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John Fogerty is an American musician who has recorded both solo and as a member of Creedence Clearwater Revival.


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Certified Nursing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Do not waste you time trying to work for this company they do not care about their employees or anything that comes with managment. They will not pay you correctly, mess up on your checks, and they have no benefits at all. No vacation time, no holiday pays, no days off"

Direct Support Professional (Former Employee) says

"Expected to go above and beyond for basically minimum wage. Management is terrible. Constantly worked short staffed. Minimal training. The only good part is developing client relationships. Cons: Everything else."

Direct Support Professional (Current Employee) says

"There are no supports provided by this company because of the role that I currently have as a Direct Support Professional. The position I am responsible for is for a private party that The Fogarty Center is a liaison for their funding. Therefore I can not accurately provide a rating. Cons: N/a"

Job Coach (Current Employee) says


Direct Support Professional (DSP) says

"The fogerty center is a rewarding company to work for. The consumers are sweet, and very lovable. The staff are also very helpful. The schedules can be rearranged to fit yours."

Nurse Assistant Day Program / Office Admin (Former Employee) says

"Working at the The Fogarty Center has been an extremely rewarding experience working with the special needs clients. The clients have taught me about happiness and no matter how stressful my day may seem things will always get better."

Direct Support Professional (Current Employee) says

"Independent place to work. On my own time, my own schedule. Family i worked with was very accommodating to my school schedule, as well as the other jobs i have."

Respite Caregiver (Current Employee) says

"During my time at the Fogarty Center I developed many skills for working with children with intellectual and behavioral needs, and I became much more confident in my ability to successful work with this population. I received excellent supervision and support from case managers and coordinators, and I became close with the families I worked with. The schedule was the most difficult part of the job, as the hours were dependent on the families' needs and activities. Despite the less-than-ideal schedule, nothing can beat the rewarding feeling of making progress with a client on a goal and gratitude expressed from the families I worked with. Cons: Short shifts, sporadic hours, low hourly rate"