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John Robert Thompson III is the assistant coach for the United States men's national basketball team since 2017. He previously served as the head coach of the men's basketball team at Georgetown University.

ANDREW DOUGHTY from BlEACHERREPORT wrote a piece named "Ranking the 10 Most Overrated Coaches in College Basketball" were John Thompson III appears on March 2013:

"By the end of the season, John Thompson III will have made the Dance nine of 13 seasons as a head coach.

The impressive Final Four run in 2007 in only his third season brought instant credibility to his portion of the family legacy, although his father would be on this list is still active.

However, he has not advanced past the Round of 32 since 2007, nor has he finished better than fourth in the Big East since the 2007-08 season.

That 2007-08 season was followed by a 16-15 campaign and loss in the NIT's first round. Elite programs and coaches do not suffer NIT first-round defeats.

The 2010 NCAA tournament blowout loss to No. 14 seed Ohio is also puzzling, especially with a roster filled with Chris Wright, Greg Monroe, and Austin Freeman."