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With all these meanings of "Jolt", it sucks to understand that actually it means and refers to. One of my friends, who was an engineer said, "Hey dude, I finally got Jolt". I replied: "Great man, Congrats to you and your team.". He said " What team, I purchased it for the WARFRAME. I thought he got an award but meanwhile, he was pointing to a MOD for the game WARFRAME. So the word "Jolt" sucks as hell for me.


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Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The founder came from running a fast food franchise so treats all employees as expendable. You are hourly (but not paid out overtime), under constant video surveillance, and must clock out if leaving your floor. Jolt has gone through least three major reductions in force in the past 5 years where they surprise you with a meeting and what room you are in determines if you are retained or let go. The developer mantra is "focus and finish" which is a nicer way of saying get it done fast; no time is allocated for fixing or refactoring the code. At least there is a break room with string cheese and uncrustable sandwiches. Since you are hourly, you do not have a laptop or the option to work from home."

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"They make you think you will be making so much money because you work hourly with unlimited overtime. Cons: Almost everything else"

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"There were a lot of issues at jolt during my employment. Rather than admit they were wrong, they forced people out or let them go to save face. Jolt can be fun because of the people, but there are a lot of people there that also are the reason to leave. They have a lot of young blood that thinks they know how things should be, based only on that they killed it a summer in sales. Nobody had much experience and those of us that did, had to listen or be looked at as a problematic voice. Cons: Communication, management, lack of experience, no pay transparency in sales and they play favorites."

Software Development (Current Employee) says

"A culture based on favoritism. If you're not in the inner circle do not expect to receive much training or a promotion. Most of the people that I worked with were awesome but the management either grew up with each other or they play golf together. This makes it impossible to report issues outside of your current management setup due to them talking and not wanting to affect their relationships with each other. Cons: Management outside of development teams is bad."

Technical Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"When I started off with Jolt it was easy to see that they were a company that was built on friendships. I blended into the culture a bit which felt super relaxed and almost like another family. With that, it was obvious that there was an upper echelon of “arizona bros” as I like to call them who grew up together and were close knit and seemed to have all the power in the company. Still, I enjoyed being with my team as we all were humble and it felt we had a major say in what happened in our department. A year or so down the road and that changed. Suddenly I found my opinion didn’t matter that much anymore and things were getting thrown onto us without much notice. It also felt like management played favorites and those people would be put in meetings and didn’t have to do the dirty work with customers as much. My boss was great as a person but it felt like he would get bosses around more than we would, which kind of led to him not having much say. They also started to just hire bodies rather than take their time in hiring the right people. Overall I have fond memories of my time at Jolt, but they seemed to lose the culture that was so wonderful when I was first there. I wish that hadn’t happened as I likely would have stayed longer. Cons: Culture was dying, played favorites, spontaneous decision making"

Former Employee - Account Executive says

"I worked at Jolt Software full-time for more than a year Cons: They were completely abusive to sales reps.. they fired everyone since I was last a part of this company and brought in some new management. their current sales manager is one of the founders Arizona but buddy’s with zero experience. I wish I could give details of my experience but that would result in my comment being swiftly removed."

Former Employee - Senior Account Executive says

"I worked at Jolt Software full-time for more than 3 years Cons: They do NOT live by their Values Take Care of the Customer - Few people in this organization really care about the customers. It’s such a churn and burn mentality. Focus and Finish - Unfulfilled promises couldn’t be a better example of focusing and finishing incorrectly. The only organization breaking more glimmering promises than Jolt is the Fyre Festival. Win Through Merit -Jolt is not great at promoting from within the company. As soon as you do something to win through merit they find some reason to tie you down. Do More with Less - The inside joke amongst ALL employees, even the ones with rose tinted glasses that managed to keep their jobs. Jolt has consistently been doing way less with less. Most semi-coherent humans understand, spend money to make money. Down to Earth - The Founders couldn’t have their heads higher in the skies. You’re not the 20% of founders that will remain executives. Give it a rest boys. Stay In Sync - Can't tell you how many times leads were stripped from sales reps countless time for a specific initiative and the only explanation was "we are working on something big""

Former Employee - Anonymous Former Employee says

"I worked at Jolt Software full-time Cons: Ask me again in 2022"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Jolt Software full-time for more than a year Cons: Jolt is not a steady job. Poor leadership. Take in lots of debt, over hire, then go through layoffs. It’s happened several times and turnover rate there is INSANE."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Jolt Software full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Leadership is terrible. Company benefits are sub par. Finance is on fire. HR is a bro culture. They do not enable sales. Dev is a scrambled mess. They make "budget" hires on their leadership positions and wonder why they are not succeeding."

Former Employee - Account Executive says

"I worked at Jolt Software full-time for less than a year Cons: Stop incentivizing employees to write positive reviews to hide real ones."

Former Employee - Account Executive says

"I worked at Jolt Software full-time for more than a year Cons: "Do more, with less": Being thrifty can be useful, but when you take this approach to every situation, you come off as cheap. Here are a couple of examples. I'm sure you've seen in the other reviews, but you have to pay rent for your standing desk each paycheck. They also have benches made from 2x4s that look like they were a highschool student's wood-shop project. They also take this approach with employees and support for the employees. Hence there's a lot of burnout. Tenured Sales Managers: Just because a salesperson survived the early years of the company doesn't mean they're qualified to grow or guide a sales team successfully. And when you do bring in an outside hire for a sales management position, their hands are tied with old processes that they can't make the necessary changes they need. Welcome to the Hunger Games: Every sales floor is competitive. However, at Jolt, your sales pipeline is always in jeopardy. Reps are constantly stealing leads and deals from each other. These aren't exceptions because it's commonplace to have to fight for your pipeline. There are not clear lanes, territories, or industries for salespeople to work in."

