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John Richard Boyd (January 23, 1927 – March 9, 1997) was a United States Air Force fighter pilot and Pentagon consultant in the second half of the 20th century. His theories have been highly influential in military, sports, business, and litigation strategies and planning.

John mentioned, "Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War is a tedious book about an overrated American pilot by the name of John Boyd who invented a manoeuvre that worked for one aircraft. Most of the book concerns his problems with superior officers, a typical One man against the World story that we've seen in dozens of similar books and films."


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Reading Teacher (Current Employee) says

"During the school year, I am a high school economics and world history teacher."

Enrollment Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I worked a seasonal position here and was initially attracted to this job because it was a "work from home" opportunity. The training was exhaustive and you were required to learn 36 different scripts in a week. Phone calls were directed to "senior" employees, limiting the income you could make. All calls were monitored and a manager would come on the line after each call and verbally berate you. Cons: Short breaks, long hours, horrible management, little pay, no benefits, preying on vulnerable communities"

Sales / Enrollment Coordinater (Former Employee) says

"All the negative reviews on here are true. I’m questioning the “positive reviews”? Hmmmm...? Anyway, for starters, you wont make $25/hr-$30/hr. like they said during the interview. If you’re lucky, you’ll make just a little over minimum wage. The salespeople / EC that may be earning that that kind of money are the seasoned ECs :’sSupervisors that get fed good calls. The commission / bonus system doesn’t really make sense for a sales job... you can “earn extra commission” if you stay on the phone “available” 100% as scheduled or more (so not even sales-driven). It is set up to make it difficult to make “extra income”. So if you make more sales.... it really didn’t increase your pay."

Sales - Enrollment Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"This is an extremely low pay for a sales job. Their reading programs are over-priced. Commission / pay should be better due to their high margins BUT pay is way too low! The script "over-rates" the reading programs and its results! Cons: LOW PAY! Micro-manage, 0 Benefits. Seasonal."

Reading Teacher (Former Employee) says

"Typical day - either working independently from home preparing to teach classes and following up with parents or going on-site to teach reading, generally 3 - 4 classes back to back with very short breaks between, which have to be used to prep for the next class. Cons: Horrible management. Completely disorganized. Ridiculous time keeping requirements (to the minute)."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"I was lied to in my interview regarding pay rate and hours I would work. The training was decent, however my Supervisor was horrible. Without meeting goals that were highly unlikely you will be making minimum wage for extensive efforts. There are no benefits offered. Please do not believe you will receive full time work as they simply do not have enough people calling. Overall, the program offered is not worth the money they charge so it is difficult selling something that is not reality. Cons: Interviewers lied about set schedule, pay rate, and hours I would be working."

Enrollment Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Went through training 6 days which could have been 2-3, follow a script that is actually pretty good, get captures, get sales, you are rated poorly for things not in your control, phones getting disconnected, teachers calling for info, language barriers, people calling in with wrong number, does not care about these things. You can do everything correct and be let go for circumstances out of your control. You are merely a temporary number, not a person. Like working for the Stepford Wives-Robots. I started there 24 days ago and still have not received my paycheck and interviewed 46 days ago, so if you can wait that long for a check or longer, who knows- what to expect on the paycheck?, they tell me it was sent out in the mail 10 days ago. Cons: You are merely a number, low pay, very poor evaluation approach"

Enrollment Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Not recommended for those not wanting to apply manipulative selling practices and emotional leveraging beyond ethical best practice standards. Training is insufficient for set goals. Cons: Manipulative and unethical selling practices. Outdated classroom teaching practices."

Enrollment Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Work from home attached to a headset.Not for a person who dislikes following a script. Cons: poor support"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"IRD is a Sweat Shop dedicated to squeezing every ounce of productivity out of employees which are seen as completely expendable. The management is completely resistant to measurable, defined performance standards, preferring to make decisions based on "intuition"."

Enrollment Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"My adventure with the Institute of Reading Development starts in February 2019 with one week of training. Training was the best part. They will provide you all the necessary knowledge and scripts for your work. The problem starts on actual calls: there is no traffic, maybe 15 calls per good day. One third is just a customer service call which you can not close. You can not simply make a living out of a few sales that you can possibly make with this traffic."

