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Just Eat is a British (formerly Danish) online food order and delivery service. It acts as an intermediary between independent takeaway food outlets and customers. According to its website, it is headquartered in London, England, and operates in 13 countries in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas. Founded in Kolding, Denmark, the platform enables customers to search for local takeaway restaurants, place orders and pay online, and to choose from pick-up or delivery options.

A former delivery driver shares his experience on indeed.com, "Just Eat employs too many drivers, so you'll be lucky to make £20/£30 a day in the week and £40 on the weekend, plus the daily bonus went from £10 to £5 to nothing. Far too many drivers in such a small town. They don't care that you have any problems or aren't getting any work. Absolute shambles of a company!."


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Former Employee - Delivery Driver says

"Just take money off you when they don't even send product. Never reply after multiple e-mails when you ask for it back or to resend it. They make you purchase this during application and before you can't start. Been 2 months and multiple e-mails it's a scam."

Current Employee - Customer Care Agent says

"Management is crazy, pay is relatively low, work hours are bad"

Former Employee - Operations Lead says

"The Operations Management Team are the most unprofessional team I have ever come across to date. Management roles have been filled by who has been there the longest rather who is the most experienced or best fit for the role. They do not welcome external members kindly and make the working environment very uncomfortable for a new comer. You are constantly bullied to a corner until you comply to their ways of working, no new ideas are welcomed and quickly become someone who should be leading a team as per your actual job description to someone who is not deemed important and valuable at all. There is no management training or experience, stakeholders are argumentative and act like high school children in a playground. It is a very much ME and I culture, a team who think think they are embracing change but very set in their ways. The irony. The very company and organisation that tries to pioneer in mental health support in the work place are the ones that cause continuous conflict, discomfort and unfair treatment to employees. Some of the HR team are very biased on who they have befriended and makes the support system corrupt. I should have left a long time ago."

Former Employee - Sales says

"Very bad restructuring Very poor interpersonal skills from managment Not trustworthy at all"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Poor management that discriminate staff"

Former Employee - Waiter says

"They never paid any employee in time"

Former Employee - Administrative says

"- Poor Management - Greedy CEO - Company values not evident in practices - Consumer Experience low priority"

Current Employee - Courier/Delivery Driver says

"What can I say Just eat don't care if they can fool 1000 people into going self employed courier drivers by promising upton£120 a day. When in reality you are lucky to earn half that."

Current Employee - Delivery Driver says

"Too many riders assigned at once per shift"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Its not a job, its a joke. Its something to be doing if you get bored and want to pass some time. But i would not rely on this to pay rent, buy food and bills. It can also be dangerous when your driving a motorbike or cycling because you always have to keep an eye on the gps map so you can become easily distracted.Fresh airEverything"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"All driver working with 2 app Just eat can’t control rubbish company and very bad driver support you can’t make money with one app Just waste time 👎🏻"

Courier that stay home with the app and a car but not a bag (Current Employee) says

"Why Am I Giving a such bad review? well, it took them more than a month to progress the interview. and after all, that done, paid for the Thermal bag on 7th of June 2020 to this day 23rd of June still hasn't received it. had to cancel more than 8 delivery runs that were scheduled for me. earned no money but paid £50 for zego insurance with just eat and £7 for the bag. took my money and gave me nothing in back utterly disappointed. every time I call after about 1 hour of waiting for time customer service that picks up can't even speak English properly or speaking really quit that you can hear your own heartbeat trying to listen in. 3 shipment attempts failed from the warehouse so I was told. not so sure about working for them as they cannot deliver a simple bagYou feel good about helping them by paying them your money firsttoo much upfront money taken"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"Work for just eat on Glasgow just wasting time you run just for nothing long waiting for assigned order Long waiting on restaurants for order you pay petrol and insurance and end of week after you check you make money 5£ to 6£ Per hour"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"at first pay was good then dropped to almost 6£ per h cuz of the high number of drivers .management is narrow minded and there is no communication.Most people leave after a week and thos ethat last longer and try to promovate are fired fast."

Driver (Current Employee) says

"of the promised £ 120 per day is actually an average of £ 60 (if you're lucky). Insurance, Fuel and car service should be deducted from this amount..XxXx"

Delivery Driver (Current Employee) says

"No available shift to run.pay to lees Just eat Partner Suport always play with driver if you happy for work 3£-5£ per hour you can start just eat long long waiting on restaurants for nothing every month you pay near 70£ for insurance is better you try Uber eat is mor better"

Fahrer (Current Employee) says

"I will not recommend this company They Treat you like slave and make some advantage for people they know or want to support more than other They will not consider your comment"

Driver (Current Employee) says

"Just Eat is ok now if you like to just stay in the car and pray for orders to show up. The thing is that Just Eat still hiring drivers but they do not have enough work for the actual drivers. If at the beging i was earning about 100 on a evening shift, now is like £25 on evening and daytime is even worse. And lot of unfair things: they say about ,,fees"! Those fees are payed only at the begining and after a few weeks will disapear. They will pay better owr mile at the beging and again the payrate will drop"

Interim Manager (Former Employee) says

"This office is run by lots of narrow minded people who have no idea how to manage people, set a structure of deliverables and apply common sense to problems, Its all about being seen to always be working and filling inboxes up through the night! horrid place to work six weeks has detroyed my own self worth."