Current Employee - Sales Development Representative says

"I have been working at Jolt Software full-time for more than a year Cons: -Managers love to micromanage, they're constantly following you around telling you to get back to your desk. - The pay is below market and commissions are lacking. -The role is not challenging unless you enjoy reading from a script. -There is constant turnover. You'll make a connection with someone and a month later they'll be gone. -Jolt has the worst sales training, most of the managers hardly know anything about sales, or leadership. They lead by fear. -The incentives they give out make me chuckle, they like to give out outdated TVs and candy bars. -Jolt focuses on bringing in management externally, for some reason they think that's a better alternative than promoting from within."

Former Employee - SDR says

"I worked at Jolt Software full-time for less than a year Cons: - inexperienced management - micromanage - poor operations and account generation - employees paid hourly - no 401K - hardly ever promote within (unless for damage control) - stuck in their ways (opinions that offer ways to improve the company/management are frowned upon and employees are blamed for not achieving unrealistic goals/quotas). - data analysis is not used (#'s are pulled from a "what sounds good mentality") - high turnover in departments - hardly any training (managers are paid to babysit) - incentives through the fear of termination - management/founders say one thing but do another (don't live up to their cultures/values) - poor segregation of duties - performance improvement plans (PIP's) increase what is expected each day/week for struggling employees and managers expect the employee to figure it out. No help from management - unethical (they will fire a person out of the blue for no reason/warning. When asked why, they will say, "this is not up for discussion.") - unprofessional (rather fire than work with employees) - negative culture"

Former Employee - Sales Development Representative says

"I worked at Jolt Software full-time Cons: They are a young company that lacks consistency in management. The management team in the sdr department is very disorganized and dishonest. I was the number 3 rep on the floor and was let go of without any explanation. When I asked what the reason for termination was they just kept telling me it doesn’t matter and it’s not up for discussion. Very shady and unprofessional. The week before they fired the number one employee on the month. Their expectations and standards are not clear or set in stone. No consistency in how they manage or treat employees. Also the leads we call were awful, they don’t want to spend any money on getting good quality leads. Jolt does not put you in a position to succeed. They expect 100% effort but do not put 100% effort towards their employees. I was constantly being pulled in meetings about my performance when my numbers were on par with the rest of my coworkers. Since my termination I have been in contact with several employees and many are looking for employment elsewhere and will be leaving Jolt soon due to these bad and unclear decisions of the management team."

Nathan Stewart says

"I purchased a dedicated server from them then realised there was no access to reinstall the server's OS, shutdown, restart anything I did not have access. I only had access to SSH I was not happy about this from the start and then there were issues with my website loading someone elses website instead of my website when I tried to visit my website. I can't login to my server and I have contacted their live chat support about this and other things and they are so rude and they have no respect for me even though I was provided the most respect from the start, they also have bad grammar at times. I am fed up, I requested a refund and was declined, I was persuaded to close the paypal dispute and they will fix all my issues quickly, still waiting 5 days later for all these issues to be resolved. I will be going further with this if I don't hear back with a refund."

Matt Bodell says

"Having signed up for Reseller Hosting from this company, I am more than disappointed. This is for several reasons; * They claim to be a UK-based company but are in fact in the Ukraine. * Their 24/7 Live Chat and support has been offline for the majority of the weekend and overnight. * When you manage to speak to live chat they are not much use. * Their servers are poorly configured and when provided with evidence they simply blame the customer. * Over 12 hours to respond to a 'missing critical' ticket is utterly unacceptable. * I paid for a dedicated IP address that was never provided. I have since made a claim on their 'Money Back Guarantee' - so I'll wait for a refund."

jc says

"this is trully the worse ever hosting company i have ever come across, believe me, i've come across a few bad apples, i fell for a deal i thought was too good to be true, so i asked them about it, they said it was a fantastic deal and that i should go for it, i went for a walk, and when i came back i ordered, but after payment i realised that the offer was not included, also service did not start straight away as i was lead to believe, when it started i notice a few more issues, i thought i will give them a chance, but as about 95% of the answers i was getting from support wasn't adding up, i dicided to not wait any longer but ask about the offer that i did not receive with my order, thier response was that it ended over 3months ago so i won't get it, i was taken aback by that, i told them i was assured that it was true and that i should order to claim it, the response came back again that the offer was no longer available that i wont get it, even when i told them that i had screen prints of everything and that i will report it to trading standards and asa, they still claimed that it ended 3 months ago and that i won't get it, so i've reported it to asa, and i advice everyone to report them to asa and trading standard, i will be reporting to trading standard and cab in the morning, even now the still have the link on their site to con more people into bying. EVERYONE, PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THEM AND WARN EVERYONE ELSE ABOUT THIS SCAMMERS Invoice 47207 sent on 20/05/2019 i received an apology from the company earlier today by email from Dennis S.Billing Team saying it was an oversight and that the tech department didn't know about the deal, now a few hours later, i've received another email from someone named Irina Leyba( does not say what department) trying to pull a fast one again even after all this evendence i've shown them, honestly. is this company incompetent or just fraudulent? In reply to a team made a mistake, it's worse than a mistake, if you still can't see that, then you are worse than I thought,faulty towers springs to mind"

Cherry Saward says

"Useless. No support. Unacceptable for the money when there are much better companies that care about their clients on the internet. Avoid them. I have been with them for years and I've finally had enough. I'm off. Do yourself a favour and avoid them. Look for a company that has good support because Jolt doesn't."

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