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John Foy & Associates employs over 40 attorney teams that devote 100% of the practice to personal injury cases including motor vehicle accidents, premise liability, wrongful death, drug and product liability, workers' compensation and social security disability claims.

Leila mentioned, "I would give negative or zero stars if I could. Granted, I've never used them for anything legal-wise. But this needed to be said. My 17 year old cousin passed away in a car accident less than a week ago. Today I found out John Foy was using her death as advertisement to his practice. Not only is all my family still healing from this, my mom, her aunt, who found it, started sobbing when she realized that he was using the death as a marketing plan. I realized what happened and was mad. Then I started crying because she was 17 and her death is NOT your marketing device. She does not deserve this, our family doesn't deserve this, and no one in the world deserves this. You, John Foy, are a heartless, greedy, selfish man who cares more about business than letting a family grieve and using a deceased teenage girl as marketing."


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Legal Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Not the best way to work. Management is rude and very messy. they do not value there employees I have been here 6 months and at least 30 people have quit of gotten fired mostly quit ."

Case Manager (Former Employee) says

"It is a place full of horrible people. If you are not in the "inner circle" you can forget getting any type of fair treatment. I was called a slave by one of the white lawyers and no one did anything about it but I was let go."

Paralegal (Former Employee) says

"Foy and associates was a chaotic work environment. There is no formal training and the upper management aren't at all familiar with legal research or case management. Cons: No job security, low pay, no training, micromanaging"

Paralegal (Former Employee) says

"No adequate training for the made up positions given. Nice people to work with, but management knew nothing of law. Cases were always unorganized, this company is the blind leading the blind. Doomed!"

Personal Injury Paralegal (Current Employee) says

"Horrible management practices. Hostile work environment. No accountability where it is needed. Laziness. Best thing is free parking pass and possible bonuses if you work for a good attorney."

Attorney (Former Employee) says

"Staff has little experience and knowledge; poorly trained management"

Paralegal (Current Employee) says

"Working at this firm can be draining and stressful. You can do what you suppose to do, get a bonus for it and still get disrespected and treated unfairly. People come and go there once they feel so unappreciated. A lot of the attorneys and people there are stuck on the color of people's skin, when a person's work should speak for itself. This is not a firm to growth with. Too much disrespect and not enough respect among attorneys and paralegals. This job can get the best of you if you let it. Cons: Heavy Caseload, less pay and expensive healthcare"

Intake Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Not a great place to work in general. The management constantly micromanaged and you were never trusted to do anything yourself. They don't allow you to listen to music or do anything fun either."

Plaintiff's Pre-Litigation Attorney (Former Employee) says

"Working on a commission base allows for attorneys to work on flexible schedules and with little oversight as long as enough income is generated to justify support staff."

Legal Assistant/Case Manager (Current Employee) says

"Good firm, but like everything else, in order to be rated the best, changes need to be implemented to ensure clients are the priority and case management loads need to be manageable. To be rated the best law firm, comes with building a strong core organization from the ground up. There is so much potential there. Cons: so busy that I work thru lunch, rarely get up, struggling to do my best, not good enough, my attorney and Ibring in alot of money for this firm, I'm very proud of my accomplishments there."

Intake Specialist (Current Employee) says

"team oriented work environment"

Intake Specialist (Current Employee) says

"I would recommend this job for someone who wants to settle with doing one job and doesn't want to move up the ladder."