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Joanne Lesley Malone CBE (born November 1963) is a British perfumer, who is the founder of companies Jo Malone London and Jo Loves. She is particularly known for scented candles. It has been owned since 1999 by Estée Lauder.

An unimpressed customer mentioned, "This review is for Jo Malone's Sweet Lime & Cedar cologne. I was leaning towards this cologne for a long time in hopes of a nice dry lime with woodsy base notes. The lime top note lasted but for a moment, I got zero fruit, flowers or nuttiness, and dry down was a very spicy, cloying, sports deodorant-like scent. I like unisex and masculine scents but this one just did not work with me."


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Ady Nugraha says

"Im a canadian customer. Bought first jo malone on december 2020. Arrived on january. And i dont like the smell makes me dizzy. Chat with customer service and they told me will email a return label for exchange. Im waiting for 3 days. Chat again and they 'still' said will email the return label in 2-3 days. Wait again for 5 days. Chat again for the third times. And finally they said didn't provide return label for canadian customer. Lol. How big this brand to didn't train they customer service agent how to 'service' their customer. Just said at the begining and i wont waste my time."

Venetia Bellers says

"Terrible - I ordered a gift for my mother before Christmas, money left my account that day and I had 3 emails acknowledging my order, then telling me it was being packaged etc etc. There was one saying the order might be delayed but only up to ten days, which I figured was fine given covid etc. I sent multiple emails chasing it when it didn't arrive, but no response. Eventually after several attempts I managed to get someone on the phone who told me the order had been cancelled as the item was out of stock and had been for some time. However, I had received no refund, nor email telling me about the cancellation. I also checked the website and the same item is still showing as available. I will be checking my bank account to make sure I get the money back, this all feels very dodgy"

Jo Matthews says

"Extremely poor pre Christmas service. Stock was not available and yet they continued to allow orders to be placed. Two of my orders from third parties were cancelled after 3-4 weeks. These were Christmas gifts, one item I was not aware had been cancelled as had no notice and assumed delivered only to find early January that it had not, and the other was still not dispatched 4 weeks after ordering. Appalling!"

Andrew Sutcliffe says

"I ordered a Christmas Present via John Lewis on 16th Dec 2020 . It is now 14th January . No product, no communication. They were happy to take my money . Large company with no idea."

EandZ Taylor says

"Wish I had seen these reviews before placing my order.My experience is the same,no delivery no communication and an impossible to access Customer Service Department. Jo Malone is now owned by the Estee Launder Group,if I had known this I would have ordered from Jo Loves, which I believe is still run by the lady herself. I have completed a survey on the Estee Laude companies site and left a scathing review... I doubt much will change."

Andy H says

"Nobody likes to leave bad reviews, but Jo Malone's is certainly deserved. Ordered a candle two weeks ago for a 50th birthday, which was due for delivery within 5 days, but it still hasn't arrived. It states on their website there might be a slight delay due to Brexit & Corona, which is perfectly acceptable, but not this long. I feel Jo Malone are hiding behind the Brexit Corona excuse when other companies can deliver their products the next working day. I received an email a couple of days after ordering saying the candle "was being packaged" then nothing since. What adds to their one star is that fact that their Live Chat doesn't work and it took ages to get through by phone. When I did get through, the agent stated it would be at least another week before it arrives. I tried to cancel the order, but got told I couldn't and that I'd either have to refuse delivery when it arrived or return it, which I'd have to pay for myself, then claim the postage back by sending them a copy of the postage receipt. I wished I'd looked at Trust Pilot before ordering, but you'd think ordering direct from the company would be the quickest, easiest way. Should have ordered from John Lewis instead. Finally, aren't any of the big chief executives at Jo Malone reading these reviews and thinking "we need to do something about our customer service" It appears not....!!"

Jonathan Kenwright says

"2 WEEKS that is how long I have had to wait for two items from Jo Malone. I ordered 2 items from the jo Malone website for my mums 60th birthday and thank god i ordered them back in December as they have only just arrived. After trying to contact customer services to inquire about the delay I heard nothing back. I would recommend anyone to buy jo Malone products on websites like Selfridges. I will never buy a product direct from the jo Malone website again. Appalling customer experience."

