trying to resolve the issue. Kate spade seems to play games with customers on the name of ‘Black Friday & cyber Monday ‘ offers . #scammers #worst experience #givemoneyback"

Sabrina Head says

"Absolutely terrible customer service! Ordering to Canada was terrible duties and taxes were not shown until after the order was placed. They took money immediately and would not allow a cancellation immediately after ordering. Completely ridiculous that an company as large and profitable as Kaye Spade will not cancel and order 20 minutes after it being placed. Customer service is useless and just says the same thing over and over. “We can not help you”. The worst part is the original person told me it was cancelled and money would be refunded in 3-5 days. Only to receive shipping info the next day. If she was honest I would have reversed the transaction with my bank! Will NEVER support this business again!"

Elaina Quackenbush says

"Poor customer service. Their site messes up and they can't fix issues nor cancel orders and they never tell you that their customer service can't do anything on the Surprise end, it's just for regular boutique customers. Because there is no returns, they have no reason to do anything since they make sure they get their money straight away. And trust me, all they do is tell you they can't do anything. Calling results in hours on hold, chat can't do anything because it's not the "expensive" site, Facebook and email is the weekend so that won't be answered. The one good thing: I chatted to get a problem fixed and in order to NOT have to cancel or help, they shipped it right after, so it will come faster then the usual week to ten days."

Svs says

"Completely useless .... was told to call back in a half hour for their system to process my order .... called back in a hlf hour since it was process they can not help change my order ...... I would have to deal with UPS"

Heidi Henard Wendl says

"I still haven't received my item so can't speak to quality. Got tracking emails every day saying it would arrive the next day. Still haven't received. It's been 2 months."

Kaycee says

"Used to love Kate spade for their cute, girly styles, but over the years they have became very repetitive. Initially I thought it was only the outlet stores so I started browsing at the retail stores but to my disappointment, the outcome was the same. Not to mention, the quality has gone down big time! I'm better off browsing at winners/Marshall's for a better quality purse from a not as well known brand."

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