Delivery Driver (Current Employee) says

"as the title says, fun at the start. Then just eat employed to many drivers, so you'll be lucky to make £20/£30 a day in the week and £40 on the weekend, plus the daily bonus went from £10 to £5 to nothing. Far to many drivers in such a small town. They don't care that you any problems or aren't getting any work. Absolute shambles of a company!Used to earn good moneycon artists"

Courier Driver (Current Employee) says

"When started 4 month a go earning was very good £8 /delivery, averidge daily £120/shift. Now getting worse and worse today earn around £3.50/hr. I don t know what happening in this company ."

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"The company almost force you to pay £ before you are offered a position within the company. Examples of this are they make you purchase the just eat bag very early on in the recruitment stage, they then make you purchase insurance, I purchased through the recommended company zego which again cost ££ I was then asked to get my documents checked at the post office, which again costs £££ I have cut my losses at this point! God knows what else I have to pay for before I get the job! I am almost £30 out of pocket! My just eat bag never arrived! I'm stuck with £20 worth of insurance which I have no use for! The company really need to look at the recruitment process and make it more efficient. I personally believe its geared up to profit profit profit even from potential employees! There you have it folks"

Courier (Former Employee) says

"Can only work in certain locations, waste of time for a lot of people, would not advise applying for this as you would be limited to what locations you could deliver to!NoneLoads"

Courier Driver (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work nothing What i learned nothing Management dont get troubles with them Workplace culture nothing The hardest part of the job is the background check The most enjoyable part of the job is nothingNothingEverything"

operation (Former Employee) says

"Incompetenti. Team improvvisati, customer care non parla italiano"

Customer Care Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Yes it was a fun environment and help is there when needed. but I feel they need to be more understanding towards people which they are not. I feel they need to work on this but over than this it is a nice company to work for.free food certain times of the yearhours"

customer service agent (Former Employee) says

"a typical say entailed watching people suck up and cosy up to their fiends. I saw at least 30 people get sacked while I was there. the company has an alarming staff turnover rate. Easily the unhappiest moments of my life were spent here.you get to leave at some pointthe people"

Repartidor (Former Employee) says

"Es una empresa mala mala y encima con exigencias de todo tipo que no vienen a cuentoSeguro medico ninguno si te caes te echanNo hay vida social"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"Terrible company to work for. The delivery areas are too large and you spend way too much time driving to deliveries and pick ups. The dispatching is terrible and they have you run all over the city. To top it off they rip you off on your pay. Not worth the headaches or wear and tear on your vehicle."

order for 70dollars food. never got it. I called just eat. they wont pay back/refund. I wrote a review of the bad service. they deleted it. says

"order for 70dollars food. never got it. I called just eat. they wont pay back/refund. I wrote a review of the bad service. they deleted it. "

Jason Ash says

"Absolutely useless. Had a problem with an order and now been 1 and a half hours on a live chat. Still no refund, no one knows what to do, and one representative changed my email address losing order details. My advice is don't use them because when it goes wrong they have not got a clue."

Benoit Lgd says

"Horrible experience."

Customer says

"Someone else’s order was delivered to us and we still had to pay for delivery. The driver knew he had made a mistake and delivered someone else’s order, but refused to take responsibility. Shocking customer service refusing to repay the delivery fee as they had a contract with another company and could not reclaim their costs. Pointed out that our contract was with Just Eat so their contractual issues with third parties were not ours. I asked whether if they had delivered a brick would this still be the same? They could not answer this, however, based on their policy we would have to pay delivery. Absolutely shocking company, not willing to take responsibility for their contractual obligations."

