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KRLD (1080 AM) – branded NewsRadio 1080 KRLD – is a commercial all-news and talk radio station licensed to serve Dallas, Texas. Owned and operated by Entercom, KRLD services the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and much of North Texas; at night, KRLD's class A clear channel signal can be heard over much of the central United States, parts of Mexico and even Guatemala. KRLD features all-news programming on weekdays and talk radio programming exclusively on weeknights and weekends, and is the market affiliate for: CBS News Radio; The Dave Ramsey Show; The Clark Howard Show; and America in The Morning.

This is a comment that a listener named “kplexcomplex”from the Station KRLD Wrote on radio discussions. He thinks that some of the locutors aren’t original. 04-15-2007 Why does Ernie and Jay copy Mark Davis? They often talk about a subject he had discuss the day before or the day before that. Mark talks about national topics AS THEY PERTAIN TO DFW. Ernie and Jay are not original in content,and they bill well. That why they stay. Compared to the other losing shows before them (excepting Charlie Jones) they are a bandaid that has taken hold to stop the bleeding. It will never heal. Dancing around numbers? Leave that to the KRLD sales staff. Their weather is great,and actually served the community. Ernie Jay,much ado about nothing.


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Senior Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"High pressure environment, keeping sales reps on need to know basis. Entercom is a good company, however, my experience was different in that Entercom bought CBS, and the whole time I was there, we were in a complete transition and no one knew anything until it was announced. Not user friendly."

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"It took me three months to get a computer and up and running with all the tools I needed. I was given a 6 month guarantee from day 1. Kind of a joke when other people with other stations got computers quicker (if you're on a better performing station you'll get your tools quicker). Maybe if they focused on all the stations, like their performing stations, the lower end stations would start performing better. Not to forget to mention the stations they have, play the same song over and over again, it will drive you mad. Took me less than three weeks to get a sale once I had all the tools I needed. Sadly they wouldn't consider extending my guarantee even though it was their fault with all the computer/It/engineering/internet issues I faced. After you are out of your guarantee it's 100% commissions, and such a super lower percentage that you get from it. I'd be shocked if you manage to earn 50k year 1, more like 25k. Avoid if you're a veteran sales person, it's not worth it. Before I left I had no access to presentations, files, contracts I sent out, contracts, printers, and the internet with intermittent, nothing for almost a full month! Smart Bet is to avoid this place."

Customer Service, Audio Editing, Live sound (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place to work that is why they went out of business."

Support role (Former Employee) says

"This was the biggest waste of time ever! Move on to something worth while, because this is not it! I would like every minute of time I wasted here! Cons: People, culture, management"

Senior Accountant (Former Employee) says

"I provided a larger work output than others in my same position while making less money. I was also refused a raise because in the words of management "you were pregnant." Cons: poor work environment, no opportunities for advancement, poor training"

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"This is not the place to work if you’re a sales person and and want to make money. The compensation plan is unfair and not designed for good sales people. Just about every workplace ism is put to use. Favoritism, nepotism, sexism to name a few. The managers can’t make decisions and are afraid to make them for fear of job loss. Employee moral is at an all time low. Cons: Working here"

Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"An established company that wants to be innovative, yet has way too many executive cooks in the kitchen. Always running towards the next great opportunity with little strategy and an exhausted workforce."

Executive Director (Current Employee) says

"Entercom Radio SF acquired some other local radio stations that have been destroyed. The acquisition forced a huge number of talented and committed individuals to retire or dislike the environment they loved dearly."

Asst. Program Director (Former Employee) says

"No one seems to care about doing great work, they just seem to want to get by, the dullest seem to be the ones who get promoted fastest and hard work is not rewarded, also incredibly far behind the times technology-wise."

Intern (Current Employee) says

"Many people in the company have been there for years and years and make close to the same amount as when they started. They do not really hire within and there isn't much room for growth. The environment is fun and the people are great. Cons: low pay, low benefits, majority of staff is part time and low hourly rates"

Promotions Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Entercom for 3 years. I was promoted a year into my job which felt like a step in the right direction but then demoted (back to where I started) due to not having enough staff at the lower level. Advancement was nonexistent as was respect. Nobody cares about anyone but themselves. The pay was TERRIBLE considering how much work I put in. Overall, it was a terrible experience and I would never recommend this company to anyone."

Заправщик картриджей (Former Employee) says

"Заработная плата была низкой , говорили одно , а по факту получилось как всегда"

Production Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I always felt like I was doing the job of two or three people, and I could never do it right in the eyes of management. I worked with good people, but I wasn't always given the tools I needed in order to succeed."

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend the broadcast industry, especially advertising. The overall "party culture" was unprofessional, particularly the beer tap in the break room. Several employees kept liquor in their desks. I suppose this helped them survive the stress of continuous sniping and back-stabbing. The encouraged "fun and high energy" atmosphere was really just an excuse for people to engage in a frat house mentality. The GM was an abusive nightmare and always looked hung over. How HR managed to cover themselves is beyond me."

Director (Current Employee) says

"Entercom has some nice perks and a decent benefit package but the pay is terrible and the company culture has a lot to be desired. Cons: pay is terrible, company culture isn't good, moral sucks most of the time, promotions are not awarded based on merit"

You will never know (Current Employee) says

"Do not ever work there. The work is fun and that is the trap. You will never be appreciated by the corporation. Competence is not rewarded and the corporate administration is inept. You will be greatly frustrated. Everyone who has left has come out happier."

Assist production (Former Employee) says

"management became rather clueless on how to run a radio station and what employees should be taken care of."

Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"You start out with poverty wages with the potential to make more, but the sales cycle is incredibly long so you won't be making good money in the first 1-2 years. It is a place of favoritism, and accounts and leads are divided up to the favorites not to the people who are trying to survive so they can stay past 6 months to a year. You very rarely are actually given a lead, you have to go out and find all your own business, which takes a ton of TIME and effort. It's exhausting all the work you put in. Once you finally land a client it is almost guaranteed that things will go horribly wrong during the campaign whether its running the wrong copy, or your event flops, or someone else in the cycle didn't do their job... you will never be done putting out fires."

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Toughest sales job there is. If you can make it in three months - you're in. Otherwise, find another career. The only way to make the grade, is to make sure you have a manager that sticks by you and likes you. If you don't, then you're swimming with the sharks and it's every person for themselves. A culture that breeds paranoia and management that works off of fear. If you start to make too much money- or you start to look too old - they will find a way to get rid of you. One well known writer had it more or less correct as I believe he was referring to the TV industry the same can be said here " The Music/TV/Radio business is a cruel and shallow money trench, through the heart of the journalism industry, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free and good men die like dogs for no reason...that pretty much sums it up."

Broadcast professional (Former Employee) says

"Local management knew what it takes to win. I enjoyed my time with the staff. Like a family. It was a total team effort with the local staff. Really going to miss working with them on a daily basis"