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Joe Moore is an American television personality. He is known mainly as the principal news anchor at KHON-TV in Honolulu, Hawaii; the state's Fox affiliate and highest-rated station. He is also a professional actor and playwright.

Chad Blair for Civil Beat Honolulu mentioned how TV anchor Joe Moore stunned viewers with dubious report on COVID-19, "With little substantiation, Joe Moore sounded right out of the playbook of President Trump and his allies who have for months now pushed a conspiracy theory that China created the deadly virus that has thus far infected 21 million people and killed three-quarters of a million worldwide.

Moore said the new book demonstrates with scientific evidence that the coronavirus responsible for COVID-19 was the result of laboratory engineering in the Wuhan Level 4 Biosafety Lab and is not a naturally-occurring virus.

Just before the screen cut away to the Queen’s ad, Moore said the book’s research involved French and U.S. financial and scientific help as a way to develop vaccines, but gradually turned into bioengineering studies to build lethal biological weapons."


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