Nicholas says

"We ordered food which took an hour and a half to deliver, as it was 20 minutes late. It was cold/warm and completely ruined. I gave my feedback, which apparently doesn’t count for anything. I raised a complaint a week ago and was told that I’d left it too late, so I asked for the complaint to be escalated and was told that I’d hear something within 48 hours. I have chased a response through the app twice and they have tried to fob me off both times. I have also responded to the email confirming my complaint 5 times, but have yet to get a reply. I spent about an hour trying to get to the bottom of my complaint last night and finally they took my number for a call back, but as usual I have heard nothing. It wouldn’t be an issue but we have had cold food at least 4 times now"

Jane McFadden says

"My food never arrived. The takeaway never even prepared the takeaway. I’m now £17 out of pocket which are just figures on here. In real life it’s a lot. No one will help me. I shall be recalling my money back via PayPal. Disgrace company !!’"

customer says

"I've normally had reasonable experiences with Just Eat but after a particularly bad one on New Year's Eve, I put in a complaint about an order (£66) that didn't arrive (confirmed by the restaurant, which admitted it had a hardware issue and dozens of other customers didn't get their orders either). I put in for a refund with Just Eat and received an email saying it would be returned to my PayPal account within 3 to 7 working days. After 10 working days and several messages to Just Eat's woeful live chat facility, I've been met with nothing but silence. I'm not going to waste time chasing the money I'm owed but next time, I'll deal directly with the restaurant or takeaway in question and avoid the middleman."

Gillian says

"Fraudulent company, no food , no refund, they should be shut down"

MR. lee morgan says

"Order was not sent on 31/12/2020, contacted them told i would get a full refund. Contacted again 13/01/2021 told on help to old system cant sort it.So i thinnk they are Thieves.."

Jade Lauren Warden says

"Rip offs don't give refunds at all should be shut down I've even done a potetion to get them shutdown hopefully it helps"

Marie Arkley says

"Do not order from Just eat they are totally useless. Third time I have ordered from KFC and just eat, three times, late and order incorrect. This time after an hour and 45 minutes I called to find out what happened and they said it had been delivered what a joke!!! Would I like to order again and they will investigate before giving my money back. Trust me I then ordered from Uber and they then delivered in 10 minutes nice and hot, what a difference"

Wendy says

"Never received our order and no one to speak to .. to get a refund .. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.. you will not get your food or refund ."

Karl Holloren says

"While I don't blame just eat for bad food or food not showing up the fact that I have been on there chat to three different people and none of them respond when u ask for a refund this is shocking and illegal"

Myra Beveridge says

"only used once ordered mc donalds and it was cold when i got it , tried to warm in microwave . but not same . yuck.they did ask for feed back . when tried to reply they said couldnt find my order , like it never happened , so please stop asking for feedback . if you donrt want any , last time il be using your service ,"

Carys Raper says

"Absolutely awful customer service. Received a £25 gift card from my workplace for our Christmas party, the idea being that we have a virtual meal together. To redeem the card you have to pull a strip off the card but with the card being actual card the number came off with the strip. I've talked to 5 different people on customer service and each time have to explain it to a new person, asking me stupid questions about the email I would have received when I bought it (it's a GIFT card) . Twice they said they would call me back within 24-48hrs and just didn't. I've been trying to sort this out since the 18th December but I'm absolutely no closer. They've even accused me of scratching off the number myself!"

Paying customer says

"Received gift card for JustEat for xmas. Tried to use it but it charged the full amount to my debit card. Just called to try and have this fixed but I've been told because it's longer than 48 hours since the issue they can't help. Disgraceful customer service!"

Debbie Lahiffe says

"Dont care about their customers at all, its just about the money! Got vouchers for Christmas, used to order a meal for New Years Eve, selected to use vouchers and pay the rest cash, which the website let me do. Then when the food came NO PAYMENT had been made so I had to pay again! Contacted custmer service, had a 2 HOUR wait! Then they basically told me they were sorry... Asked for a refund of the vouchers and they ignored me! Wont be using again and will be taking action as this is against contract law."

David says

"Worst user experience ever when using the iPad app. You cannot redeem gift card vouchers via the app."

Gem says

"Ordered takeaway last night. Went with this particular restaurant as delivery time was 5 to 20 mins. 1 hour and half a later still no food can’t speak to anyone and the restaurant cancel the order. Went back on to order from elsewhere to find the restaurants we had ordered from that cancelled was still showing a delivery time of 5 to 20 mins! I don’t have a problem with things running late but don’t give false times when it clearly can’t be achieved and I also get the restaurants get busy and have to cancel the odd order but why did they wait an hour and half to cancel the order l. And then with no reason. Tried to get on chat to speak to someone but there were 670 people In front of me. I waited for about 40 mins and the queue number never changed. Not impressed with the service and there is no real way to complain other that chat."

Johnno001 says

"Ordered at weekend takeaway was way too busy, would not allow me to cancel made four different promises on delivery arrived 2.5 hours late and 4 missing item\'s- just eat dont care and say go to vendor - vendor says go to just eat - pretty sure just eat are acting fraudulently and breaking multiple distance selling and trading standards regulations - at a stalemate but will contact my local council trading standards to get my £100 back"

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