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In 1974, Kasa Industrial Controls was formed by two electrical engineers. The company name was developed by combining the first two letters of each of their names, Karl and Sam. Kasa started by providing industrial controls to a variety of manufacturers, specifically in the . Since then, the company has expanded and is now known as Kasa Companies, Inc. It is made up of the following offerings:

An angry former employee said “I wasn't here long, but Kasa is one of those companies I wish I'd never worked for. Let's begin with the people in the office: yea there is a lot of talk and this company spends a LOT of money on having flashy Youtube videos produced to appeal to Millennials and Gen Z, but there is nothing behind it. You'll hear a lot about their shuffleboard in the break room, a lot of talk about work-life balance, and they may even offer to let you work from home, but these are empty promises. When you first interview you'll hear how everyone present on the panel has been here 8+ years and been promoted from within. On your first week, you'll meet everyone from your manager to various VPs to the CEO on your first day and everyone will tell you how wonderful everything is and how long they've been there.

If you've ever had a bad job you've probably already seen it coming. They're spending a lot of money on Youtube videos and putting forth the effort to give such a good first impression for some reason. Now I don't know what that reason is, but some of my industry contacts tell me that it's because Kasa hasn't exactly had the best of reputations in their industry in the past. Maybe they're trying to change; I really can't comment on that. But what I can tell you is that, in my experience, a lot of people come work here for a short amount of time and then quit because of the conditions.

What are they looking for? Now YMMV, but automotive is their main industry and that generally involves being on the road for 1-3 months at a time with a week at home here and there. I can't comment on other industries.

One more thing - they want you to put all of your travel expenses on personal credit cards and there is a reason for that. Remember the turnover rate I mentioned?

Now for the positives: the insurance benefits are actually pretty good and cheap. I'll give them credit where credit is deserved."


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CDL Class A Driver (Former Employee) says

"They lied a lot , place is a mess , stay away from this place specially shipping/receiving , supervisor do not help at all , just sitting on the pc and meeting every day , very lazy, . I was a cdl driver , but all i was doing was driving a forklift , nothing to do with driving they lied."

senior controls engineer (Former Employee) says

"I wasn't here long, but Kasa is one of those companies I wish I'd never worked for. Cons: Travel percent, work-life balance"

Controls Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The people you directly work with for the most part are very accepting and fun people to be around. The atmosphere was very comfortable and they seem to convey a constant push to improve it as well. The job provides plenty of travel so it is best suited for single individuals or couples that don't mind travel."

Materialhandler (Current Employee) says

"They been fair and the advancement is there they treat me well and management is always on the production floor to make sure things are running right and to speak with all the workers Cons: pay, retirment, bonuses"

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