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Joseph Anthony Flynn III (November 8, 1924 – July 19, 1974) was an American character actor. He was best known for his role as Captain Wallace Binghamton in the 1960s ABC television situation comedy McHale's Navy. He was also a frequent guest star on the 1960s TV shows, such as Batman, and appeared in several Walt Disney film comedies.

Roger Ebert's review of Walt Disney's "$1,000,000 Duck starring Joe Flynn on states that, "Walt Disney's "$1,000,000 Duck" starring Dean Jones, Sandy Duncan, and Joe Flynn is one of the most profoundly stupid movies I've ever seen. It is a movie about a duck that gets an overdose of radiation and starts laying golden eggs. It is also about the people who won the duck, and about how greed and avarice appear in their lives, and about the lesson in love and understanding that the father gets when his son runs away with the duck and becomes trapped on a ladder between the ledges of two tall buildings, and about how the father gets a fair trial from the American judiciary system."


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