Vicky says

"Ordered a week ago, they took £100 straight out my bank account. Was wanting to choose next day delivery as outlined on their delivery options page but when it came to checkout there was no option for NDD. Went on online chat to ask if the option was available and couldn't get through to any real person, all automated. Placed the order anyway with standard and was willing to give them a couple of days to deliver. It's been a week and I haven't received any dispatch email or info about my order. Went on online chat and through the motions (automated) and when it gets to "does this solve your problem or do you need more help?" and you click "need more help", they say "sorry but our online chat is now closed". They give you opening hours for the online chat i.e. Monday 8am, bear in mind I'm trying to get in touch on Monday at about 10:30am so there's no way they're closed. Sent an email to them, still nothing. So I'm now down £100 with nothing to show. Such a shame because when you go into one of their stores the staff go above and beyond for you, wrapping your stuff nicely, engraving the box, giving you loads of samples etc. Can't go into the store due to COVID and expected the online service to be just as good. £100 might not be a lot to Jo Malone or some other people but for me it's a lot of money to spend so I expect amazing customer service. Even if I was only spending £10, the customer service should be there. I'll never order online from the website again, will just have to wait for the stores to open again."

Poppy says

"First and last time buying from jo Malone! Waited weeks for my order to arrive and when it did arrive the candles were put in one box when I specifically ticked the request box to have the candles boxed and wrapped individually as they were gifts. So disappointed- they are being sent back for a refund and I won’t be purchasing anything from Jo Malone again"

Ms samantha maccuish says

"Agree with last few reviewers. Ordered 30/12/20 for a special birthday. Or we still not arrived, no dispatch so not hopeful of when it will arrive. Not had a response from 4. Ridiculous for such a large company. They shouldn’t be taking payment until dispatch. Haves general note on we sure about courier problems but YOU should be contacting customer DIRECT. Will ever order from JM again"

Emma says

"Can I have my money back please? Took it quick enough a week ago. No dispatch yet. Ignored twitter messages, Online messenger. & FB posts. Just reply at least. You also have the nerve to send me emails advertising your latest products. Dreadful customer service. And the worst thing is you just don’t. Seem to care."

Jeff Saladucha says

"Not worth it...Placed an order on 12/17/20. I was told the order shipped on the same day with an arrival day of 12/23/20. No emails or updates about the order or shipping date after it was placed. Contacted Jo Malone on 1/7/21 and was told the order went missing? and they would ship me a new order in 3-5 days."

Janet Hurst says

"Like others would give zero stars. Order placed 28/12 to date no goods received despite email 31/12 stating goods being packed. They are not accepting queries on livechat and telephone calls cut off after 20 mins. Avoid this company. Next stop small claims court"


"I ordered a Christmas gift online from Jo Malone on 10/12/2020. I received confirmation of the order. The order did not arrive. No notice from Jo Malone that there was a problem. Nothing. I wrote to their customer service querying where the order was. No response, I called and was on the phone waiting almost forty minutes. I also went to Chat on their website - as suggested by them. I waited twenty minutes. No response. Finally customer service answered and told me my order had been cancelled by Jo Malone because they could not fulfil it! No warning, No advice. Simply too much trouble for them to advise a customer. No chance to find another present elsewhere. Obviously customers do not matter to Jo Malone as they treat us in such a Cavalier manner. The damage this does to the brand is ridiculous and all because they have incompetent management leading their customer service and order fulfilment. Like others who have complained I will no longer give my custom to Jo Malone. Avoid their online site like the plague."

Anon says

"If I could give zero stars I would. Please avoid jo Malone online. They are scammers and what they are doing is borderline fraud. Ordered 21st December and still no package. Have been blatantly lied to everyday by different agents on chat. They have taken my money and not fulfilled my order. I have used jo Malone products for years and will never purchase anything again from the brand. I am so shocked at their customer service. Save yourself the hassle and avoid."

Luke Clarke says

"Ordered my grandmother a candle and hand cream, upon checkout I added two free gifts, brilliant i thought, a week later i received an email stating the goods have been dispatched, later that day i received another email stating they are out of stock ? Two days later i receive the free gifts and no candle or hand cream"

Phil says

"After reading a whole load of bad reviews about Jo Malone I thought I may as well add to the list !! Having been bought a Jo Malone( pomegranate noir) candle a couple of months ago we decided to light it during the festive period . I have never seen so much black smoke burn off a candle !!! It was like lighting a bonfire in the lounge ... all the glass is now sooted up and looks shocking...aside of the actual dirty burning process the smell wasn't exactly out of this world either .. Save your money and buy elsewhere..."

Caroline Canavan says

"Very glad to update my review. I have just logged on to Jo Malone today and note that they are once again delivering to Northern Ireland! I purchased their very expensive Advent box before Christmas and I was looking forward to cashing in my voucher from the box for a 30ml cologne of my choice free of charge with my next purchase. Was able to avail of my offer today and I am now looking forward to delivery. Hope this was just a glitch with Jo Malone and as a company they are not going to alienate their NI customers in future."

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