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Kaseya Network Monitor (KNM), previously called Intellipool Network Monitor (INM), is a network, server and performance monitor designed to monitor Windows, Linux, Unix and SNMP enabled devices. It is commercial software developed and sold by Intellipool AB, Sweden. Intellipool AB was acquired by Kaseya the 1st of May 2011.

An engineer in manufacturing mentioned, "Kaseya has major connection issues. This was a constant headache for me. The internet would be working fine in both locations, but Kaseya would struggle to make the connection. Customer service. Trying to fix the connection issues was another headache for me as well. They were difficult to discuss issues with and preferred email communication. This lead to the issues never getting resolved, even when we gave them full logs of our connection problems."


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Top Salesman (Former Employee) says

"The title says it all. They scammed me out of my commissions. I was one of the best, top earners. I went from making six figures, to being left without a job because I got concerned that they were scamming me out of my commissions so I made a point to say something and got left with nothing. Cons: Getting scammed out of your commissions once you build yourself up"

Good for freshers (Current Employee) says

"* Hectic work culture"

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Try somewhere else first. They don t care about the employees. There has been so many turn overs that anyone who starts there gets scared and leaves in less than 2 years"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"I have worked for 4 organizations in my professional career and most recently at Kaseya in Sales. I have never been a part of company that places less value on their employees. In successful organizations, the management team will ask rank and file employees what they could be doing to improve by welcoming feedback. At Kaseya, unless you are a VP or higher your voice carries no weight at all. The company is bloated with with overpaid executives who are stuck in their ways and whatever they say goes even though they haven’t been in a customer facing role in several years. The management team also placing unacheivable daily metrics on the sales team with the expectation that you can accomplish them in an 8 hour work day- which is as close to impossible as you can be. You have to complete these KPI’s in an 8 hour work day because even though the day you are a salary employee, they actually pay you by the hour and if you try to add even one extra hour on your time sheet per day, they will reject it and not pay overtime. Cons: Terrible Management, no advancement, continually changing comp plans, no opportunity to voice opinions"

N/A (Former Employee) says

"The management there has no clue what they are doing."

Senior Product Manager, Cybersecurity (Former Employee) says

"Engineering at Kaseya is a hodge-podge of outdated ideas and poor leadership. The company is in a business cycle where they are stripping value from existing acquired companies. There is nothing to build and no culture of learning or curiosity. Keep your head down and look for another job."

Strategic Customer Success Manager (Current Employee) says

"Sales Territory cnages often. Clients joke about 'revolving door' regarding account reps. Compensation was changed 3 times in 17 months. Management does not know the MSP channel, and the management hires friends. There is no support from any Technical Engineers. Cons: Management has short memory"

Senior Billing Analyst (Former Employee) says

"A very fast paced environment and gives opportunity to work with people from all over the world."

Employee (Former Employee) says

"Unprofessional. It was like working in a day care center. HUGE politics. Angst between co-workers. I think the company was sold since I worked there. But the owner at the time was unapproachable, fake and pretentious. The one good thing in the environment was the pre training as there is language to learn. HR at the time was inexperienced and could not answer basic questions and made judgments without deliberation. But this is a couple of years ago. So things may have gotten better. Cons: Poor management"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company is well known for turnover. Good employees leave in under 2 years or are let go as part of the bi-yearly change of leadership at Kaseya. Cons: Salary is poor unless you push for it and over perform (do the job of 3+), turnover both in leadership and staff, zero committment to or concern for its people. Old tech. Understaffed."

Account Manager / Saas Sales (Former Employee) says

"This company isn't for the weak and forget work-life balance if you want to be successful. As an Account Manager, you must sell, handle problems, navigate through customer billing issues, help your customers get the needed support for their product, and hit KPIs that are tracked daily. What I just mentioned is just a small portion of your daily job duties. On top of this, you must bend to what the Executive team passes down to the sales team and incorporate it immediately. I'm fine with doing work and selling but I am not fine with trying to hit my quota and have to do the job of the finance department, support, and wonder what the executives will through at me on a daily bases with the constant fear of being terminated. Out of nowhere, you get accounts that could possibly leave the company which goes against your quota and makes it even harder to make money. It seems as though all the stress and task are ment to keep you from actually selling and hitting your numbers. Cons: Fear tactics of termination on a regular basis to make you produce."

CSx (Former Employee) says

"The turn over rate is very high, and terminations occur at a whim. The clients joke about it because they have had 3-4 reps in the last 3 years. Management has NEVER sold any of the products, so they can not advise you. Annual goals are unachievable, and the training does not truly focus on the knowledge that you will actually need to succeed. If you are a 'Yes Sir' type of person, then you'll survive. The sales program, and focus, changes quarterly and deals are expected to close within 30 days. However, the sales process often takes 60 days with demo, POC, and negotiation of price. A whole team of successful reps were let go, or left, in the past 15 months. That says it all. Cons: No 401k match, commission structure changes, sales management"

Customer Support Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Kaseya is a fun place to work if you don't mind absolutely no job security. It is a free for all and mistakes a minimally tolerated, which is ridiculous seeing how they throw you into the deep end as a tech. No respect for chain of command as customers can speak negatively of you as a tech to the executives without you being aware, and at the same time, the executives have probably never spoken to you. If you look at their job openings, they never go away as it is a revolving door with their positions. Most people get fired or quit. Wouldn't recommend working here unless you don't ever think you'll make a mistake Cons: Dog eat dog environment placed by ceo. Absolutely no security of your job."

Principal Member of Technical Staff (Former Employee) says

"Old CEO and CTO were very tech centric and championed development on a new cloud tech stack. The new CEO was sales centric and put the "next-gen" development (and our jobs) on ice. Cons: unstable, benefits lacking, not pto payout, no common culture across offices"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"No two days at Kaseya are the same, everyday you learn something new. Room to grow if only you work your butt off (60+ hrs) and kiss your bosses butt. They let people go with all the knowledge go and expect you to fill their shoes. Salesmen are needy and backstabbers. Company C-level would do better to listen to Middle management. There is take as you need vacation, but I could never take advantage due to workload and blackout dates (EOQ)."

sales enablement (Former Employee) says

"This company needs better leadership in the Indian office. The sales reps are treated more like children and spoken down to many times as the sales managers are 1st time managers with no managerial skills. This demotivates the sales reps and creates a very negative environment for the rest of the workforce not to mention the sales team itself. Cons: everything else"

Director Back Office Systems (Current Employee) says

"I have learned a lot at Kaseya in many different disciplines, in communication protocols, remote control technologies, antivirus, antimalware, remote computer management, and InstallShield. Continued to use my C#, SQL, and Web & Windows Forms technologies. Cons: Little or unclear direction."

Inside Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"I found myself proud to work with kaseya as they have a very balanced work flow environment and also supportive management . I have learned various sales terminologies her which I will be able to use in my career . Excellent employee satisfaction they provide to their employees with nice pay and perks . Thanks kaseya for having me . I am proud to be Kaseyan. Cons: Nothing"

Global Payroll Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Great company to work for. Different skill sets can be learned from working with the company. I love the CEOs strategy within the sales department.If your into sales and marketing this is a great opportunity."

Tier 1 Support-Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I started working for this company and it was great, there were lots of people that helped out and would support each other but once it got bought out the company changed and it more like every man for themselves. Cons: Management doesn't listen to employees"

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