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Juven is a medical food that is manufactured by Abbott Laboratories and used to provide nutritional support under the care of a physician in individuals with muscle wasting due to AIDS or cancer, to promote wound healing following surgery or injury, or when otherwise recommended by a medical professional. It is a powdered nutritional supplement that contains 3 grams of calcium β-hydroxy β-methyl butyrate, 14 grams of L-arginine, and 14 grams of L-glutamine per two daily servings.

In January  2010 a worried parent under that name of "Tonya" shared  some thoughts about the Ingredients of Juven, in a review for  The Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy website: “Just got our first box of Juven and started Gus on it - then I read the ingredients! It has aspartame and artificial dyes in it!!!!!!!!!! Do I have to give my kid cancer while trying to preserve his muscles??? What do the rest of you think? Are there any alternatives where I can get good ingredients, not the bad? Thanks”


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