EC (Former Employee) says

"This was my first season as an EC at IRD. I had quite a few issues with the management and the scheduling department. I was asked to fill out my availability when I signed on and my hours were often incorrect or over the amount of hours I was available to work each week. My supervisor was often unresponsive or selectively responsive to questions I had. A few days ago I had a call with my manager and she provided my numbers, and my number were good and the call was positive. Then today I received a call in the middle of my shift stating that I would no longer be working at IRD effective today. So no notice was given. When I asked her why I was no longer needed, I was given a blanket statement of it’s a seasonal position and employment is based on performance. When only two days ago I was given my numbers and was given good performance. I also had a pretty serious health issue a couple weeks ago and had to call out several times. The scheduling staff was abrupt and a bit rude asking where I was and that I was supposed to be on shift when I sent an email stating I couldn’t work. One of those times I was in the hospital and could not respond. A company that is teaching children is not very friendly to their ECs. Cons: Management"

Enrollment Co-ordinator (Former Employee) says

"Took over a month and multiple interviews to be hired, then 6 days over two weeks of training and I passed every quiz (open book although I didn't take advantage), with a score over 90%. We lost 13 from start of training to finish. Cons: You can be fired at any minute"

Enrollment Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"MICROMANGEMENT**** If you want to live in a bubble and have every breath you take criticized, monitored, and in their eyes PERFECTED, work here. Very biased unfair work environment. The " WOMEN" that are supervisors are petty, rude, holier then though, and lie through their teeth. i quit because I was sick of having every single positive thing I did ripped apart by women suffering from low self worth and the need to control others. RUN LIKE WILD FIRE FROM THIS COMPANY! Total waste of time, money, effort, and they do not fairly sort phone calls either. you will be lucky to make enough money to survive let alone make the money they say you can make."

Enrollment Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"The sales season is coming to an end and I have no intention on staying with Institute of Reading Development. So I felt compelled to provide this honest review. Although I'm considered to be a top salesperson / performer based on their metrics - closing ration is about 30% and my capture is consistently high. I'm extremely dissatisfied. At first, I thought this is a sales position selling a valuable product - to develop / improve reading skills. So it seemed ideal for me. However, I realized when I started selling, that the script was designed to take advantage of families' emotions. The more I spoke to parents and sold, it felt like I was actually using manipulative sales tactics. They say "they care" about the students and teaching them to read, but in reality they don't care. It started to feel "wrong" to guilt-trip the parents to spend a lot of $$$ on this reading program. The positive results they claim is not proven to be factual. The reading program's curriculum and materials are very out-dated. There are other programs out there that cost less and are much more effective. Institute of Reading Development is all for profit and will hire anyone that will follow their script down to every single word. The pay is pitiful for the amount they charge for the program. You get paid between $14 - $20 /program sold and the tuition is about $300+ (very very low commission structure). At first, they made it sound like the pay is base hourly plus commission (which would've been ideal). It would make more sense if they offered minimum wage + commission. However, it's either"

Enrollment Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Very boring with terrible pay. You're tied to your headset all day long sometimes waiting for awhile for the phone to ring. Oftentimes, you're talking to parents that cant afford the reading programs. Flyers are passed out at schools marketing this great reading program but its very misleading. The flyer doesn't show any tuition / cost so parents think its Free. They call in and once you disclose the tuition, they are often "sticker shocked". Truth is not worth what it costs. I wouldn't work for this company but I'm sticking around till I get a higher paying sales job with a reputable company that's not greedy like IRD."

Inside Sales (Current Employee) says

"The position is seasonal and though opportunities for bonuses are available, they are rarely received. Call center culture with very little performance feedback, supervisor meetings are about once a month, you must troubleshoot your own computer and IT issues, bonus metrics impossible to meet, so as a commissioned based salary the pay is about $10 an hour."

Enrollment Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Low pay considering how expensive the reading programs cost! The company can afford to pay their Enrollment Coordinators/Salespeople more! But pay is barely a little over minimum wage. Very sad for a sales job!. Low incentive. Not worth it. I would've sold more if the commission was higher but the pay didn't motivate me enough to want to put in extra time or to even consider doing this next season. Cons: too many to list"

Enrollment Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Seasonal employees with absolutely no benefits, job security, or support when you reach out. Sometimes you will not hear back from a supervisor for the entire season, good or bad. The IT support is laughable, and you pay all the fees associated with Internet, equipment and provide the office. What more could you want to avoid? I kept coming back for more but finally found somewhere that deserves, appreciates and rewards me for the hard work I do. Skip this one or they will call you at Summer's end and tell you it is that time of year to lay you off work."

Summer Reading Teacher (Former Employee) says

"This was an excellent job opportunity for me during my summers as a graduate student. I received tons of valuable training and got paid very well for just 10 weeks' worth of work every summer. As an extravert, I enjoyed traveling around and meeting new people, and getting to work hands-on with hundreds of energized children each week. However, as a PhD in literature who has since completed graduate-level pedagogical training, this job has several red flags. The lesson plans are scripted and timed down to the minute (which doesn't allow professional teachers to adjust based on their students' needs, strengths, and/or weaknesses). Plus, the company is unapologetically for-profit, and goes out of its way to sell parents things they do not need (or could buy cheaper elsewhere). Cons: Outdated teaching philosophy"