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John David Pugh (born 28 June 1948 in Liverpool) is a Liberal Democrat politician in the United Kingdom. He was the Member of Parliament for Southport from 2001–2017. He stood down at the 2017 snap election. In November 2017, he was elected to Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council as a councilor for Duke's Ward.

John Pugh was criticized for voting against the same-sex marriage Bill, people claim that Dr. Pugh is out of step with the community that he represents, according to an article published by

"Liberal Democrat MP John Pugh has been criticized for voting against the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Bill. Ruth Ainsworth, who has lived, worked, and contributed to Southport’s community for more than 40 years, blasted Dr. Pugh’s decision in a letter published by the Southport Visitor. She wrote: In among some well-reasoned argument, there are blinding signs that Dr. Pugh is out of step with the community that he purports to represent."


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