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Jordyn Woods (born September 23, 1997), is an American social media personality and model based in Los Angeles, California. She is best known for friendship with American businesswoman Kylie Jenner.

The drama began in February 2019 when it was reported that Jordyn Woods had hooked up with Khloé Kardashian’s on-off boyfriend Tristan Thompson. Woods initially denied that anything happened, but she later admitted on a March 2019 episode of Red Table Talk that she and Thompson kissed.The scandal led to Woods being ousted from the Kardashian-Jenner family, effectively ending her relationship with her BFF.


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Hater Holly says

"She\'s a terrible person. & Fake AF!"

Dmay Aitken says

"Terrible extensions very thin waist of money"

Ellie says

"Absolutely shocking customer service from Easilocks. After ordering for delivery to Australia which the website states 2-5 days, I thought this seemed very fast so decided to message to confirm this via Facebook message. The delivery time was important as the extensions were a gift from a friend which a group of us had chipped in to buy, and the delivery being $21.50 we wanted to make sure they arrived in time for her birthday party(18th) we had ordered on the 11th. The day before her party the tracking information on DHL stayed the estimated arrival date to be the 31st. I contacted Easilocks to query this who instructed me to contact DHL as it was now in their hands. After speaking to someone at DHL who said there’s no way the parcel would arrive and that the 2-5 delivery time was completely unrealistic to get from Ireland to Australia, even without considering Covid related delays, simply because of the customs clearance etc that all parcels have to go through. So a very embarrassed group of friends were left without a gift for the birthday girl. I contacted Easilocks again and explained the situation, whom then replied a clearly copied and pasted block of text advising the delivery times are expected delays during corona. I challenged this with screenshots that nobody had advised me of any delays before ordering when I contacted them via messenger, and expressed my disappointment with their customer service, which all they came back with was an offer of discount from our next order (which I wouldn’t even consider ordering from them again after this), theyve taken no responsibility, given no apology or or shown any understanding. Overall deeply disappointed in the service we have received at Easilocks and feel very devalued as a customer spending a significant amount of money on their goods."

Eleanor Coles says

"Ordered the Jordan X Easilocks U-Part wig and I’m so disappointed with the quality! It looks nothing like the advertisement videos and the quality feels awful. It tangles every 5 minute and the ends look dry after only one use. I have followed the proper care and have been very careful to apply it correctly. Not worth the money!"

Annalisa says

"Havr made my hair smell like a wet dog and feel like plastic... 4 washes later.... my hair still smell and feels gross ..."

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