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John Frieda (born Alan Howard Frieda, 9 July 1951) is a British celebrity hairstylist and founder of hair salon and hair product businesses. The hair product business was acquired in 2002 by Kao Corporation, Japan.

A former employee said this in a review: "I enjoyed my first few years at Kao Corporation but did not enjoy my last 4-5 years as they seemed to have a sudden shift in attitude when business started to decline. Their management style was to ignore the problems and fixing them and to manage with a bully management style.


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Stephen Espley says

"Trying to make a complaint about a faulty product, rang the given number but just automated reply and left my number for the company to ring me back, they never did. Tried the website but would not allow me access without accepting all cookies which i did not want to do as i just wanted an email address i could send my complaint to but cannot access this information without accepting all cookies. Reported this business practice to the iso. Tried their facebook page too but no way to contact so have left comment on their posts signalling they are impossible to contact."

Ellen Pitt says

"Their website is a waste of time as heaven knows where they are based because it does not look like the cannot telephone either and it seems they may have discontinued products in the UK and forcing folks in the UK to buy from overseas at vastly inflated prices,,,,,,e.g. for 150 ml of conditioner! Disgusting......check this out on Amazon and you will see for yourself."

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